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And he found himself forced into an uncomfortable wooden chair, ropes securing his hands behind the backseat. A hard sneer stretched across the convicted man's face.

"I expected better of you guys," accused Woody Pride. "Fix 'em. The average cow wrestler would be out the door and burnin' up the town by now."

They shared looks. And as Jessie circled around the table to adjust the bonds, Buzz pulled out a silver pistol from his belt holster. He glared hatefully at the cowboy, aiming dangerously at the space between his eyes. "In that case, the average cow wrestler would be dead by now."

Woody did not flinch the slightest, eyeing the weapon with amused benevolence. "What happened to that wrist laser of yours?"

The ropes tightened, digging deep into his skin.

"Better. Good job, Jessie. Anyway, Buzz," he continued. "I thought you'd be making good use of it, now that it actually works here and all."

As Jessie returned to his side, Buzz set down the gun on the table, keeping it well within reach. "I decided that I should keep up with the setting," he replied gruffly.

"Ah, that's right." Woody laughed. "Taking your job pretty seriously now, aren't you, Sheriff? Ain't that impressive."

Buzz ignored how Woody's eyes inspected the star-shaped badge pinned to the upper corner of his vest. Rather, he stole a glance at to his left. There, across the room, was a door. It was their only connection to the outside world.

A chant drifted through it, courtesy of the angry crowd outside. There hadn't been much when they first entered a few minutes ago, only about fifteen sullen people or so. But he had an impression the figure increased rapidly at each passing second.

He wished the good people would just go home and let them work in peace. They were going to know the results of the interrogation tomorrow anyway.

The town sheriff returned to the task at hand.

"Woody," he began with cop-like composure.

"'Mr. Pride', Lightyear. Keep up a professional tone to scare the chap on the hotseat."

Buzz's eyebrow twitched. Goodbye, cop-like composure.

"Woody," he repeated wryly. "Just what did you think you were doing?"

"I did the same things you think I did. I got rid of the Potatoheads, Hamm, Slinky… you know, those people in general?" Woody's smile remained unchanged.

They'd been patient with his snarky attitude since they captured him, but that was the last straw. Buzz slammed his palm down on the table, the force strong enough to send the gun to the air a few inches. But Jessie was the one who got her point out the most.

"Why in tarnation did you do that! Haven't you realized by now the consequences!" Her braid lashed about, no longer red-colored yarn, but fiery crimson yarn-colored hair."We're not toys anymore, Woody, we're – "

"Real?" he finished. "I know that just as much as you do, Jessie." The rugged cowboy didn't acknowledge her with his eyes when he said this. Instead, he looked around at the empty corners of the room with mild interest.

He changed much, Buzz noted grimly. Woody's skin had darkened from constant exposure to the sun, and his face sported lines that gave a live person signs of age. He was supposed to have started out as a young man in this place… but in the span of just two years, his physique was that of a completely different person.

Meanwhile, Woody obtained a pretty good read of his circumstances. Dark, cold and gloomy, he had to hand it to the couple for choosing this single-room compound to host their interrogation. And not only that, but they had the place near the main road. The pair probably weren't even aware of it, but it would be hard for even the most reckless of cowboys to cut a path when a torch-bearing and fork-waving mob barricaded his exit.

Finally, Buzz put a hand on Jessie' arm. They weren't going to get anywhere with their current line of interrogation, and better to rethink it fast.

"You're not wearing your hat," Buzz pointed out, allowing Jessie to pace and fume back and forth behind him. "Is it still… with that little boy that keeps playing around the pastures? He's quite a strange sight - I've never even seen his face since it's so big for him."

"You mean my son," Woody said calmly.

Buzz raised his eyebrows in genuine surprise. "You adopted him?"

"Yep," the ex-sheriff replied. "Took a big liking to the missus the first time he laid eyes on her. Wouldn't say we got along too well at first, but eventually got used to me in time. Heck, he would've made a great cowboy like his old man…"

Woody glanced unfathomably at Buzz's expression. "… until some people started sticking their noses into a respectable man's business."

"There's nothing respectable about what you've been doing, ya cracked loon," Jessie snapped.

"Jessie," Buzz said sharply.

Woody examined Jessie like she was nothing more than a stranger he just met on the street. He spoke slowly, "Speaking of kids, I heard the news…" He nudged his head towards her lower abdomen. "How many months until the little tyke starts tearing up the Sheriff's Office?"

Try as they might, Jessie and Buzz couldn't resist looking at each other and sharing a smile. It took a moment for Buzz to get his bad-cop face back on, but at least Jessie no longer seemed on the verge of wringing Woody to pieces.

"About four months," she proclaimed in her proud tomboyish manner, patting her stomach lightly. "Don't look like it, do I? Just you wait, in a few month's time I'm gonna be as fat as a cow in a haystack barn. Or a sponge in a tub of water. Or a space ranger in a –"

"I knew she was going to mention my weight one way or another," Buzz said, rolling his eyes. Despite his attempts, it was obvious he was just as excited as she was. Probably even more so. "Let's just hope she inherits her mother's good looks and not her attitude."

"Oho! So you admit that she's a girl!"

This went up for a couple more minutes. But even so, the cowboy sat patiently through it all with a quiet, almost eerie, attentiveness.

He said solemnly," "I can tell you two'd make good parents."

The two beamed at him, temporarily forgetting the situation at hand.

Woody leaned back on his chair, appearing calm and comfortable despite his wrists and ankles so painfully restrained. "You know… Bo said just last week that she would've liked us to be proud parents as well. To a biological one, 'f course."

All smiles disappeared in an instant.



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