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"Hey Parker, what do you want for Christmas?" Booth asked his son on the way to the Jeffersonian Institute.

Rebecca had given him Parker for the next week leading up to Christmas, but unfortunately for Booth, people still murdered people, and so, he still got called in. So he would need to leave Parker with Angela, which, judging by the last time the two of them were left together, neither would mind.

"Um… Can I have a rabbit?" Parker asked.

"No," Booth answered straight out.

"A dog?" Parker continued.

"No." Booth said again, trying to imagine a dog in his small apartment.

"A goldfish?"

"Buddy, you already had a goldfish. Five of them. They all went to heaven, remember?" Booth pointed out.

"Oh yeah," Parker mumbled, then frowned in thought. "Can I have a snake?"

"What?" Booth asked in confusion.

"A snake." Parker repeated. "Bailey in my class has one and he brought it in for show and tell last week. It was awesome!" Parker said, getting more excited as he recounted his story.

"Maybe we should go for something that's not alive, at least until you're older, hey?" Booth asked looking over at his son when they reached a set of lights.

"So not a little brother or sister then?" Parker asked sounding disappointed. Booth somehow managed to choke on air and had to pull off the road until he got his spluttering under control.

"You want a little brother or sister?" Booth asked when he finally stopped choking.

"I asked Santa for one last year, but I think he might have been too busy." Parker replied. "So now I'm asking you."

"Why do you want a little brother or sister?" Booth asked ignoring the part of his brain that was telling him to leave it alone.

"So I can have someone to beat at Mario!" Parker said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Booth laughed, trust his son to bring it back to Mario.

"Maybe in a few years buddy," Booth said, pulling back out onto the road.

"Why in a few years? Why not now?" Parker asked curiously.

"'Cause I haven't met the right person yet, and I don't think your Mom's ready for another kid yet," Booth tried to explain without getting into the 'where do babies come from' talk.

"What about Dr Bones?" Parker asked.

Suddenly the car ride was getting very awkward and Booth was feeling a lot hotter than he did ten minutes earlier. But the Jeffersonian coming into sight saved him from having to say anything, "we're here," he said pulling into the car park and parking, he was just getting out when his phone rang, "Go find Angela and I'll be in there in a minute." He said to Parker then answered his phone, "Booth."

"Okay, I'll ask Dr Bones 'bout my Christmas present on the way." Parker said, taking off.

Booth, who took a while to catch on to what his son had said, nodded then looked up in realisation, "I'm going to have to call you back, sir." Booth said rushing after Parker. "Why? Because my son's about to ruin my partnership!" He said hurriedly and snapped his phone shut without another word.

"Parker!" Booth called.

"Yeah Dad?" Parker asked from behind him.

"I thought you were going inside," Booth said, putting a hand on his shoulder while wondering how Parker had ended up behind him.

"I was, but then I saw this," Parker said, showing him a coin. "Can we go see Dr Bones now?"

"No," Booth answered, "I am going to drop you off to Angela, then I'm going to get Bones and we're going to do what we do, then you and me are going Christmas shopping, alright?"

"Okay, but," Parker started then paused.

"But what?" Booth asked.

"I didn't know you could get brothers and sisters at the shops, is all." Parker finished as they reached Angela's door and Parker ran in. Booth sighed, "I should have just said yes to a dog."

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