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I hope someone reads this... You know, cause it's my ramblings on how I think Naminé was found.

For you slow guys, YES, this chapter is about Naminé!

This is what I figured being a Nobody must have been like for her... or at least how it was in the beginning.

Cause they never really explain that bit... I didn't even know that she had been found in C.O. to begin with!

And before I go into a rant, I hope you enjoy, whoever's reading!

Note: I totally took a few liberties with this to make it flow a little better.

When I became a Nobody, I was all by myself.

Even the Organization members had each other, even if they hated (as much as a Nobody can hate someone, at least) other.

I was one of the so called "special" Nobodies…. For my skill in remaking other people's memories of those who loved them and changing those chains of recollection into whatever shape, form, and idea that I wanted.

I never asked for that talent and I never wanted to be a bad person.

But somehow I ended up doing just that; destroying the memories of not only one person I would grow to care about, but two and becoming someone I knew had done something horrible.

Roxas… who's only crime was that he wanted to be human and to stay with the only friends he had forever.

I took that from him.

Sora…. Who's only fault was that he cares about his friends.

I made it nearly impossible for him to return to those friends for such a long time.

I felt so guilty about these deeds. As much as a Nobody like me can feel guilt.

And yet… I didn't regret it. Not even the slightest bit.

One memory of my own stood out when I managed to leave that Castle behind and move Sora to somewhere "safe".

The memory was recalling how I had become a Nobody in the first place and the blurred first days of being alone and of living in that Castle that would later become my prison.

A flash of pain resonates through the girl's chest as she tumbles to the ground, gripping an unknown someone's hand as tightly as she could, even as the connection between them shattered, sending them flying into opposite ends of a long and dark corridor.

The boy reached for her with a ringed hand even as she fell deeper and deeper into her end, his dull blue eyes widening in mock emotion as he began to disappear so far away from her.

She reached for him too, even as he vanished in front of her own dull blue eyes. Then she was alone.

The girl didn't know what had happened or even who the blonde boy had been.

She knew that he looked a little familiar, but not from the way he looked.

As she tumbles deeper and deeper into the darkness in which she found herself, she noticed another shape in the corridor.

A little black shadowy creature that stared at her in what seemed like confusion as she began to fall a little more slowly.

Something inside her begged for her to reach out to the little creature; it seemed just as lost and alone as she and the boy were.

In almost perfect unison, she and the Heartless touched palms together and a chainlike structure appeared in their joined hands.

The girl could only stare at the sparkling links that glimmered with a faint light and she suddenly knew that it was a memory.

Whose memory it was seemed unclear; it wasn't the creature's and it wasn't the girl's. It belonged to someone different entirely.

As it began to remember, the creature cries out in what sounded like pain and lets go of the girl's hand just as it began to shift back into its true state.

As for the girl, she continues to fall.

Down…. Down…. Down…. As she tumbles farther into the darkness, she places her hand on her quivering chest as water seemed to well up from behind her eyelids for no reason.

The girl didn't know that they were tears.

She didn't know that she was sad and alone.

She only knew the darkness and the emptiness inside her as she fell.

When she stopped falling, she didn't know.

When she opened those glassy sapphire eyes again, she was somewhere different from the corridor made of darkness.

She looks around the strange place, wondering vaguely where she was.

All she could feel was the soft texture of the yellowish green things below her and how soothingly the blades of whatever it was blew in the faint breeze.

Closing her eyes, she smell the sweet scent of the drying grass struggling to grow beneath her hands.

She shifts slightly in her comfortable spot, adjusting her trembling body to the faint rays of the sun, so different from the harshness of the tunnel she had just been through.

"He…" The noise emerges from her lips before she could stop it.

She opens her eyes and places a slim finger on her lips to quiet herself.

Her face suddenly contorts and the corners of her lips raise themselves into a serene and quietly happy smile.

She furrows her brow, not sure how she knew what a smile was if she had never done it before.

"He-Hello." The girl whispers to the shining sun she believed was above her, feeling the water from that place behind her eyelids begin to fall again as she stares up into the churning charcoal sky above her.

The memory of chiming bells resonate through the girl's mind as she stands shakily to her feet.

She places her pale hands to her chest, right where she could almost feel the ghost of a beating pulse from somewhere inside her.

