Chapter #2: Reunion

That's not really another power, but you know what I mean right?

There are two types of "us" to whom I'm referring to. We call ourselves, who are "different" and good Sentras, meaning we believe we were "sent" by God to defeat (or kill) the Deltons, who are opposite of us. The Deltons want to rule the world. No surprise. I hear that a lot. But of course the Sentras (aka me) won't allow that to happen. Yeah I hear that a lot too.

So if you're wondering what humans think of us, they don't 'cause they don't know we exist, and we wanna keep it that way. Human involvement will happen later but not now. If a human does get involved, their memory would be erased but only the parts of the Sentras or Deltons not their entire memory. Our kind is special and secret.

The good thing about being a Sentra is that our powers work on both Deltons AND humans. The bad thing is that the Deltons can do the same to us-Sentras AND humans. Oh the world is a cruel place to live-especially since my dad is a Sentra, and my mom is a Delton. And that's why they're divorced. I live with my dad and my seventeen year old brother, who is also a Sentra. Sadly, my sister is with my mom but doesn't have any powers-yet. She's only seven, but I know that she'll get powers soon. I got all my powers when I was nine.

That girl looks like she's thinking a lot. Is she thinking about escaping? I better hope she won't try that until Boss gets here.

My eyes flew to the man, who was sharpening his knife, but now he was staring at me suspiciously and peculiarly.

Boss eh? I thought.

Did I mention that part of reading people's minds also involves talking with them telepathically regardless if their power is reading minds or not?

What? He thought like "I don't know what you're talking about."

I'm gettin' kinda hungry. How long is your boss gonna be? I emphasized some more.

Be quiet, girl! He averted his eyes from me and stared at nothing. And would you get out of my head?

Umm...I have a name. I thought haughtily. I'm Rebekah, and I'd like to be shown with some respect. Umm thank you?

That did it for him. With great speed, his knife was to my neck in no time. It hurt more as he pressed it deeper. I couldn't breathe, and I thought my skin was breaking. Maybe I shouldn't have made him mad...

"And I'm Jeremiah. I'm in charge of you for right now, so I'd appreciate it if you'd be quiet," he said out loud this time.

Fine! I thought once more as I shut him out for good. I'm so glad I can block people from reading my mind. Who would want to read it anyways? Never mind...

I heard a squeaky noise. I shot my eyes over to the metal door that was opening to the left of me. Sunlight was pouring in. It was kinda damp in here. It was so dark and everything. A click went on. Lights began to flood throughout the warehouse. There! Now I can see! A man strode inside in a nice suit and a lady escort by his side. She had long golden hair like mine that was pulled into a high pony tail. She wore some black pants, heels, and along sleeved black shirt with a white shirt underneath. Her blue eyes were on me in no time. I knew that sly smile anywhere.

It was my mom.