Chapter 3

Things went downhill from there. Sasha had twisted the story to make it seem like Max had attacked her. Jack refused to admit that Sasha was the one who broke his nose, blaming that too on Max (for Sasha's benefit of course and Max didn't find his puppy love sad anymore, it was just infuriating).

A few people took Max's side but she suspected they were the ones that Sasha hadn't really hung around with enough to 'influence'. That included Joshua and Gem amongst others.

And of course Alec believed Max's version of the story. He took her to medical to get her nose tended to, even though it was in better shape than Jack's. One medic still had a soft spot for Max and helped her clean up.

"You know none of it is your fault Alec. Let's stop with the lying."

"She liked me. It was my idea to antagonize her."

Max shook her head. "It's not your fault you're irresistible." Max said it teasingly but her words didn't match her tone. Alec shivered.

"Wait, You can't tell them that you did it now. They're still under the effects -or whatever the hell she did to them." Alec whispered anxiously, absently pulling on the rope around his wrists. "They might not let you go."

Alec didn't like the look in Max's eyes. It was as if she'd given up.

"It wouldn't really matter. I should be locked away.." Max muttered.

Alec swallowed hard.

Michael appeared suddenly and Max wondered if they'd added creeper to his concoction of DNA. "The results are back."

Max and Alec looked at him with tense faces.

He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment before continuing. "She's psy-ops alright. One of the more advanced ones. Seemingly X5, well, her looks and abilities, but she also had extremely dangerous chemicals in her DNA. All of which are influencing and opiate-inducing."

Alec let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding. "That's great."

"That doesn't let you off the hook. We don't accept discrimination against any transgenic, even psy-ops creations."

Max felt her stomach churn as Michael used her own words from a speech made long ago, against her.

She closed her eyes. "I killed her."

"Max, no-" Alec began.

"I need to tell you exactly how it happened." Michael nodded. "That night in the warehouse.."

25 hours earlier A particular warehouse in TC.

After all the drama from the day before Max walked into her apartment the next night to find a note shoved underneath her door. It was from Sasha, saying to meet her in a warehouse not far from Command in exactly 5 minutes.

Max had stopped by Alec's to show him the note, having no inclination of being punctual for the woman who'd caused her so much trouble and insinuated just that morning, that she was affiliated with White. Pointing at Max's runes with accusation as everyone in TC looked at Max in a new light. She had been hurt on so many levels. The mistrust in their eyes stung the most.

Alec wasn't at his apartment so she decided to slip the same note underneath his door and go alone.

The warehouse was dark so she flicked the light switch on illuminating the area with a pale white glow.

"Sasha?" Max called, looking around. She spun when she heard a noise from behind her. Sasha stood there with a gun in her right hand, Max noted.

"What's that for?" Max glanced down then back at Sasha.

The girl merely smiled, revealing her beautiful teeth. "This?" Sasha waved the gun around too carelessly for Max's liking. "It's for protection. Wouldn't want you attacking me again."

Max narrowed her eyes at the woman.

"Don't have an opinion on that? That's unusual." Sasha grinned.

Max shifted as they began to circle each other in the large open area, realizing she didn't have much cover if Sasha decided to open fire. "Oh I have an opinion, it's just that guns make me feel.. Well, icky." Max smiled sarcastically at Sasha.

"Oh really?" Sasha blurred closer to Max in an instant and pointed the gun right at her head. "How about now?"

Max swallowed. This was why she hated guns. She cocked her head to the side with a slight smirk. "Still not okay with me."

Her plan seemed to be working as Sasha blurred right up to her, the gun directly against Max's skull. Now was her chance. Max hit Sasha's arm away with such force that it fell from her grip and clanked to the floor. Then Max kicked Sasha in her stomach, sending her sprawling a few feet away. If Max had been anyone else, she'd have picked the gun up and ended this. But she didn't want to go against all she believed in so she decided to go with the plain, old-fashioned, ass-kicking.

Sasha sprung to her feet with ease and glared at Max then ran towards her, almost punching Max in the face again but Max deflected the blow and was instead kneed in the stomach by Sasha. Max tackled Sasha to the floor in her position and Sasha again grabbed her hair and began to pull as hard as she could and claw at Max's face at the same time. Max punched Sasha in the face but that only made the anger in her eyes spark and her face was the embodiment of wrath. She punched Max back, again and again, without a pause or an opportunity for Max to get her to stop. Then Sasha's fingers clamped around Max's neck and red (probably blood) filled her vision. Struggling to breathe and about to pass out any second, Max reached to her left and grasped, the first time in over ten years, a gun. Just before Max lost her strength altogether, she pulled the trigger and seconds later she was lying in a puddle of blood, Sasha on top of her, regaining her ability to move and see and comprehend what had just happened.

