First Kiss
by Margaret (tvrox) and Lauren (sweetangel251)
Part 1: TGIF

A/N: Okay, this is our all new fic! It's going to be a major L/L, because L/L is the coolest. We're trying to be original. Yeah, we know that everyone says that, but we have the whole fic planned, and it should be quite origninal.

Disclaimer: Hi, we are actually Amy Sherman-Palladino and Lauren Graham. We have infinite control over all that goes on in the show. Everything that is posted here is a spoiler and could turn out to be either a spinoff show of Gilmore Girls or an episode. JUST KIDDING! What are you, crazy?
Lorelai's POV-1983 (Or whatever year, Lorelai's 15)
The bell rang, and we were free. TGIF! I picked up my books and walked out of trig. Nicole was waiting for me by my locker. As I packed up my bag, we talked.

"You know, Lor, there's this party tonight, and these seniors invited Pete, and he told me about it. You wanna come?" she said.

"Well, I dunno, you know how my parents are, but I'll try. Where is it?" I replied as I hoisted my backpack on to my back and grabbed my coat.

"It's at Tiger Paw, it starts at 8," supplied Nicole.

"Tiger Paw? Isn't that where all the college kids hang out? How do we get in?"

"Girl, where have you been for the past 15 years?" Hmph. Nicole was mocking me.

"S-so," I began nervously, "we use fake ID's?" I had never liked high society, but I didn't hate it enough to break the law to get out of it.

"No da!" cried Nicole. "So are you coming?"

"I guess." We had reached my front door. I rang. I heard footsteps, and soon, Felicity answered.

"Miss Lorelai," she said shyly, "let me take your coat. Your mother is waiting to have an afternoon tea with you in the parlor."

"Thanks Felicity," I said. "Bye, Nikki!" I called as she walked away. I handed Felicity my coat and bag, smoothed my shirt and skirt, straightened my tie (A/N: Incase you can't tell, Lorelai wears a uniform) and walked into the parlor. "Good afternoon, Mother," I said.

"To you to, Lorelai, have a seat, I'll pour you some tea."

"Thanks, Mom." I grabbed two cookies. I was hungry.

"Lorelai, where are your manners? ONE AT A TIME," Mom corrected. Ugh. So much for TGIF.