Writer's Block

Prompt:For a castleland challenge; write a third person POV

Summary: pre-series; Castle has a secret

You can't tell anyone. It's shameful. It doesn't happen to you, not to best-selling author Richard Castle.

Writers Block. You can barely think the words without wincing.

Killing Storm is a risk. It might be career suicide. But you've grown to hate him almost as much as you loved him, loved writing his exploits, loved embodying him as you described his adventures for an eager audience. It's grown stale, predictable, safe.

You hate those things. You need danger, you need thrills, you need to feel the adrenaline of a deadline and not know what happens next in the novel you promised was practically in the bag.

So you smile like you have a plan. You pretend you know what you're doing. You put on a show, because that's something else you're good at. And it scares you, but that fear is making your heart pound and your blood race, and that's what you've missed this last year or so, doing the same predicable dance over and over.

Something will turn up. It always does. You've always lived your life by that maxim. No reason to stop now.