Chapter 2

12 hours earlierSecond storey of the storage building

No one had reported any news to Max or Alec for the last three hours. Occasionally a transhuman that neither transgenic knew would check up on them but wouldn't converse and would then leave again. Max's legs were getting tired. A new feeling of desolation despair and guilt flooded her entire body as her legs gave out underneath her. Max slumped down to the floor uncomfortably.

"Where are they?" Alec eventually wondered aloud. "How long does an autopsy take anyway!" Hey shouted for the benefit of the few people hovering around.

"Listen Alec, if she's not psy-ops, we're going to be in a lot of trouble. I don't want you to take responsibility for anything. Some people still like you and they'll pull strings, maybe not hand you over-"

"Max, no. Don't think like that. I won't leave you alone in this. I mean you know it's half my fault anyway." The touch of humour in Alec's voice just made Max shoot him an annoyed glare.

1 month earlier Crash.

It had taken months of negotiating and deals but transgenic (at least, the ones who looked normal) were allowed back into the city. For a month they'd been cautious about going out but it was finally time to relax at their favorite bar. Alec had tagged along with Max to meet up with OC and Sketchy at Crash. Much to Max's distaste, Sasha (and naturally, Jack) had followed using her: "I've never seen Crash before, Alec, show me?" line and running a hand through her beautiful black hair. Alec shared a look with Max but couldn't really say no.

So a while later they all sat at a table, Sketchy unable to take his eyes off the transgenic (and despite all of Max's warnings about her, OC couldn't help but feel attracted to her as well).

"Jack, would you go get us some drinks please." Max watched as the transgenic obeyed Sasha as if he were her slave. She felt oddly sorry for the X5, he was whipped beyond belief.

Sasha placed a hand on Alec's shoulder and Max shared a look with OC (she'd told her about their theories about the psy-ops beauty).

"Dance with me?" Sasha crooned into Alec's ear. Not really minding dancing with the beautiful, albeit crazy 'X5', Alec let her take his hand and lead him to the dance floor. "Why wasn't I born a transgenic…" Sketchy wondered aloud. Max rolled her eyes, ignoring his ignorant comment. As soon as Jack came back he'd caught sight of Sasha practically using Alec as a stripper pole. The few jugs of beer in his hands came crashing down and shattering all over the floor, splashing Max's boots.

9 days earlierMax's apartment.

Max was in her apartment with Alec, seething from the comments Sasha had made at dinner.

"'I thought you were designed better than that Max.'" She mimicked Sasha's voice and slammed her kitchen cabinet closed with more force than necessary. Alec snickered from his position on the couch.

"It's not funny." Max opened her small refrigerator violently.

"It's funny when you do it." Alec smirked to himself.

Max only glared then went back to pouring herself a glass of milk. "Seriously, why can't she just leave me alone."

"Why won't she leave me alone?" Alec muttered.

Max walked to sit across from him. "It is strange how she's all over you, isn't it?"

Alec was insulted. "That's not strange." He said with wide eyes. "What's strange is that she doesn't get the hint that I'm not interested."

Max seemed to mull it over. "Maybe we should think about exposing what's really going on with her. I mean we know that she's been influencing practically everyone into adoring her."

"Not to mention playing around with that poor kid." Alec stole Max's milk from the table and took a sip, earning another glare.

"He's the same age as you." Max didn't bother informing Alec that he had a dairy-mustache.

Alec looked at Max with a dead serious expression. "I'm more mature." He stated.

Max laughed and pointed towards the bathroom. "I suggest you look in the mirror Mr. Mature."

Alec rushed to the mirror and wiped the milk off of his face frowning as he walked back to the couch.

"Whatever, let's just think about what we're going to do to get her off our backs."

"Or cause her to snap.." Max's smile was malevolent.

"Maybe, if I got a girlfriend-"

Max's expression lit up. "Yes! She'd hate it."

Alec felt proud that Max had agreed with him.

