This is super short, but I promise I'll follow up as soon as possible so I can get the whole giant smutty shebang up before Christmas! Reviews will make me smile a mile wide. Jen

Olivia twisted her fingers around each other in the back of her cab. She'd already flashed her badge and told the cabbie in her most menacing voice to go as fast as he could, but no amount of police authority could alleviate this traffic. She cursed whichever rapist had made a young girl's life hell the night before. And she knew that part of her irritation had to do with the fact that he had also made her late for the Christmas party she and Alex were throwing. Well, not really she and Alex. More like just Alex. From the day she had chirpily come up with the idea to when she had come home laden with tinsel to string around the apartment, to when Olivia had almost been crushed by the number of drinks in the fridge, Alex's life had been about this party. And prosecuting sex offenders, but this party was pretty high up on the list too.

Olivia yawned. She didn't want to be tired, but having gotten a total of two hours' sleep in the last two days hadn't done her any good either. Amidst a sea of red taillights and a cacophony of honking cars, she fell into a half-asleep reverie of the perfect pick-me-up. Alex's fingers, ghosting over her face, one making its way up to tangle in her hair, the other sliding down and back up under her shirt. Further up, touching, still gently, so gently, circling her breast and – just then – suddenly applying pressure and pinching her nipple at the same time as Alex's mouth bit down on Olivia's earlobe.

Olivia gasped and opened her eyes, but the cabbie didn't hear her over the sound of his engine suddenly revving as they lurched forward one block, only for the light to turn red again. Her eyes drooped shut again as she leaned her head back into the headrest. Alex's tongue, licking its way up her neck until Alex's lips reached her mouth, not quite kissing but merely breathing in unison. In, out, as Alex's hands worked more magic over both her breasts, more carelessly now, not giving in to specifics but simply grabbing at whatever they could. In, out, as one of Alex's hands skillfully unbuttoned her jeans, let down her fly, and made its way into her pants. In, out, and finally together, as Alex's lips met hers and Alex's fingers pressed onto the moisture that essentially comprised her underwear.

Olivia jerked awake with the cab's jerky stop and the cabbie's rough demand for her money. She stood outside the building for a couple of seconds, regaining what there was to regain of her composure. Her irritation at the rapist who had taken up two days of her time was gone. Her tiredness was gone. Her memory of the Christmas party was also gone. All she knew at that moment was that her nipples were hard and that it wasn't because of the cold, that she was wet as anything, and that only one thing could relieve her.