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Title: Saved

Summary: I am farmer's daughter and a merchant's wife. My life has not always been this full of luxury and only until a few years ago my life was nothing to be proud of. her life was no fairytale, as the only child of a farmer and a girl no less, her life was already doomed to be bad. but it only gets worse with slave traders and masters that are brutal in every way and only a wealthy merchant could save her from her life. AU

Rating: M: this is a true rating, not for the first few chapters, but there will be M content within this story, based on its nature and storyline.

Disclaimer: I don't own naruto, but this plot is all mine! can't remember how i thought of it, but that doesn't matter, its mine :)

Enjoy: basically a prologue of sorts but still the first chapter.

Chapter 1

My name is Haruno Sakura, or rather as of two years Uchiha Sakura. I have never lived the expensive lifestyle until I met my husband only three years ago. I am still , after two years getting accustomed the privileges that this life has to offer and as of yet I am still not used to the fine silk and the duties of being a wife to a wealthy merchant.

The view I look over is wondrous, I see the wharf and the ships that my husband own that are being prepared to sail to the different ports to sell the merchandise and wares that are settled on them. I have never really known such luxury as what I am experiencing now and a part of me, wishes to be back in my old home with my parents doing what I would have done for the rest of my life.

I have never been a fortunate person in terms of wealth, but in love, it was overabundant. I am the only child of my parents and I was born in a small remote farming town in the middle of this great country. My parents, though poor were great people, but many may ask, how I came to be in this lavish lifestyle. It is a story of hurt, pain, pleasure, adventure, and through it all love, for I am a farmer's daughter and a merchant's wife.

22 Years Earlier

Takana Village

The rain pounded and the wind howled around the small house. A man huddled close to the fire to keep his hands warm as he awaited the sound that he had been waiting for hear for months. Blowing warmth onto his hands he began to pace across the fire place's threshold. The door creaked open but only let out a woman getting more towels before she disappeared back into the room.

He ran a hand over his face and then through his light brown hair. His aqua colored eyes watched the door with great anticipation. Hearing a few short groans come from the room he hurried to the closed door and pressed himself onto it. He had built that door, he had built this house and finally him and his wife would have a child to live in the house that he built for them as well.

Another groan came from inside the room before the room fell into silence. He began to pace again, this time in front of the door. His mind was running wild, what would his child look like? Would it be a boy or girl? In his mind he silently prayed a boy, but a daughter would do as well, but a boy could help him with the fields. The door again creaked open and his eyes found the nurse helping the doctor. She held the door open and gestured he could go in now.

Ever so slowly he walked into the room to see what await him. The room was darker with only a few candles lit to give off light and there was a stench of sweat and bodily fluids. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the minimal light in the room, he saw his wife, propped up on pillows, red hair sticking to her fair skin and a white bundle in her arms.

Looking at him she held the little white bundle out to him. Cautiously he stepped forward to the bundle and getting nod of approval from the doctor and his wife, instructing him on how to hold the child, he took the small child into his arms looking down at the little life he now held. It was a girl, and no disappointment spread through him. This was his little girl, someone new that he could protect and watch over. It was his little girl.

Ten minutes later he found himself out of the bedroom and in the small kitchen talking to the doctor as he handed them both a small cup of tea. The doctor graciously took and took a long sip before setting the cup down but still holding onto it like a lifeline.

"Haruno-san, I wanted to talk to you about your wife." the other man looked at the doctor. "The delivery was quite difficult for her to handle, she may not show it but she is exhausted far beyond what any mother should be. I know this is hard to take in, but for her safety I would suggest that you and your wife try for no more children." the Haruno man looked lost. "She might not make it the next time she births." the doctor rose from his seat and rested his hand on the other man's back for a moment, trying in some way to placate the man for the news.

The man sat there in silence, looking down at the cup of tea he had before him. There would be no son and though a part of him was ecstatic for his little girl, but he had wanted a son and now there was no hope unless he wanted to endanger his wife again, and that he was just not willing to do, even for the sake of a boy that could help him in the fields, his little girl would have to do. As soon as the door shut letting him know the doctor had left the premise he bowed his head and silently wept for a son he would never get.

17 Years Later

Takana Village

The wind whistled through the long strands of the pink free willed hair. The sound of leather sandals made a clipping noise as they passed over the ground underneath the seemingly flying person. Skirts swished though though they were hitched up, and a regular beat of ragged breaths was let out of the open mouth as the woman ran towards her home of seventeen years.

Coming around the turn she could very well see her home and the prospect of what she had to tell her parents made her increase her speed to get to the front door and beyond. The clipping noise of her leather sandals ceased when she hit a patch of grass that dulled the noise to a thud before the sandals hit the bare wood of the steps and deck of the small abode.

Swinging the door open she entered the house excitedly calling for her parents. Rushing to her room she delivered her small parcel to her bed before removing her sandals and then going to find her parents to tell them the news of why she was so ecstatic. Finding her parents in the kitchen area, her mother at the small sink doing the meager amount of dishes with her father at the table looking over his breakfast plate.

"Mother, father," the girl cried, sitting down at her chair at the table.