Max heard Alec run into the warehouse then, voice a mixture of panic and the calm soldier he was trained to be. Pulling Sasha's body off of Max, feeling her pulse, frowning as he thought through what to do next, hiding the gun in a grate on the far end of the room, wiping it of prints and then ordering Max to put her arms around his neck as he lifted her from the ground and blurred out of the warehouse.

They'd managed to get out of TC before Jack had discovered Sasha's body and gone crazy with grief, shouting for help. Of course she was ice cold by the time she'd been taken back to medical.

Alec took Max to his old apartment which she remembered telling him to get rid of many months ago but was ironically grateful for his disobedient streak. Able to walk on her own by then, Max let out a laugh that didn't quite sound like herself. Alec's trademark smirk was also off kilter as he led her in and sat her on the couch. Alec slowly got Max to tell him exactly what had happened.

"I shouldn't have gone alone." Max's eyes were wide when the realization of what she'd done and what it meant now that they'd run.

"It wasn't your fault Max." Alec walked to the bathroom to check the water, which was still running (and warm). "You should wash the blood out of your hair."

Max nodded and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. The hot water made her feel slightly more human.

Alec searched through a pile of clothes he still had from women who'd spent the night there in the past and left their clothing behind. He practically had a complete outfit laid out for Max when she was done. And they'd said his tomcat ways wouldn't amount to anything.

Soon Max was dressed and discussing what would happen back at TC because of her death. Max pushed her guilt for killing Sasha down so that she didn't think about it.

"You shouldn't have helped me escape Alec." Max shook her head. "They'll count you as an accomplice now."

"But you didn't do anything Max." Alec was getting tired of trying to prove her innocent to herself.

"I killed her."

"Okay one, self defense, two, she was a cold bitch, three, you've never had a problem with killing people before." Alec knew as soon as he said the last thing that it was a mistake.

"That's exactly the problem." Max frowned. "Why is it my right to kill someone else?"

Alec gripped Max's arm. "She was trying to kill you, you had no choice."

"She was just upset…" Max stared dejectly at the floor.

"We can't sit around talking about how she was too young and innocent to die, okay. You need to get somewhere safe while I take a damage report."

Max sat up. "I'll go with you."

"No, no, no. You're too fragile right now." Alec held his hands up.

"I am not fragile." Max growled, glaring at Alec. And in that moment the Max he knew flared up and spat fire at him.

"Fine, but you're shaken up. And you know as well as me that we can't go back yet. And Max… don't tell anyone that you killed her, okay?"

Max agreed to stay with Original Cindy for a few hours while Alec scoped TC out. Thoughts of how much she hated Sasha again clouded her mind. She had a brand new reason to hate the woman, one that would stay with her forever. Max hated Sasha because she'd always be responsible for her death.

30 minutes earlierThe Space Needle.

Michael had released Max and Alec earlier that day and told them to stay out of Terminal City for awhile until the people had calmed down, and the full affects of Sasha's manipulation had been uncovered.

Max had always loved the Space Needle. It was one of the few places she'd like to stay at forever. How long had it been since she'd been there? 11 months? The cityscape was beautiful and tragic at the same time. And Max had never been a poetic person, but the closest to philosophical she'd ever felt had always been up here.

Tears welled up in the transgenic's eyes as she looked out over the buildings below. So many people were dead because of her. So many had suffered because of her. She remembered how some of the transgenics had first looked at her. Hatred in their eyes and because of her escape, they'd been tortured and forced to do unimaginable things. Max stood up and walked to the edge of the concrete slope. Ready to jump.

"Max?…Max!…What're you doing!?" The voice was distant and muffled in Max's mind. She wasn't even sure she knew who it was or if it was real. The only thing real to her was the glow of the twinkling city lights below. Someone out there was living a normal, happy, life (maybe not such a happy one but at least it was normal right?). Max took one step closer to the edge. She wondered if she could crash heaven's party. Or maybe God would send her to hell for all the damage she'd caused in her life. Maybe she wouldn't go anywhere. The thought of non-existence frightened Max but was also slightly relieving at the same time. The thought had occurred to her before: she didn't have a real soul. She wasn't made by God and wasn't one of his living creatures. Maybe those fools babbling about the transgenic race on TV weren't really fools at all.

