Title: Dirty Talk
Author: xxCallicaTruLovexx
Pairing(s): Mallie {Mark and Callie}
Summary: Mark and Callie get a little carried away.
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story and this idea. Characters and show belong to their rightful owners.
Author Notes: Takes places during 4x16.

Callie let out a low groan as Mark grinded against her, rocking the bed beneath them. He grabbed her leg, bringing it to wrap around his waist as his hand moved over the soft flesh. Callie moved her hands to the headboard as she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, effectively stopping a moan from escaping.

"This is me, you and Erica, and I'm having you, ripping off your clothes," Mark started, watching as Callie's face contorted in pleasure.

"Uh huh," she breathed, focusing on Mark's words and how they were making her feel.

"And then your naked, and hot, and naked. And then Erica starts kissing you and she's kissing you like you need to be kissed. And then I pin your hands above your head and watch as she uses one finger to..."

Callie let out a loud moan, cutting off the rest of Mark's sentence. Mark smiled down at her, realizing how turned on she was by the Erica talk.

"Don't stop," Callie moaned, moving her body against his.

"Trust me, I won't," he smiled, thrusting faster into her.

"No, keep talking. Keep talking about Erica," Callie smiled back, her voice ragged and breathy. Mark chuckled as his hand came up to tease one pebbled nipple, watching as Callie writhed underneath him.

"Erica's touching you, and kissing you. You feel her lips everywhere on your body. She moves lower over your body until she's,"

"Mark," Callie growled, her hips bucking against Mark. Mark stops talking, his free hand grasping Callie's hip as he plunged harder into her. Callie chanted his name as her nails dug into his back, her hips bucking erratically.

"Please," she begged, her head burying into Mark's neck. Mark moved his hand from her hip and lightly ran his finger over her hypersensitive clit, adding a little more pressure with each thrust. Callie's hand joined his, applying more pressure as Callie grunted out his name. Mark growled as her walls clamped around him, milking him completely.

Mark rolled off of her, laying beside her as their breathing returned to normal.

"I really need to get you and Hahn into bed together," Mark said breathlessly, earning a smack in the center of his chest from Callie, who laughed and curled up against Mark's side.