The salty water falls down from her eyes as she begins to walk away the closed doors at the end of the courtyard she had fallen into and down the path she had found.

The girl had quickly noticed how empty this Castle was.

She herself seemed to be the only thing alive out here except for maybe for plants and even they seemed like they were dying.

It was lonely but she didn't know that.

As she walked, the girl realized that sound didn't seem to carry normally in the castle; even as she shouted loudly into the darkness, the sound seemed to be engulfed in that same darkness and no echo was heard.

"Hello? Is someone here?" The girl cries out, wondering if it was possible that she really was alone here.

She shakes herself and firmly tells herself "No."

It seemed impossible that she could be the only one person in the entire world. There had to be someone else. Someone who could help.

"Help do what?" The girl questions herself as she realizes that she was looking for something.

She had the strangest feeling that she had lost something, something important. Something so important that it was of the utmost importance that she find it as soon as she could.

This was the point where she started to run, shouting for someone to hear her, calling for the fuzzy images that were slipping from reach so quickly even as she struggled to hang on to them.

The girl runs down the path, almost in hysterics from yelling out to the darkness and with tears in her dark eyes.

Time passes but she continues to run, searching, calling in the hazy grayness that surrounded the Castle.

When the girl finally had staggered her way up the sloping path to the castle door, she felt a tight compressing feeling in her chest as she struggled to breathe.

She stumbles awkwardly into the courtyard-like area she had found herself in when she had awakened and gasps for breathe as she tumbles to a dirt covered stop. After she had fallen, she leans against a wall as she slowly recovers from her run.

This time, water drips down from her forehead; it reeked of salt and the girl shudders as her sweat soaked dress begins to dry off in the cooling breeze of evening.

She looks around the darkening courtyard and wonders if she could somehow get inside the warm looking building.

"Please let me in." The girl begs the building as she stands up and takes a few unsure steps towards the closed door.

In an instant, the double doors begin to open, allowing her entrance.

She cries out in joy as she stumbles towards the opening and for shelter.

"It's so quiet… And it's a sad kind of quiet, too." The girl murmurs as she enters, shivering violently in the mild cold.

After all, she only had a thin summer dress and sandals on.

She rubs her bare arms with her icy hands in an attempt to warm them.

"Thank you… for letting me in." She says to the castle, wondering why it had opened up to her so suddenly.

She runs a slender hand against a smooth stone wall, the stone whispering the long ago memories of someone else to her, telling her the castle's past joy.

She hears the memories calling to her but she didn't understand whose memories they were.

It seemed to be the combination of three or more people who were no longer there; it felt painful for the castle to connect their thoughts long after they were gone, chaining the past inhabitants of the castle together so they would never be forgotten.

And yet, it felt good to listen to the chains of memory and she began to follow them deeper into the castle's walls.

As she walked, she realizes that all the rooms looked pretty much the same; white, forbidding walls with equally as white floors. Each room had a vaguely different object inside, whether it be a collection of white vases or some sort of strange flowery statues or some symbol etched on one of the walls.

The castle allowed her to go wherever she wanted until she came to a locked room and put her hand on the doorknob.

In an instant, something inside her shrieks to leave the room alone until she backs away from the door, suddenly frightened.

"Ah! I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" The girl whispers to the room as she puts a trembling hand on the door.

The choking sensation that she had done something wrong continues as she trails her fingers across the pale marble door, wondering why she was shaking so badly.

"I won't go in. I promise. He can sleep in there for as long as he wants." She vows aloud, not sure why she was speaking to the empty hallway as she continues walking down the corridor.

The door seems to spark with unused energy as she passes farther into the hallway even as the person inside delves farther into his dreams.

And so, the girl passed her days thusly.

She would awaken in one of the many rooms of the Castle, depending on where she had fallen asleep the previous night, and go outside to look for her missing object.

When she had grown tired of walking up and down the path, calling out for it, she would enter the Castle and search for something to eat and a new room to sleep in for the night.

A few days after she had arrived, she thankfully discovered the long abandoned kitchen and this made her food seeking that much easier.

After eating whatever she managed to find for that day, she would go past that same forbidding door and wish whoever was inside a good sleep.

She didn't know why; she just believed that the person sleeping in the room was a kind person who was allowing her to stay in his home and therefore, she should show some respect.

