Written for the DADT Repeal Fic Fest over at LJ. Prompt: Brad/Nate - Huddling for warmth

What people forget, what Godfather forgot, what that is fucking cold in the desert at night. Their uniform does nothing to stop the cold from seeping in but nate's thigh is warm where its pressed up to Brad's in the darkness. Brad's got the night vision goggles pressed to his face, fingers clutching them hard, anything to keep from reaching out and pulling Nate to him, worming his cold fingers into Nate's pants.

Nate nudges closer, presses to him from shoulder to thigh now and Brad pulls the goggles from his face. Nate doesnt look at him but smiles slightly.

"For warmth." He says, holds his hands out for the goggles and bites his bottom lip when Brad runs his fingers over Nate's palm before pressing them into his hand.

"Uh-huh." He replies, a similar smile mirrored on his face.

What Brad forgets is that Nate is a stingy bastard and never puts his heat on. Its fucking freezing in Nate's bedroom and Brad wraps himself around the lean body, pressing his nose into the back of Nate's neck and just breaths him in. Nate shifts, winds his fingers with Brad's and pulls his arms tighter.

"For warmth." Brad says, and Nate presses back against him. Brad bites gently at Nate's neck.

"Uh-huh." Nate replies, twisting in Brad's arms and pulling Brad in to kiss him hard.