Dear Readers

It is I, Margaret, speaking. I am posting a response to a series of unfortunate reviews we have recieved. Our first reaction was one of great anguish and anger, and we were going to delete the reviews. But we did not want to hide the fact that people may go against us. We wanted to handle it maturely and show that despite the fact that people may speak out against us, we are self-confident and self-sufficient enough to rise to the occasion and use the problem as a way to show off our strength and perseverance.

We have decided not to delete the reviews, but to post this response and to give all you faithful readers a little challenge. We don't usually name names, but now we will. The person who submitted the reviews calls themself AURIKKU. If you believe that we are good and kind and considerate people who would never intentionally rip off anybody, please say so in a review so that if AURIKKU comes back they can see how much support we have. Ordinarily we would ask you to send an email to the person, but upon trying to do so ourselves, we found that the address is non-existent, even more proof that this person is not telling the truth.

AURIKKU submitted with their review a link to a website which supposedly has the first two chapters of our story. I will give you this web address again:

Just as a little bit of proof, copy and paste this address in your browser. Or, perhaps it'll appear as a link; we're not html geniuses. You'll see that not only is our story not there, this site has nothing to do with Gilmore Girls. It'll give us a little peace of mind to know that other people share our knowledge that AURIKKU, and not us, is the liar.

As in the past, we still appreciate any constructive information you have, such as the title of a story you think might be the one people are thinking of, a link to it, or the email address of someone who can give us more information.

Thank you so much for your support.

Happy Reading!

Your faithful authors,

Lauren (sweetangel251)

Margaret (tvrox)