Then she would go to the room she had chosen for the night and curl up in a corner with a piece of moth-eaten curtain as a blanket.

It was a simple existence, nothing much happened as she explored and lived her days like this.

One day, when the girl was exploring, she discovered a small pad of paper and a handful of worn and faded color pencils.

They had been lying neatly on top of each other as if waiting for their owner to return and use them again; even as they became coated in ashen dust, they waited.

She, naturally, didn't know what these pencils were for and so decided to experiment.

She picked up the one with the least amount of grit on it, blew the inch thick dust off of it, and scratched a clumsy line against the pristine paper.

She could only stare in wonder at the deep golden line, wondering what had happened to the paper to make it such a beautifully yellow color.

The girl quickly decides to test the other pencils, smiling with childlike delight as each one proved to give different colors, each brighter than the last.

As she was transfixed by this simple phenomenon, she didn't hear the approaching footsteps coming into the room.

"Superior, this Castle would be perfect as a second- Who in the worlds are you?" An unfamiliar voice proclaims, shocking the girl out of her enchanted reverie.

She whips around to see two men in long dark jackets staring in bewilderment at her and her instinctive reaction is to run.

"HEY! COME BACK HERE!" The bossy older one shouts as the girl quickly scoops up the pencils and paper and rushes past him, very nearly knocking the elderly blonde man over in her hurry.

The other one, covered up in a dark hood, attempts to grab her as she runs past but misses his target when she spins around to avoid him.

She quickly loses them when she runs into a room and shuts the door behind her, screwing her eyes shut and holding the pad of paper to her chest.

"She's… she's gone!" The older man's voice proclaims in disbelief as the footsteps walk past the door.

"Indeed… but what was a girl doing here in the first place? This castle is supposed to abandoned, at least according to your report, Vexen." An icy voice says, sounding as if he was accusing his companion of failing him.

"Superior, I gave you all the information I had on this Castle! It is not my fault that the younger members are proving so difficult on their recon… just the other day, that fool of a Nobody, Roxas, only made it all too clear that the neophytes need more discipline." Vexen reports, sounding just as emotionless as his colleague.

"Find her. And if you fail me again, Number IV, I will not hesitate to turn you into a Dusk. Do I make myself clear?" The Superior says as Vexen splutters in confusion, beginning to list reasons why he should reconsider that rash declaration.

The rambling of the older man fades off as they apparently continue to walk down the hallway, looking for the girl that had so suddenly appeared in the supposedly abandoned castle.

The girl trembles violently at her sudden fright and slides down into a sitting position at the foot of the door, hoping against hope that the men would simply walk by and not come back.

She does not move from this position for hours, too afraid even to move.

It was only when she noticed that she had brought the pencils with her that she begins to draw, the somewhat crude forms of a peaceful island emerging from her trembling fingertips.

Days after she had met the strange men in the black cloaks, the girl finally decided that it was safe enough to go back outside.

So when that morning's grayish light passes through the cracked window of the room she had chosen for sleeping, the girl was ready to go outside.

She pulls on her simple sandals and straightens the strap of her dress, making sure that the pristine whiteness of the dress was not sullied by the constant dust of the old Castle.

She finds the leftovers of her meal the day before and quickly drinks the bottle of green liquid labeled "Elixir" that she hadn't finished last night.

"Good morning." She murmurs to the castle, fixing her messy hair by quickly running her hands down the sides of her head.

Walking briskly, she quickly navigates the hallways and makes it outside to the dank grayness of the gates.

She begins her daily ritual by running the length of the path until she made it to a small cliff.

Like she did every morning, the girl kicks off a gray pebble into the abyss below, wondering whether it would fall forever in the way that she thought it did.

The girl sucks in a deep breath and calls out to the darkness:

"Hello! Is someone there? Hello, it's me! Do you remember?"

She expects no returning answer, after all, so far no one had answered her questions no matter how long she asks.

However, this day was different.

"Hello, miss." A deep voice says in a questioning tone, wondering, curious.

The girl turns around and, in her panic, stumbles over a half hidden cobblestone, falling backwards at the sudden voice in the darkness.

"Tell me, child. Why are you here alone?" The man questions, removing a hood from his head as he shakes his silvery hair out of his gleaming golden eyes.

