Chapter 10:

Italy kneeled in the church for 17th time that week. Germany had still been in the hospital and he would go see him again today. Italy looked up at the altar in front of him as he tried not to cry. He really wanted Germany to get better soon. He disliked seeing him in such a condition.

"Go to him," a voice echoed. Italy turned around and saw no one there. Did he imagine it? Italy started turning back toward the altar. "Go to him!" Italy spun around again and saw the door to the church wide open. He hadn't imagined that voice. With some hesitation, Italy stood up and ran out the doors. He knew he could've driven or taken a bus, but Italy ran. He ran as fast as he could, being careful not to run through Swiss territory like he had so many times before.

Italy ran as if his life depended on it. As he reached German territory, he tripped over his feet and fell to the ground. He slightly pushed himself up as tears started to form in his eyes. He wanted to see him. He wanted to make sure he was okay. He didn't want things to end between them.

"Are you alright Italy?" a familiar voice asked. Italy looked up and saw Japan holding out a hand to him.

"Japan," Italy said, trying not to cry. Japan helped Italy to his knees before kneeling down and smiling. "Is… your arm okay?" Italy had noticed that Japan's arm was still in a sling even though he was out of the hospital.

Japan gave a gentle smile to Italy. "Hai. I am fine." Italy looked down at the ground. "Go to the river." Italy's head shot up.

"W-What?" Italy was confused. Why would Japan tell him to go to the river? Japan smiled happily as he patted Italy on the head.

"He's waiting there for you." Italy's eyes shot open with surprise upon Japan's words.

"Y-You mean…?"

"Hai." Japan smiled as tears of joy slipped out of Italy's eyes. Italy gave Japan a big hug before getting up and running towards the river. He ran with all his might. If he was really there, Italy would greet him with a huge hug that could possible crush him. He didn't care though. Italy ran, and ran.


Germany stood by the river as he looked down at the iron cross in his hand. He let out a small sigh. He didn't remember anything from when Italy visited him in the hospital, so he still thought that Italy's memories were gone. He felt his heart sink at the thought of Italy's memories of him still being gone. He wanted to see him… he needed to know how he was. Germany looked up and saw a small feather floating down from the sky.

"Germany!" a familiar voice yelled. Germany's eyes shot open at the voice. He turned around.

"Italy!" he exclaimed as he saw a blur of auburn hair cross his vision. The next thing he knew, Italy was jumping at him. Italy landed in front of Germany with a smile on his face.

"G-Germany, is your head okay!" Italy asked in a panic as he saw the bandaged wrapped around Germany's head. Germany stood there for a few seconds in utter shock. Italy had remembered him. With a smile, Germany gave Italy a big huge. At first, Italy was surprised that Germany would do that, but went on to return it. The two stood there for several minutes, locked in a passionate hug. Both of them hadn't been able to talk to each other like they wanted for several months. Now they could.

How nice, Japan thought as he walked up to where the two were with a smile. He was glad that Germany and Italy were back together. It lifted a burden from his heart seeing the two. He was glad that everything had worked out the way he hoped. Seeing his two friends and comrades back to normally after such a long time was nice to see. Japan, softly laughing, walked off to leave the two in peace.

"I'm glad to have you back, Italy," Germany softly said into Italy's ear. Italy smiled.

"Me too," Italy replied. He and Germany sat under a tree, Italy falling asleep on Germany's shoulder. Germany looked toward the sky and saw the same feather from before falling towards him. He held out his hand to catch it, but it seemed to disappear. Germany looked over at Italy, smiled, and kissed him on the forehead. He was at ease now that Italy had remembered him. He placed his head on Italy's head and slowly drifting off to sleep. It would be the best sleep he would get after such a long time.


The feather of hope really came. It showed that, no matter what happens or how bad it is, nothing can separate the love between two people. Times may be hard sometimes, but those add to the memories. I guess I can believe in anything now. I hope that, someday, we can die together and be reborn again. Because that way, even if our memories are lost, we can still find each other again. We can still believe in the love we share. It's a connection that can never be severed. This was the meaning of that feather of hope.

- Last Entry in Germany's Journal

Love can conquer all…

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