Hello there. To all of you who read Fluffy and the Ghost and thought the random Haruhi/Kyouya ending was, well, random, I have written this little glimpse into their past. This story is part of my ever-growing Ouran futurverse where I have created my ideal Ouran future and have laid it for you to see. To anybody who hasn't read Fluffy and the Ghost, you can read this piece without having read the other but it would just be so nice if you'd go and read the other one too. But anyway, without further ado I present to you Results May Vary. Read and Review please and know that I don't own Ouran High School Host Club.

Results May Vary

Math. Is that going to be my whole life? Numbers this and facts that? Equations and rules that bear no exceptions? Now, I'm a mathematical person, don't get me wrong, but sometimes living my life as a single variable equation is quite unsatisfying.

7y + 12 = 19

So in order to solve we must first isolate the variable.


7x = 19 – 12

7x = 7

7x 7 = 7 ÷ 7

x = 1

And we find One Kyouya Ootori the solution.

But I'm starting to wish my life were not a single variable equation but rather one with two variables.

y = mx + b

Where x equals Kyouya Ootori, m being the effort put in by said Ootori and b representing his natural charisma.

If y = mx + b then y = Haruhi Fujioka.

7x + 12 = 19y, an equation with more than one possible solution. If x gives his all, y is not required to respond one certain way.

This is where we delve into the principle of cause to effect and human reaction which isn't as safe and cushy as mathematics. The human mind does not have a mathematical formula.

For instance, consider x Kyouya Ootori. He studies on average three hours a night and his school work is on average 97% correct. He's first in his class with an average of 93%.

0.97x + 3 = 0.93

Using this information we can determine that Kyouya excels in school and we can even use it to predict his average next term if his work stays consistent.

What we can not predict is Kyouya Ootori falling in love with a cross dressing commoner. Mathematical probability says is close to impossible.

We also can not predict whether said commoner reciprocates aforementioned feeling. Human nature and interactions, as I've mentioned before, have no mathematical formula. We can't even rely on the knowledge we've gained through analyzing such things; taking the self preservation instinct as an example. We've seen humans throw themselves in harms way to protect others even though science says they should be cowering in fear and only acting for themselves.

So y, Haruhi Fujioka, has her own variables that contribute to her variability as a whole.

y = stress levels + sensitivity + morals and ethics + ovulation or menstruation + hunger + fatigue + many other internal and external factors down to the smallest things like having ticklish toes

And even x, though he would like to think of himself as a constant, is altered by other factors.

x = the way she smiles + her stubbornness + her cheerfulness + her impatience + her strength of character + the fact that her toes are ticklish

Haruhi Fujioka and the effect she has on One Kyouya Ootori can not be explained by a graph or a chart and most certainly not through any sort of equation.

I wish I had the nerve to tell her, but x = timid + unsure + self-doubting + fear of rejection

So I guess for the time being I'll have to satisfy myself by trying to prove true the following equation

x + y = a shot at happiness