Chapter #1: The Warehouse

The rag or whatever the heck was in my mouth tasted like uh! I can't even describe it. I tried to shift around in the wooden chair that I was in, but the duck tape was stronger. My eyes scanned my surroundings, which was a warehouse like in all TV shows where hostages (like me) were held. What did they want from me? Money? Drugs? My virginity? Uh...they're NOT gonna get that! I'd kill myself before I get raped by creepers like the one standing at the steel table in front of me, sharpening his knife. Oh boy...

I felt sweat dripping down my face from my forehead. Can I saw EWW? Gross! Today is officially the worst day of my life. How the heck did I get here in the first place? Oh yeah...stupid me punched a guy in the face for calling me a hottie. He was like twenty-seven! And he happened to be the guy in front of me...But no twenty-seven man is gonna call me-a fifteen year old girl-a hottie without a punch to the face! Of course he got mad and called for backup. Yep-they found one of us because he saw my mark on the inside of my hand after I hit him to shake away the pain.

And if you're wondering what "us" is referring to-I mean like super heroes. No, I'm not saying I'm Wonder Woman or Cat Woman or that invisible girl Jessica Alba played in both of the Fantastic 4 movies. My power might or might not be better than those ladies. And I bet all of Bill Gates' money that you're dying to know what my power is huh?

Now...don't let this shock you. I mean c'mon! Peter Parker got bit by a weird spider and BAM! He got spider powers! All the Fantastic 4 members (before they became fantastic) were out in space and got hit by something and were suddenly flexible, invisible, on fire-literally-and solid-rock. And best of all-Ironman aka Tony Stark aka cute for an older guy Robert Downey Jr. was SO smart that he created the idea of a invincible metal suit that could shoot out rockets and fly. And his father is Captain America for crying out loud! And I am just an innocent fifteen year old girl with a bit of an attitude, who got kidnapped by weirdoes. Okay, actually, the other dudes, who kidnapped me, all left in a big van and left this creeper in front of me, who is seriously scaring me with that knife!

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah! My power right, right. Well it's really powers with an "s."

Number 1: I talk a lot. Ha-ha just kidding! That's not my power, but I swear, if it was, people would get SO annoyed that they'd leave me alone! If only...(dramatic sigh)

For real-everyone in this world is different right? Well, if you're "different" and are good, then you're marked with a black, solid star on the palm of your right hand once you discover that you are. I don't remember who put it on me. All I know is that one day I didn't have it, and the next, I did. You could say it's a "birthmark", but I just call it a tattoo, so freaky boys would leave me alone.

Oh right! My powers!

Number 1: I can read minds, and no, I'm not asking to be the next vampire girl version of Edward Cullen. I'm not. If you wanna know, I'm not a vampire.

Number 2: I can summon objects to come to me by thinking about in my head. No, I can't necessarily bring humans or bigger things yet... I haven't been practicing with bigger objects because that'd just freak humans and elephants out...ha-ha!

Number 3: I can get into people's minds and make them go literally insane or crazy. Sometimes, they kill themselves! And that involves NOT talking...for once.

Number 4: I know why they want me.