OK I just HAD to do a Christmas-themed story. Hopefully the rest of the chapters will be up before December 25!

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock," Jessie sang as she colored the Christmas-themed coloring book she got from Molly's room, "Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring."

"Looks like somebody is in the Christmas spirit," Slinky retorted with a wag of his tail.

"You bet!" she cheerfully exclaimed, pushing herself off her stomach onto her behind to cross her legs. "'Specially since this is my first Christmas with y'all." It was true. For years, Jessie had missed all the decorating of Christmas trees, smelling the fresh baked goods, and hearing the family conversations of thanks and love. Finally, after being welcomed by a new family, she had found herself to feel safe again. Suddenly, an thought occurred to her.

"Jessie? Are you gonna snap out of it anytime soon?" Slinky quizzed, raising an eyebrow.

Reverting back to reality and checking out of her daze, a beaming smile emerged from her lips. "I got an idea!"

"You do? Well, what is it?" Jessie shook her head rapidly and cross her arms across her chest.

"You'll have-tuh wait, Slink, I gotta see Woody!" Craning her neck and straining her eyes to search the room, she eventually caught sight of the sheriff napping with his hat covering his slumbering face. Cautiously, she lowered herself from the window edge that she was currently residing on and headed over to her brother.

"Howdy Woody," she greeted, kneeling to his level. He let out a small groan and pushed his hat back as he slowly revealed his eyes.

"Yes?" he mumbled.

"I know it's kinda outta the blue, but couldja call in a staff meetin'?" she requested with a pleading smile.

"Jessie I-"

"Please?" Woody looked from her beseeching emerald eyes to her interweaving begging fingers which rested her chin. Sighing, he gave her a curious look.

"What for?" he interrogated, straightening his position aligned with the wall his body rested against.

"I'll let y'know, buddy," she assured with a smirk, "Jus' call 'em in." Looking around the room sluggishly, Woody stood up and clasped his hands together loudly to arrest the notice of the bustling toys.

"Alright," announced Woody, "It's time for a staff meeting."

"A staff meeting?" interjected Hamm, "Didn't we just have one of those three days ago?"

"Well, this is a meeting by a request from another toy in this room."

"I wasn't aware of this, Woody," responded the bewildered Buzz, Woody's usual companion in the staff meetings.

"It was requested by Jessie," Woody clarified, watching the rest of the toys gathering around him. Gently placing his hand on her back, he guided her to the platform, "Go ahead, Jess. Tell them why you called this meeting."

"First off," Jessie started, "I wanna tell you guys how much I appreciate your welcoming of Bullseye and I. I'd also like to point out that this'll be my first Christmas ov'r here."

"Is that why you called this meeting?" asked Mr. Potatohead sarcastically resulting in his wife to shush him.

"So," she continued, ignoring the feisty spud, "I thought of somethin'. Emily use-tuh do it all the time. We can do a secret Santa!"

"What's that?" Rex questioned, twiddling his fingers around.

"Basically, you have ev'rybody here write their name down on a piece o' paper, fold it, and place it in a container like a hat or bowl. Then, each person picks a name. Whatever name you get you have to give 'em somethin'. Got it?"

After a discouraging silence, Bo spoke up with a beaming smile.

"That sounds like fun, Jessie!" she exclaimed.

"I'm down for it," Slinky agreed.

"Yeah," Woody said, "And it'd be perfect since Andy and the rest of them will be with family for the next week."

"Great," Hamm moaned, "More relatives to give him gifts to replace us."

"Oh c'mon Hamm," Woody sighed, "They're a distant family. They barely know him so there are just going to give him clothes…"

"Well?" Jessie cut in eagerly, "Are we in?" After a simultaneously nod of approval from all the toys in the room, Jessie swung her hat in the air and twirled with excitement. "Great! I'll get the crayons and paper!"

"Is everybody all folded up?" boomed Jessie as she created creases on her paper which had her name written. "Once when you're done, stick it in the hat! 'Member, if you get me you have to get somethin' for Bullseye, too."

After many shuffling of the feet and dropping papers, the redhead vivaciously shook the hat. Completing the task, Jessie urged the toys to grab the rearranged papers. While disclosing their partners within themselves, the toys shared a mix of emotions from shocked to happy to confused.

