Summary: Dean and Sam get a shock when they find Castiel outside their motel room as a toddler, immediately suspecting foulplay. For some reason, the tiny boy won't go near Sam, and Dean becomes his soul comfort. Please R&R!

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Soul Comfort


"Cas?" Dean called, "It's time to write your letter to Santa."

Castiel wandered into the kitchen, curious to what Dean meant. He saw the older Winchester sitting at the table, and he smiled, dragging Baby along behind him as he made his way to his friend. He reached up to Dean, who grinned and picked him up, pressing a gentle kiss to his temple.

"Come on, buddy. How can Santa bring you presents if he doesn't know what you want, huh?"

Castiel looked up at the hunter and tilted his head in confusion, while Dean sat beside him and showed him the paper. He knew that Castiel knew his letters of the alphabet because he often wrote on pictures he drew, so perhaps with a little guidance he could spell out some words. He could read Discofish a little better and he was really good with his speech, so sounding things out was probably going to be easy for him.

"Me wan' a birdie!" Castiel cried, gazing at Dean with big sparkling eyes, "A birdie that flies! And talks!"

"Do you think it would be very nice to keep a birdie inside, Castiel?"

Dean looked up and rolled his eyes as Crowley appeared in the room with a milkshake for the little boy and sat by them at the table. Castiel thought about it for a little while and then shook his head.

"Me wan' a teddy bear birdie! A birdie that's like Baby!" Castiel cried, Dean pressing a kiss to his head while Crowley shot him a wink.

The little angel scribbled onto the paper while Gabriel, who was stood by the door, was secretly taking notes so that Castiel got what he wanted. Crowley gave a sly nod to him and Dean realised what was going on. He never knew that Crowley could be so...nice. He'd always known the demon to be arrogant, angry, a little scary and sarcastic. Never like this...Good with kids.


The hunter looked down at the little boy who was tapping his crayon on the table. He looked damn adorable with his little feet dangling from his booster seat and his hair all over the place, his little t-shirt and shorts half hanging off him because they were a tiny bit too big. Dean smiled and put a hand on his back, rubbing it softly.

"Yeah, Cas?" He asked, taking in the blueness of the baby angel's eyes.

"Me don't want no more presents..." Castiel whispered, which shocked everyone, "I just want all you guys."

Dean grimaced as Castiel flushed, and he unbuckled the booster seat, lifting Castiel out into his arms. Crowley got up and headed over to Gabriel, leaning in to whisper into his ear.

"We'll get him lots of presents anyway." He said, "The little tyke can't just have a stuffed bird for his only Christmas."

"What's made you so soft?" Gabriel asked, Crowley not saying a word and just walking away.

Dean, meanwhile, decided to occupy Castiel with some other things, like playing games with him for a while. They pretended to be different animals for a while, and then Dean took Castiel into Bobby's back yard where they felt the first flakes of snow beginning to fall. Castiel went running into them, but it was sticking pretty quickly so Dean pulled the little boy inside to wrap him up in something warm.

Dean watched Castiel scoop the last of his spaghetti hoops onto his spoon and he smiled as the little boy ate them, Sam grinning and taking the spoon and bowl to wash them up while Dean began to wipe down Castiel's face and hands before unbuckling the seat and setting him on the floor.

"Leave the tray, Dean, I'll do it." Sam said softly, earning a nod from the older Winchester who followed Castiel into the living room, only to find him in the arms of Gabriel who was tickling him and blowing raspberries on his belly.

"Who's my special boy?" Gabriel asked, "Who's my special little man?"

Castiel was laughing and wriggling, anything to stop Gabriel's tickling and eventually the Archangel let him go, and Castiel got up and ran away from him.

"Come on, you." Dean said, "Bathroom and then nap time."

"No!" Castiel protested, folding his arms, "Me not tired, Dean! No!"

"Castiel, you are having a nap whether you like it or not." Dean told him, "You have three seconds to go to the bathroom or I'll take Baby and keep him downstairs with me while you have your nap. You make the choice."

Castiel stood there with those puppy eyes and Dean had to fight the urge to just give Castiel his own way. So he began to count down, more for himself than Castiel.


Castiel hurried up the stairs to the bathroom and Dean followed him with a smile.

"Atta boy, Cas. You made a good choice, buddy."

After the little angel had been to the bathroom, Dean tucked him up in bed with Baby, blanket and pacifier, rubbing his back gently and pressing kisses to his hair. It always helped if Dean stayed there until he fell asleep, and if Dean soothed him to sleep.

"Sleep, sweetheart." He said softly, watching as Castiel gently began to fall asleep, "Good boy...Go to sleep."

"Yuv you." Castiel whispered, which made Dean smile as he kissed him again.

"Love you too."

The angel fell asleep and snuggled his bear and blanket, while Dean left him and turned on the baby monitor just in case.

"We've had word." Gabriel said, "Balthazar reckons that this has something to do with Zachariah's garrison. Several angels have heard whispers coming from members of said garrison. Maybe this is on Zachariah's orders."

"We need to find out." Sam said, "But, quite frankly, I reckon we could wait until after Christmas...Give the little guy some fun before anything happens."

Dean nodded and sat back against Bobby's couch, feeling himself growing angry as he thought that Zachariah was the reason behind Castiel's current state, but he couldn't help wondering if maybe this was at the hands of someone or something else.


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