The warehouse was unusually quiet. Ariadne had gone out for coffee, Cobb and Eames were currently following their mark's fiancée to find out her habits, and Yusuf was on a hunt for certain chemicals. Arthur was all alone; it was just him and his laptop. He was trying to research the mark, but he just couldn't focus.

Arthur exhaled and sat back slowly in his chair. He decided to go check out Ariadne's current model of the dreamscape; maybe it would help him get back to work. When he went into her space, he heard some music playing. Arthur smiled to himself. It was just like Ariadne to leave her iPod on shuffle when she went out.

Arthur shuffled over to the model, and, as always, his breath was taken away. She had created a beautiful park, just like the one where the mark had proposed to his girlfriend. The flowers were in bloom, the benches were perfectly sculpted, and Arthur could see the maze of hedges she had created. He was really impressed by this one; he himself wanted to go in it with…well, he wanted someone to hold his hand as he strolled through it.

Suddenly, Arthur heard an upbeat song coming from Ariadne's speakers. It took him a minute to figure out what song it was, but he grinned from ear to ear when he did. The song was Teddy Pendergrass's Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose. Arthur hadn't heard this tune in years! He couldn't resist himself- he just started dancing around the warehouse. Nobody was watching anyway.

"This may be the most fun I've had in years," Arthur thought to himself as he danced. For once, he didn't worry about his enemies, or the mark, or even the team. He just let the music dictate his movements; he was careless. Naturally, he didn't hit anything, or weeks of work could be lost, but he just danced around the warehouse. The song was reaching its end, and so Arthur ended with turning around stylishly- right as Ariadne was entering the warehouse.

The tune ended, and the only sound heard in the warehouse was the sound of four coffee cups hitting the floor and their contents spilling out.

"Arthur…" Ariadne sputtered, "you were…you were…dancing?"

Arthur just smiled. "Now whatever made you think that, Ariadne? Now, let's clean up this mess," he said.

"O-o, okay…" was the only response he got.

As Arthur and Ariadne were mopping up the coffee that was on the floor, Arthur made a mental note to thank her later for leaving her iPod playing.

And maybe he'll ask her to dance with him.


A/N: This was inspired by a meme, of all things. Should I continue with more moments of a relaxed Arthur? Let me know, and review!