"Wow!" shouted Rex, "I got-"

"You're not suppose to say who you have, Rex," informed Jessie, bring her finger to her pursed lips.

"Oops, sorry."

"Well, cowgirl?" obliged Woody, coking his head towards the remainder piece of paper in the hat, "Are you gonna leave yourself outta this?"

Jessie brought her hand to her cheek in embarrassment. "I completely forgot 'bout myself!" Reaching in the hat, she unfolded the last paper. "Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln…"

"I take it you're not to fond of the name chosen?" Woody quizzed with a smirk.

"Well, it'll be a challenge…" she mumbled. What in the world do I get Hamm?

"Howdy Bo," saluted Jessie, walking up to the lamp ornament.

"Hello Jessie," her soothing voice responded, "What's new?"

"So…who didja get?"

"I thought you said we weren't allowed to tell others who we got…"

Jessie pulled down the edges of her hat and gave an innocent shrug. "You're not suppose to tell the person that you got them. It's OK if you tell me."

Bo rose her eyebrows and cocked her head suspiciously. "But what if I got you?"

"How about this," Jessie thought out loud, "Did you get a boy or girl?"

"A boy," Bo answered, wringing her staff.

"Well…ain'tcha gonna tell me then?" The shepherdess vigilantly searched the room and turned back to the jittery cowgirl.

"Buzz," Bo whispered. From shock Jessie's mouth dropped from surprise.



"You got the easy one!"

"Why do you say that? Who did you get, Jessie?"

"Hamm. I dunno what to get him. I mean, he likes T.V. a lot, right? Or maybe I can exchange some of him coins for dollar bills since he's always complainin' about the extra weight…"

"You seem to have a good idea what to give him. Buzz on the other hand…"

"Yeah, I can see your point. Wish I can help ya Bo but-"

"He's not much of a talker around you," Bo cut off with a sly smile. Jessie rolled her eyes playfully.

"Either that or he talks too much with me with all that stutterin'…"

Perfect. I should of never let her talk us into this, Woody thought as he reread the paper in front of him. Mrs. Potatohead.

"Hey Buzz!" called out Woody, "C'mere for a sec." As the space toy jumped from the desk onto the bed by swung from the desk lamp, he settled himself on the pillow next to the stressing cowboy.

"You called?" Buzz spoke.

"Do you know anything about Mrs. Potatohead? I got her for this secret Santa thing."

"I'm sorry Woody, can't say I know what she's interested in other than fashion."

"Hmm. Do you know what any of the other toys have."

"Well I just finished speaking with Slinky. He has the mister. Hamm has Barbie. I'm not sure about the rest…"

"Who do you have, ranger?"


"Well you don't sound to enthusiastic about it."

"I'll figure out what to get him."

"Maybe a copy of 'Paranormal Activity'," Woody joked, "That'll keep him entertained."

"I'm sure he'll be afraid by just looking at the cover. Although that does give me an idea…"

"Woody," interrupted Mr. Potatohead, "I need your help with something. I would ask Buzz for help but I understand he can be a little uneducated in this area." Ignoring Buzz's snort of impatience, Woody perked up his posture in alertness.

"What is it, Potatohead?" asked Woody.

"You see, I got Jessie and I don't know what to get her."

"Well, obviously she likes horses," pointed out Buzz, "So you can get her something horse related for both her and Bullseye. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out." The space ranger crossed his arms in self-satisfaction.

"Touché," Mr. Potatohead grunted.

"Oh this is perfect!" Bo and Jessie turned to look for the toy whose familiar chirpy voice came from. They saw it was Barbie.

"His girlfriend and sister!" she shrieked.

"What is it Barbie?" asked Jessie.

"I got Woody and I have no idea where to begin brainstorming a gift!"

"Join the club," Bo dryly stated, "We don't know what to give our toys as well."

"Oh dear. I thought you guys might've had an idea for Woody."

"Well, why don't we ask each other's secret Santa's what they want?" Bo suggested, "I have Buzz and Jessie has Hamm."

"Wonderful! That sounds like an awesome idea!" exclaimed Barbie while Jessie nodded in agreement.

"This week is sure gonna be busy!" Jessie admitted.

Kinda lazily put together. Sowwy. Thank you for reading, my loves!