Okay, I finished this off fairly quickly because I have to get ready for a Christmas party of my own! Hope you all have a great holiday and that this brings you a bit of joy. Reviews are, as always, appreciated :D Jen

Alex glanced at the clock for the thousandth time that night. Olivia had texted her at 10 o'clock with a brief, "On my way," but Alex hadn't heard from her since. It wasn't unheard of for Olivia to be delayed, but Olivia could have at least let her know. It was past 11 already and most of the guests were starting to collapse all over their living room, either drunk or just exhausted from their common jobs in law enforcement. Just as Alex looked away from the clock, Olivia burst in through the door. She had a look in her eyes that made Alex weak at sight, but which changed to bewilderment as she took in the dozens of people milling around their apartment. Alex strode over to her girlfriend. "Christmas party, babe, remember?" she said quietly, putting a hand on Olivia's shoulder. The confusion was slowly replaced by the previous look again.

Olivia put her mouth right next to Alex's ear and murmured, "I don't care. I need you. Now."

Alex shivered, maybe because of the contrast of Olivia's hot breath over her cold ear, maybe because of what those demanding words made her feel.

Olivia took a quick look around the room and realized that nobody had even noticed her arrival, which would mean that nobody would notice her and Alex's disappearance. She half-dragged, half-led Alex into their bedroom and used Alex to shut the door, reaching one hand down to lock it as the other latched itself onto Alex's waist and her mouth covered Alex's. Her tongue fought its way into Alex's wide-open mouth, then sloppily licked a searing-hot path down Alex's neck and across Alex's collarbone. She moved her other hand to the hem of Alex's dress, shoving it up as they turned around in unison and fell backwards onto their bed. Quick as anything, she unbuttoned her pants, peeled them off with her underwear, and reached back up to remove Alex's underwear as well. Before Alex knew what was going on, she was enveloped in a haze of roaring sound that vaguely took the form of, "Fuck yes, Olivia," as the sheer amount of passion she felt in those licks sent her into a frenzy.

Alex was vaguely aware of her hands writhing in Olivia's hair, tugging at it almost too hard as she came closer and closer to exploding. She moaned loudly, hoping this would signal that she needed something more to make her come. Olivia made some kind of sound in response – maybe it was speech, maybe something more primal – but even the added vibration on her center wasn't enough. "Aaagaaahliiiiivv," she panted, making more of an attempt at speech this time. Olivia made the same sound again, but louder. Then it came again, without prompting.

Alex suddenly realized that Olivia was having an orgasm while continuing to go down on her. It was no wonder that Olivia hadn't entered her with three fingers, the usual catalyst that could send her skyrocketing – those fingers had been busy pleasuring Olivia herself. The thought of this, combined with Olivia's continued groans and licks against and around her clit, finally drove her into oblivion.

Olivia felt Alex's almost-painful grip on her hair relax and removed her fingers from herself, satisfied. She moved up the bed so that she faced Alex, who still appeared slightly dazed. The sight of messed-up blonde hair combined with Alex's dress hitched up around her waist almost took her breath away. She leaned down next to Alex's ear again and whispered, "You're so hot. I don't want to share you with all those people out there."

Alex's ears were no longer cold, and she knew for certain that the shiver that ran through her had nothing to do with the temperature. She lolled her head around to face Olivia. "Nobody said you have to."