"So who would you date? Oh wait, what about Bell?"

Alec swallowed. "It should be someone she hates.." He looked at Max, trying to get his point across using his eyes only.

"The only female she hates is-" Max trailed off. "No." She shook her head at Alec as if he were a dog that had done something disobedient.

"But listen, not only would she hate it more than anything, she'd snap within the week Max."

Max began to argue but Alec cut her off. "You know I'm right."

The sigh coming from her mouth was long and pained. "Fine."

Alec tried to hide his excitement. Had he just landed himself a fake girlfriend? Was that fake girlfriend Max? Yes. Yes it was.

"We'll have the results soon." Michael's voice shocked Max and Alec out of their thoughts. "You better pray to whatever you believe in that she's psy-ops." And with that Michael had disappeared again. Alec sighed. "Cheer up Maxie."

His attempt at sparking irritation within her at the use of the name didn't exactly work out as she merely smiled weakly at him. "How can I when all of my people hate me.

'I don't hate you.' Alec would have said it, but he wasn't sure his opinion meant much to her at that moment.

9 days earlier Max's apartment.

"No touching."

Alec shook his head at Max. "We have to touch otherwise there's no point. She'll smell a bad relationship from a mile away."

Max ground her teeth together. "Fine."

Alec smiled sarcastically then carried on thinking.

"You really think this will work?"

Alec shrugged, "Let's call it an experiment."

"Can't believe I let you talk me into this." Max figured since he was now her fake boyfriend she could put her feet on his lap, crossing her arms like a child throwing a tantrum.

Alec just cocked an eyebrow at her.

"But we only touch in public."

Alec pointed down to her feet. "Does this count?"

"Shut up."

The next day Max walked into the command centre with Joshua. Mind on the very serious matter of shortage of medical supplies rather than her and Alec's master plan. As Joshua broke away to speak to another transhuman about something, Max walked up to the higher level where Alec was talking to Mole.

"Mole. Alec." She greeted them formally, stepping past to type something into one of the computers.

"Max." Mole acknowledged her and Alec was suddenly behind her, arms wrapping around her waist. Max froze, remembered that what was happening was all a part of the plan, and suppressed the urge to knee Alec in the groin.

"Woah Alec, how long have you been feeling suicidal?" Mole's eyebrows (or lack thereof) rose, eyes widening slightly.

Alec turned with Max still in his arms, a cocky smile on his face. "Oh yeah, Max and I are dating now."

The entire building of command went silent. A pencil clattered to the ground somewhere in an office.

Max noticed a small, satisfied smile on Jack's face and knew exactly where his mind was. Now that Alec was taken, maybe Sasha would actually pay him attention.

A few seconds passed and Max fought to keep from being flustered with the situation. "Yeah, now that everybody knows, let's just get along with our work." With that she got out of Alec's arms as gently as she could manage, still managing to dig her nails into him which screamed 'too much too soon' and Alec fought to keep a wince off of his face.

A quiet murmur of gossip settled over TC for that entire day and no one wanted to tell Sasha, not even Jack. He decided to wait for her to see it herself.

Mid-day Sasha walked into command with a skip in her step, practically bouncing all the way up to Alec.

"Hey Alec." Her smile was just the same when she saw Max leaning over some plans with him but it didn't touch her eyes at all. "Hey, Max.."

Max thought it was creepy as hell. "What's up Sasha?" Max's unusually warm greeting caused Alec to fight off a smirk that threatened to cause some suspicion. Alec made a point to put his hand around Max's waist then.

"I -I thought that.. Maybe Alec -I mean you might need some help." Max looked up and watched as Sasha's expression turned from shock into a controlled malevolence.

"I mean, I'm sure you need help after yesterday's mistake."

The anger welled up within Max like venom in a snakes mouth but she knew exactly what to do to vent her rage.