The girl trembles at the sound of the man's voice; he sounded so familiar… so menacingly familiar…

She knew that he was probably "Superior," the one that "Vexen" had speaking to but that wasn't why she was afraid.

His voice itself was giving her the chills and fear began to spread through her mind, clouding it, as the man looks at her in that curious way.

"I… I live here." The girl lies, instinctively shaking uncontrollably as the man begins to walk towards her.

He chuckles, arching an eyebrow as he observes the girl in front of him and he swoops down to pick up a fallen brick from the hardened earth.

He starts bouncing it idly in his palm and now his ominous eyes turn to face her own frightened blue ones.

"I was under the impression that this Castle was abandoned. My… associates have informed me that it has not been lived in for about ten years." The man says, flicking his brick at the girl's feet, very narrowly missing her left sandal and sending up a spray of hardened grit up the girl's legs.

She trembles even harder and gulps as the man holds his gloved hand out to her. It seemed that he wanted it her to take it.

"I… I just moved in. I live here now." The girl insists, feeling that prickling sensation in her eyes as her chest seems to contort into a tight knot as the man stares at her with that faint smile on his lips.

"Really." He says simply, making it clear from that one word that he did not believe her. The girl shudders and hides her eyes when the man grips her wrist firmly and drags her to her feet.

He grabs her chin, not forcibly but firmly, and makes her look into those menacing golden eyes.

"Tell me the truth." He states in an unemotional voice, squeezing her slender wrist tightly until she cried out in pain.

Slowly as the man continues to hurt her, the girl stammers out her story and makes sure not to lie this time.

She explains that she had fallen through a tunnel and had found herself in the castle all alone and that she had no idea who she was.

She explains about the Heartless and how she had helped it find a memory to bring it back to its true form.

She even continues to babble on about how she was looking for something in the Castle and how she had been let inside by her mysterious benefactor.

When she had finished, the man let go of her and allowed her to tumble clumsily to the hard cobblestone path that led up to the Castle.

She whimpers in pain as she clutches her throbbing arm to her chest, her sight blurring with the unshed tears welling up in her eyes.

"So you are a Nobody. You are the fourteenth one that we have found…. But I believe we could have some use for you." The man says with a sinisterly cold smile as he grabs her wrist one more time and drags her to her feet yet again.

She whimpers as the man holds his hand out to the darkness in front of him as he was calling out to someone unseen behind her.

For a moment, she thought he was going to hurt her again but instead, she sees that the huge doors of the Castle had opened up, allowing her a view of the stark white walls inside.

He looks at her then, his emotionless eyes questioning and wondering.

She began to feel completely insignificant when he looked at her in that calculating way, as if she was only a tool that he could use to get what he wanted.

"What was your Other's name?" He questions quickly, sounding as if he didn't really care but required the information anyway.

The girl could only shake her head furiously; she had no idea.

Even when he commands her to tell him, she could only shake her head and allow her tears to flow down her pale cheeks.

Finally, the man had come to a logical conclusion.

"Can you remember anything from your Other's life?" He demands, shaking her violently when she shakes her head.

"No!" She whimpers when the man shakes his head in mock disgust.

"So you are another one with no memories. Very well. I believe I know whose Nobody you are. Your name shall be Naminé… after the Princess who you once belonged to." The man states as a swirl of golden letters dance around her head, shining intensely in the darkness of the quickly falling night.

"Naminé" stares at the light even as her captor begins to push her towards the vortex.

"Where are we going?" she asks, feeling a little braver since she had been named now.

The man chuckles and points towards the black swirl.

"We are going to a special place, Naminé. A place where you can finally serve a purpose and where you need not hide your skills any longer." The man says in a soft, almost enticing voice as he very gently puts his hand on Naminé's shoulder.

Naminé felt confused; he was acting very differently from how he had been acting before. Now he seemed almost… friendly.

He makes a soft laughing noise as she smiles at him.

"Okay… but what's your name?" She asks curiously, feeling somewhat safe for the first time since she had awakened.

This man knew what she was. He had acted oddly before but he could help her find what she was looking for. … Or at least, she hoped he would.

"Xemnas, Naminé. My name is Xemnas." Xemnas states in a soothingly gentle voice as he holds out his hand to her again.

This time, the childlike and innocent Nobody takes his hand, and not knowing any better, she allows him to walk her into Castle Oblivion.