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Claire's birthday was the most fun any of us had in a while. She was so happy that night and forgot all about anything that was on her mind. I woke up with her arms around me and smiled at her watching me sleep. "Good morning."

"Morning." She kissed my nose before standing and grabbing clothes after wrapping a towel around herself. "I am going to shower before I go out to get things today and possibly talk to Myrnin on getting my job back."

"No please don't. Or at least don't go to Myrnin." I caught her hand before she could walk out the door.


"Because its dangerous you can go to classes or whatever but please for all our sanity don't go there. We need you to stay safe and right now it is too dangerous."

"Ok ok. I wont go I promise I wont."

"Thank you." I let go of her hand and gave her a tap on the butt to get her going. "No go on and get your shower. "


I laughed and walked out of my room but before I could get to the bathroom door I ran smack into none other than Richard Morell himself.

"Richard?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Oh…Umm…hello Claire." He looked around as if he wanted to be anywhere else. I took in the fact he was only in a towel and his hair was still wet before I blushed and looked up understanding his predicament.

"Honey where are you?" I heard Eve call from down the hall and saw her peek out of the door before seeing us standing in the hall looking shocked. "Oh come on CB did you think just because it was your birthday I wouldn't get a present of my own?"

"Oh I figured he was here for you but I didn't know that you guys were this…um…close."

"Don't get that head of yours too worked up CB we aren't that bad we have restrictions." Eve smiled at us as Richard walked into her room.

"Nice to…um…see you again Claire maybe next time it wont be so awkward."

"Yeah same here." I laughed walking into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later I was dressed and eating a breakfast Michael had cooked for me and talking about Eve's adventure.

"Yeah they definitely shagged." He said leaning back into a chair taking a sip of his drink.

"But the mayor? I get he is only twenty five which is only a few years older but him being the mayor makes him seem…I don't know…unapproachable."

"I guess but now our girl has connections."

"Yeah." I finished my food and took it into the kitchen. "I'm going to the store after class you want anything?"

"Just stuff for dinner whatever you want I guess."

"Ok." I grabbed my bag and pressed a quick kiss to Michael's lips. "See you tonight honey."

"Ok sweetheart I look forward to it. Stay out of trouble."

"I know."

I sighed as I locked the door behind me and walked out into the hot Texas suns. I most definitely was not going to stay out of trouble today. I had to go talk to someone and if not Myrnin then Oliver.


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