Max took a deep breath. It didn't matter anyway. The air at the top of the space needle was cold, colder than usual. Max mentally said goodbye to everything she knew and everyone that used to care for her as she let herself fall…

The falling sensation in her core only lasted a split second before someone had grabbed her arm and hauled her up again, back onto the graffiti'd surface of the roof.

"Are you crazy!?" Alec shook Max, grip on her shoulders like a vice.

Max's tears streamed uncontrollably then because she'd been wrong. They had to be created by God or whatever higher power there was because an Angel had rescued her. A dark (in a figurative way at least) Angel. Max smiled through her tears and hugged Alec. The idiotic, egotist who'd saved her ass too many times to count now. Forever repaying his debt to her. And she was so glad she hadn't let his head explode all those months ago.

A few weeks later Max and Alec were allowed to come back to Terminal City. Michael had done a good job of clearing their names and investigating all the incidents where Sasha had sabotaged their missions over the last 9 months. There was even recorded proof that was not-so-amazingly looked over at the time. She'd had almost everyone practically under a spell. A siren song. And soon the effects were gone.

As Max walked into Command with her SIC the entire building cheered and over the course of the week a few people had come to apologize for their actions. Max insisted that it wasn't their fault, that it had been a chemical reaction however Alec would either reply 'apology accepted' or 'damn right you're sorry'. Every time, Max had either rolled her eyes or smacked him.

The day after their return Mole had handed Max a very expensive looking jar of coffee beans. "They're the best in the Northern Hemisphere apparently." Max knew it was his way of apologizing. Alec got nothing because according to Mole, 'princess still doesn't deserve to be second in command' and then he walked away mumbling: 'I should be god-damn second in command'.

Within a week things had gone back to normal and Jack was already hitting on Bell. Alec found his key to Max's apartment soon enough and was already invading her space regularly.

One Monday in command Dix felt the need to voice a question that had been bugging him for a while. "So, not to be slow or anything but, are you and Alec still dating?"

Max laughed and shook her head vehemently. "No."

Alec looked at her with mock confusion, hand on his heart as if he had been wounded. "We're not?" This only confused Dix more.

Max smacked Alec then smiled at the transhuman. "We're not dating Dix, don't worry."

The next night Max went out to crash with Alec, Bell, Gem, Sketchy, Jack, OC, Asha and Rafer. Why Asha had tagged along was beyond Max but she suspected Sketchy to be up to something.

Jack had taken a liking to Asha and was with her on the dance floor, OC and Sketchy had convinced Bell and Gem to play pool with them (even though Max warned them that OC was a shark when it came to that game, knowing full well that Gem and Bell would beat them ultimately), which left Alec in the annoying company of Rafer, and Max.

"So you're telling me you and him pretended to be dating." Rafer looked Alec up and down and then back at Max.


Alec rolled his eyes.

"Your life sounds crazy Max."

Alec suddenly knew what Rafer reminded him of. Those annoying puppies that chewed on stuff. He laughed to himself.

"You have no idea." Max laughed and Alec couldn't take anymore of this inane conversation. So he got up and left to join someone he'd been friends with since he'd started working at Jam Pony in a game of foosball. Max didn't stop him.

Later on when they were back in TC Max walked into her apartment with a slightly tipsy Alec bouncing on his heels outside of it.

She laughed. "Are you coming in or what." He walked inside and the room was only spinning a little when he sat on Max's couch, sufficiently buzzed but already the feeling was leaving him.

"How much did you drink?" Max searched in her fridge for something to eat.

"Enough." Alec grinned at her until she sat down next to him, having found nothing to eat. She put her legs over his lap just like she always did except Alec stared at her, slightly uninhibited and not wanting to look away.

"What?" Max eventually raised her eyebrows at him.

"What's with all this 'pretending to date me' stuff?" Alec's smile was sincere and Max was confused with his statement. "What?"

"Just date me Max." The reply was so honest and Alec's eyes were so serious that Max couldn't help the next word that escaped her mouth.

"Alright." Her eyes were trained on his as he smirked and put his hand on her neck, pulling her closer before kissing her properly for the first time.

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