"What it is darling?" her mother called over her shoulder from doing the dishes, while her father looked at her curiously.

"Tonight, there is the harvest festival in the village." she stared and her parents nodded. "well, Hano Yuhi, wants me to attend with him." she almost screamed out the last sentence, but instead it came out in a whoosh of breath.

"Hano Yuhi, the merchant's son." her father asked. "the one from Aomori Harbor?"

"Hai. He is visiting for the festival and wanted to escort me to the festival. Can I go papa?" The girl pleaded letting her hands rest against the table top, her back hunched in a pleading form.

"Wasn't he the boy from last year's festival as well?" he asked again, and she eagerly nodded, pink hair whistling again and emerald eyes afire.

"His father also wishes to speak to you as well. Something about the crops. Yuhi, says his father can get us a good price when we go to sell after the harvest." orbs darted to her mother to see her reaction, before she got the wave of the hand from her father letting her know that he needed to think about it. Her face fell but she removed herself from the chair to her room, while her mother replaced her spot at the table.

"I don't see why she couldn't go. This Yuhi boy seems likes he wishes to court our daughter." the woman offered kindly. "he would be a good match for her. And besides, you have always wished she had had another lifestyle than this. If she were to court him and with possibly marriage, she would get away from this and begin anew, better than we ever had." the woman finished kindly.

"Mikaru, it isn't that I don't want her to have a lifestyle like that, but her age, that is what concerns me. You have heard the news from all over the country. The Daimyo's engage their daughters and by sixteen years of age already birthing children. I don't want her married in months and a parent before twenty. That is what I don't wish." He sighed.

"This Yuhi, he is only eighteen himself. I am sure that his father is thinking the same as you. Let her go to the festival and go and speak with his father." she encouraged, and she could see her husbands dark forest green eyes peer towards his daughter's bedroom.

"I suppose it would be good for her to go with someone." He sighed, and called for his daughter, who immediately appeared in her doorway. He nodded that she could go and with a squeal of excitement she headed towards her father to envelope him in a hug and then her mother, before heading back to her room.

Harvest Festival

Her finest skirt was a cotton skirt of a deep red color, and with it she wore her finest cream shirt that she owned. With a smile on her face she danced with the other villagers, celebrating the beginning of another harvest. One of her hands deeply imbedded within Hano Yuhi's hands and the other with another village boy. Letting her head fly back she let out a peal of laughter of joy and contentment and then her breath was regained when the circle split back into the original pairs her body once again falling into the arms of Yuhi.

They danced, while their father's looked at them with pleasure in their eyes, as they watched the two youth dance and enjoy the others presence. With only a few silent words the two men walked away from the light and into the darkness.

"We will be returning to Aomori port in the morning." the Hano merchant told the farmer, who nodded. "My son has shown an interest in your daughter, and I must say out of all the girls he has had the opportunity to mingle with yours if the finest yet." the other man was about to protest "in personality and intentions. It is hard for a merchant to find his son a good wife, without politics interfering."

"I see. Then is that what your son would like to pursue?" The farmer looked at the merchant.
"He does. He will be nineteen next Spring and has been looking for a companion for quite some time, he has found something in your daughter. And by next spring your daughter will be eighteen, will she not?"

"She will."

"I believe that would be an appropriate age for marriage." the merchant looked at the farmer, halting their walk. He waited for a few moments before he saw the farmer nod his head.

"Then let it be proposed between the two of us, that next spring when my son turns nineteen and your daughter turns eighteen that your daughter and my son shall be wed." the merchant held out his hand for a shake of agreement. The farmer looked a little dazed but then reached forward and strongly shook the hand. "Good, I believe my son also said something about your crops. I have..."

Sakura could see her father and Yuhi's father leave the light. Turning her head back to Yuhi she smiled as he gave her a smile back. She brought her body closer to his as the music continued to swirl around them. Without notice, her body was suddenly pulled away from the dancing floor and towards the darker area as well, though this time towards the town and then an alleyway.

Her laughter rang as the boy pulled her along after him, suddenly pulling her into a secluded alleyway and letting her back fall against one of the structures that enclosed them. The young man neared her body, as her chest heaved with breath. Their eyes locked, clear green with a dark blue. The man planted a hand on either side of the woman in a non-threatening gesture, while her hands found the part of his shirt that was hanging out of his trousers.

She smiled at him in an excited manner, and soon his head dove slowly down and captured her lips in a kiss. She was a little shocked at first, but soon she started to respond to the intimate act. The hands that were once against the wall now found themselves on her, one on her neck, the other on her waist holding her close. The kiss deepened and her hands moved farther up wrapping around his neck and playing his his dark hair. Releasing the kiss, her chest heaved and grazed his own, and opening her eyes she looked up at the man who had just kissed her.

"My father is discussing marriage with your father. Next spring once you turn eighteen, we are to be married." He spoke softly. His voice calming all the fears that might have been there. Her eyes sought his and his face. "Are you happy?" he asked placing a palm on her cheek. She nodded reaching up to kiss him again.

"Very." she told him.

Her eyes watched as Yuhi mounted his horse the next day. Biting her lip to keep it from quivering she watched as her betrothed and her future father-in-law rode away with the several guards they had with them. Her hand rose to wave goodbye to him and his returned the wave.

