Ariadne was stressed; there was no doubt about it. It had been six months since Arthur had proposed to her, and their wedding was going to take place in another three.
She had to balance both creating dreamscapes and coordinating a wedding at the same time. So it really should not have been a surprise to Arthur when he came back to their apartment one night and she was just sitting with her head on the kitchen table. Papers were strewn around everywhere; Arthur could see notes such as "call florist" and "talk to Cobb about dreamscape for job".

Arthur did not like to see Ariadne this way. It truly upset him, but he knew that there was not much he could do to help. She was extremely organized; and too stubborn headed to realize that she couldn't do it all alone. Still, she lay there with her head, not moving at all.
Suddenly an idea stuck Arthur, and a sly smile stole onto his face.

He walked over to their CD rack, found their Dean Martin CD, and put it in the player. He skipped ahead to their favorite track, That's Amore. He then walked over to Ariadne, took both of her hands in his, and pulled her out of the chair.
Together, they stepped over to the living room, and Arthur pulled her into a traditional dance position.
One hand around her waist, the other clasped with her free hand, Arthur began to move them in time to the music.

"Arthur…what are you doing?"

"You, my dear, are in desperate need of stress relief. And since I know you won't take my offers of help with the wedding, this was the next best idea I had".

When you walk in a dream, but you know you're not dreaming signore…scusa me, but you see, back in Old Napoli, that's amore…

"I'm walking in a dream that we're not dreaming, Ariadne. You'd think that I'd be tired of dreaming after all the jobs I've done, but I promise you, this is a dream I'll never be tired of".

"Oh Arthur. You're overdoing it. I'm not that stressed".

"That's why you left work early and I found you with your head on the table?"

"That was…no caffeine...yeah".

"Mm-hmm. Ariadne, part of my job description is knowing details about people. And one of those details is telling when a person is lying. And guess what? You're lying".

Ariadne sighed. "You're right as usual Arthur. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to ask for help with the wedding- all of you guys should focus on the job, and I'm almost done the dreamscape for this job. I don't know who to turn to, that's all…"

They didn't notice that the music had switched to Everybody Loves Somebody now. It didn't matter, they just kept talking and dancing.

"Ariadne, to be honest, I miss you. You come to bed late, you wake up early, and you're constantly working. Do you realize that this dance is the most time we've spent together at home this week?"

"Arthur, I'm sorry. I'll try to let you help with the planning, alright? You can call the florist tomorrow".

Arthur smiled, and then said "That's my Ariadne. I love you".

"I love you too".

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