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The Black Sun Child


~Flashback; five years ago~

"Prince Zuko. There you are. I have been looking for you my nephew." A middle aged man in robes that were of different shades of red walked through the halls of a grand palace, whose walls beheld beautiful tapestries that showed a fire symbol upon it in the center in each one, as he closed the distance to a young boy in light weight armor of the same shades of red as the man's robes. Coming to a halt at the boy's side, he lifted a hand as he rested it upon his shoulder and smiled down at him. "Are you ready to continue your training?"

Said boy, whose name was Zuko - the prince of his proud nation -, brought his bright golden gaze towards the older man, only to smile and nod his head once, causing his black hair, which was up in a high ponytail to shift with his movement. "Of course Uncle. I'm always ready for more training. After all, I need to meet with my father's expectations so I have to work extra hard." The boy, who looked no more than twelve-years-old, already held a lot of responsibility; always needing to work hard and succeed in everything he does so that he would be ready to take his father's place someday as the next Fire Lord.

Iroh smiled kindly towards his nephew's enthusiasm. It always gave him such joy to see how much effort he put into his training everyday and yet still continued to retain his innocence unlike his younger sister, Azula. As they walked through the halls, heading for the training grounds outside, they were halted in their tracks by a sound of yelling along with bursts of flames coming from behind the Fire Lord's personal training room. Walking over to the large double doors, they both peeked inside to see what was going on. What they saw left Zuko in shock while Iroh only seemed to form a look of sympathy on his aging features.

A young man in his thirties took a powerful step forward before suddenly thrusting first his right fist and then his left, only to then whip around in a fierce kick, releasing three bursts of flames one after the other. The target?...A young girl that looked to be no more than eight-years-old. Managing to smoothly move her arms in a liquid motion that seemed almost like dancing, she used her hands to disperse the flames that hurtled towards her. As she did so though, a fourth took her by surprise and hit her directly in the chest as she cried out in pain, knocking her backwards and right off of the training arena. Straightening up his solid stance, the man known only as Ozai, the Fire Lord himself, narrowed his piercing golden depths towards the girl, who was slowly rising back up onto her feet. "Get up now! I will not tolerate a weak weapon for my nation!"

Panting softly as she rose back up onto her feet once more, she climbed back up into the arena and took herself another fighting stance. Her unusual dark violet eyes stood out against her cream colored skin and short tan shaded hair that halted just below her shoulders. Her form was so tiny and appeared as fragile as china, yet she was being tossed around like a rag doll; taking every beating she received, only to get back up again.

Her outfit was simple in design, yet very easy to move around in for techniques such as acrobatic movement; something that dealed with much flexibility. The attire consisted of brick red slippers that martial artists tended to wear, a lighter shade of red on her slightly loose fitting cotton pants that hugged around her hips and ankles, and the same shade of red as her slippers for her top which possessed kimono-like sleeves and would've shown her middrift if not for the black undershirt that was under it. However, this attire had singe marks all over it from the attacks she took on.

Unable to continue watching the training, Iroh quietly closed the doors back into place without being noticed by the two fighters. Sighing softly to himself, the man shook his head before motioning for his nephew to follow as he continued on his way towards the training field outside; his hands resting within his sleeves in front of him casually.

Blinking slightly in confusion of what had gone on in the training room, he glanced back at his uncle before quickly following after him. "Uncle...Who was that girl and...what did my father mean when he called her a weapon? I do not understand."

Upon arriving outside in the warm afternoon while the sun's rays shined down upon their forms, Iroh halted and tilted his head down so that his gaze was towards the grass. "...My nephew...That young child is Sheon. Her parents were Firebending soldiers that had parished in a battle against some Waterbenders. She still has her elder brother, but just as she is, he too is a Fire Nation soldier, though he is only fifteen himself."

"Uncle...That still doesn't explain to me towards why my father called her a weapon of our nation."

Iroh was silent when Zuko spoke of this. It was true. Just because she was being trained to fight as a soldier, did not make her a weapon automatically for if it did, then all of the soldiers would be classed as such and Ozai never once called them that. After another moment of silence, he finally parted his lips as he told his dear nephew. "That very special nephew...She is the one thing that would still beable to fight and not be rendered at a disadvantage to the enemy nations during a solar eclipse."

"What? How is that possible Uncle? All Firebenders lose their bending powers during the time of a solar eclipse. So how is it that you say she wouldn't be affected?"

"Because Prince Zuko...She is the prophecy that a great legend foretold. The one who would someday be born during a solar eclipse. the black sun child."

To be continued.

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