"No we don't need help, but thanks for offering." Max's words were bitter molasses in her mouth. Then she caught the humorous glint in Alec's eyes that made her want to hi-5 her SIC. Instead, she turned towards him and put her arms around his neck, only she could feel the tense of his body before he reacted and put his hands on her waist.

"We should get this done soon though, we have plans tonight."

Alec was momentarily lost in Max's eyes and he just nodded.

Then Max did something she knew would send Sasha over the edge. She kissed Alec. Sanding on her toes and just pecking him lightly on his lips (which Max subconsciously noted as extremely soft). It wasn't much, but it was enough to cause Sasha to freeze and then walk into her office, shut the door behind her and break her desk in half.

Max smiled up at Alec while the whole of command tried to make sense of what had happened. Alec tried to get his vision to focus so that he could share the joke with Max but all he could think about was his first kiss with Max Guevara.

Over the next few days Max and Alec shared a few hugs and touches but as much as Alec hoped for another kiss, it didn't happen. However, the original purpose of their plan was working out perfectly. Sasha was always on edge, snapping at people, breaking furniture for no reason. The one night in TC's makeshift bar she had even got into a fist-fight with an X6 who said that she thought Max and Alec's relationship was 'cute'.

The following Friday night Max was again in her apartment with Alec. She really hadn't noticed when it had become a habit for him to come over, or for her to go to his place. But eventually they found that they had their own key's to the other's home and thought nothing of it.

"Did you see her face?" Max giggled to herself while she lay stomach down on her couch as Alec cooked something on the stove which smelled like Macaroni (probably Joshua's recipe).

Alec laughed too. "She looked like she was biting her own tongue off."

There was a moment of silence as Max watched Alec move around her kitchen like it was his own. "Thank you Alec."

He looked puzzled. "For what?"

"For thinking the same things as me, and, you know, helping me with this." Max found it hard to get her gratitude out.

Alec only smiled. "You forget that we're actually very similar."

Max scoffed audibly. "Hi, I'm Mac, the cocky X5 who won't stop getting into trouble just for the fun of it."

Alec rolled his eyes playfully. "Hi, I'm Alex, the X5 with the most bipolar attitude you've ever seen. I'll be nice one minute and I'll bite your head off the next."

Max actually laughed, before she threw a magazine at Alec's head, dead on target.

"See what I mean?" Alec was thankful the object hadn't landed in his Macaroni concoction.

The next day Max caught a glimpse of something unsettling. Jack and Sasha were having a very heated conversation in an alley beside command. They hadn't noticed Max on the roof above them (she was there just to get some fresh air after spending the morning in the stuffy building). Then Sasha punched jack in the face and Max could hear the sound of a bone smashing from where she was.

"What the hell are you doing!?" She shouted down at them and Sasha glared up with hate in her eyes.

"None of your business, whore!"

With that Max rushed inside and ordered for medics to get Jack's nose sorted out while she spoke with Sasha.

She managed to get Sasha to stay still after Jack had gone with a few other transgenics, leading the way towards medical.

"What's your problem Sasha?" Max crossed her arms.

"None of your business."

"It's all my business. What you do to another transgenic is my responsibility since I'm responsible for you."

"You won't be in power for much longer." Sasha's words were like poison. "Then not even Alec will be loyal to you."

"What are you talking about."

Sasha began to walk away. "Don't worry about it."

Max caught her arm and pulled her back. "What. Do you mean?"

Sasha turned and Max caught the crazy look in the transgenic's eyes before she punched Max in the face. Max pulled back just enough to avoid her nose being broken but it was bleeding. The metallic taste soon in her mouth and trickling down the back of her throat.

Max saw red, literally and figuratively, lunging out and punching Sasha back. The women fought for a few moments, Max landing a kick to Sasha's ribs and Sasha pulling Max's hair like she was a rag doll.

Soon an X7 had screamed for help and the entire of command rushed out to find Max holding Sasha up in a one-handed strangle hold.

The entire situation looked bad and Max briefly wondered if she'd been had. That this had all been Sasha's plan from the start.

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