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A/N: Hello all! Just wrote this little ficlet out a few hours ago; it was an idea that hit me a couple of months back when I first heard about the motion picture, The Black Swan, and this fic is loosely inspired on said film. It comes out in the UK in January and I cannot wait to see it; as someone who's practised ballet for 14 years and loves a mind messing movie this seems perfect, I recommend you check out the trailer on youtube!

The Black Swan

Merlin knew that the people had always seen the Lady Morgana as the white swan of Camelot; they wondered at her beauty and royalty, the perfection of her creamy skin and pale green eyes glittering as the sun flooded into her bedroom, her slender hand gently touching the window as she would look down at the courtyard below. She drew people towards her with that eerie mystery that none could understand and few could resist.

She would glide about the castle as if she were on a silent, glassy lake, her dress trailing behind her like the ripples on the water. Her long neck would gently turn as she smiled at a passing knight, colour flushing their cheeks at the attention of such a creature.

She was the jewel of the city and the pride of the king; those who dare to kill a swan know that the price to pay is a heavy one.

Merlin watched Morgana grow more frightened of herself and her surroundings, the lake that had once been her home turned into a place of paranoia; she would look down into the water and no longer see her reflection, but instead a clouded darkness that muddied her features.

She would silently tear her own feathers from her skin; no one else knew it as she covered her handiwork, the white swan swimming without direction. She turned against the king, then her best friend, then her brother. . . Merlin would never have considered killing a creature of such tranquillity and fairness, yet she had fallen as far as him, her dark heart consuming her as he was the silent hunter.

Morgana had returned transformed, her skin even paler, her piercing emerald eyes silently stealing the breath of people's lives as she wound through corridors shrouded in dark, rippling cloaks. She became a swan of the night, the moonlight bathing her raven tresses in a black light as she stood alone in a forest, ever so slowly planning to poison the lake.

She had held a picture in her place that everyone still worshipped; the white swan, as the dark swan floated unheard. The hunter had been the only one able to stop her- but she had believed him to be unarmed, and he didn't want her to think any differently.

Even in all her darkness, he could not bring himself to kill her, for who could resist such beauty; her head held elegantly high, eyes glazed over as she stared ahead, her feathers an impenetrable onyx.

The twisted, seductive perfection of the black swan sat upon a throne.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed it! Morgana really is the black swan now in the show I think. . . who knows what will happen to her next? Minx x