Once the company was out of sight she turned to her father, green eyes happy. Without the man noticing she came over to him and hugged him tightly around his waist, burying her face within his chest whispering how happy she was that he had accepted Yuhi. The father could do nothing but hug his daughter back. All he wanted was her happiness, and Yuhi was her happiness.

Three Weeks Later

The scarf wiped away the beads of sweat that had gathered on her forehead as she trudged through the rows of corn picking the golden vegetable from its hold on the mother plant. Placing each gold item in the basket in a certain way she continued her work. In her mind it was hard to believe that at this time next year, she wouldn't be out in the fields picking corn and shucking wheat, but out on a wharf with her husband.

The thought made her smile with delight and with a renewed vigor she began to pick the golden items faster, knowing that when this season was over it would be her last. And though she was slightly sad that it would be her last, she certainly wouldn't miss it. Finishing the row she was on she dropped the gold off with the other golden vegetables in the large wagon bed and then made her way towards the well to get a share of water before returning to the work.

That night her parents had entertained her by taking her into the town. There was another small celebration for a friend of theirs. The three wound their back towards their home, when a sudden flicker made the man of the group stop.

"Father?" Sakura asked the man that was squinting towards the fields near their home. "Father, what is it?" she asked looking towards the fields, and then her eye caught it. The flicker of a flame.

"The Fields." she heard her father mutter, before he took off at a run towards them. The two woman looked at each other before they too took after their father and husband.

Reaching the home and the field, the flames had grown. Questions flew through Sakura's mind of how the fire could have possibly started, but then the dull roar above them let her know, and then another flash of light. She hadn't even realized that the weather had changed so suddenly and she prayed that the rain would come soon before the fire overtook everything.

She could see her father and mother running towards the fields with blankets in their hands. Water would be useless right now, and there was no one to help them. Grabbing a blanket as well she rushed down to where her parents were already beating the flames out of the corn. The whacks of the blankets became a dull roar to her ears as the sound of the cackling fire became greater.

Screaming to her parents to move back she watched as her mother heeded her words but not her father. She knew then that the fields wouldn't be saved but at least they still had part of a harvest. Grabbing her mother's elbow she tried to get the woman to follow her out of the engulfing fire. Her voice was blanked out over the roar of everything, and before she knew it her mother's elbow was out of her grasp, and through the smoke she could see her mother and her father, trying to get out of the inferno, but knowing it was too late to really escape from that far in, Sakura moved farther out of the way, screaming and crying for her parents.

When morning came, her clothes were covered in nothing but ashes and soot. Her body was exhausted and emotionally she was drained. She sat on her butt, knees up with her elbows resting on her thighs, while her hands supported her head. Looking devastated at the damage that had been done to her families land and fields.

Hearing the sound of horse's hooves she turned her head to see many of the men from the village coming towards the house. They had probably noticed the large billow of smoke rising above the town. Soon she could hear the shouts of men and some of women, but she didn't register it until she was lifted off the ground bridal style and carried away towards the town, but she wasn't sure as she soon lost consciousness.

Her head ached as it moved around on the dull pillow it was laid on. Her body was still tired and ached to be back asleep. Moving around slightly she became able to hear voices outside the room, she was located in.

"We should send a messenger to the Hanos. They would take her in. Their son after all is her betrothed."A kind woman's voice spoke.

"It would take time to do that." the man's voice came back.
"I don't care." the woman snapped. "send a message to the Hano's, they will take care of her." a few more muffled words were exchanged before footsteps were heard going away and the door opened.

"Sakura, you up dear?" the woman asked and Sakura moved her head up to take in the woman. She nodded her head slowly and the woman came over and sat on the edge of the bed close to her. The woman's gentle hand came to rest on her cheek and then moved to her forehead.

"Are you okay, dear?" the woman asked softly. "it must be terrible losing your parents, but don't worry. The men are getting things settled down there. We are sending a letter to the Hanos. They will take care of you." she smiled and Sakura couldn't help but get out a weak smile as well.

2 Weeks Later

She looked out the window she had been looking out for the past week and a half. The messenger had been quick to get the message to Yuhi. The messenger had returned a week later saying the Hanos would be sending someone to escort her to the Aomori Harbor, where their ships were docked.

There had been a funeral service held for her parents. It was small and quaint and that was what Sakura was sure they would have wanted. The house had been sold for a small price and the only things she had taken were the valuables to her.

Now looking out the window at the escort that was to take her to Aomori Harbor, her stomach clenched. She would be leaving her home of seventeen years, and though she would be headed towards the future for herself she was still heartbroken to leave her had been life behind, and in this manner. Fixing her skirt she walked out of the room and descended the stairs towards the five awaiting men that were to take her to Yuhi.

A man helped her onto the horses back and into the saddle. Straightening herself out she gave a small wave and a smile towards the woman who had taken care of her the past two weeks. With a few words exchanged between the men around her the group set off, heading straight towards Aomori Harbor and her new life, but somewhere in the pit of her stomach she was sure that it wouldn't be an easy five day ride to Aomori Harbor.

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