By the time Booth had been gone for five minutes, Parker had retold the whole car ride to Angela. "So do you think that you could talk to Dr Bones and ask her 'bout it?" Parker asked excitedly.

"Maybe you should," Angela suggested.

"I would, but Dad wont let me," Parker said sadly.

"Ah," Angela nodded in understanding. "So you want me to do your dirty work for you, do you?"

Parker smiled innocently, "I could get grounded if I asked Dr Bones, but Dad can't ground me if you ask her."

"True. How about we ask her together?" Angela replied.

"'Kay, but not when Dad's around, 'cause my friend David, he's having a birthday party this weekend and he invited me! But if I get grounded it means I can't go! And I really want to go!" Parker explained, talking faster and faster a he went along.

"Okay, okay," Angela laughed, "We'll corner her when she comes back into the lab, but for now, I've got face paint." She said holding up a few different coloured jars.

"Awesome!" Parker said, his eyes lighting up in excitement.


Booth and Brennan walked into the lab. Booth was feeling paranoid, it was too quiet, why was his son quiet? The only reason Parker was ever quiet was if he was up to no good. Maybe leaving him with Angela might not have been the best idea. And that's when Brennan's phone rang, pulling him out of his worried thoughts. "Brennan," she answered.

"It's Angela, I need you to meet me and Parker in my office. With out Booth." Angela said without an explanation.

"Okay," Brannan replied, confused. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew she would find out. All she had to do was go to Angela's office without Booth. Simple. Usually, but Booth had been very reluctant to let her go anywhere on her own today, and when ever she brought up Christmas presents, he would either avoid the question, change the subject, or both.

"Angela? Do you know when they're going to give me a baby brother or sister?" Parker asked while they waited for Brennan to get to Angela's office.

"Parker, I have been waiting for that since the day they met. It might take a while."

"So, maybe a birthday present instead?" Parker asked hopefully.

Angela shook her head, "yeah, maybe for your eighteenth. If your lucky." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Brennan walked in.

"Yes, Angela?" She asked.

"Actually sweetie, it wasn't me who wanted to talk to you. It was him," Angela explained, pointing down at Parker, who was standing next to her.

Brennan smiled, "yes Parker?"

"You asked me what I wanted for Christmas last week, and told me that when I knew what I wanted, I should tell you so you could get me it." Parker said. "I know what I want Dr Bones." He said nodding slightly.

"And what would that be Parker?" Brennan asked when he didn't continue.

"A ba-" But Parker was cut of by Booth bursting into the room.

"What's going on in here?" Booth asked, trying not to look too guilty or embarrassed, seeing as he didn't know how much Parker had said on a… Certain subject.

"Parker was just telling me what he would like me to get him for Christmas," Brennan answered.

"Me and Parker were talking about it, and you know what's funny? We want the same thing!" Angela said, hinting at Booth with a wink.

"Is that right?" Booth asked, half glaring at her, which seemed to be having zero affect.

"But he never actually got to tell me because you came… Running in," Brennan said, pointing at Angela's wide-open office door. "So what is it that you wanted Parker?" she asked, turning back to the youngest Booth.

"A-" Parker started, but again was cut of by his father.

"A puppy!" Booth almost yelled, "Isn't that right buddy?"

Parker gave his father his own version of the Booth glare, but nodded anyway. At least he'd get a puppy out of it right?

"If it's alright with your Dad," Brennan said turning to look at Booth. Dog, ruined partnership with Bones. Ruined partnership with Bones, dog. I'll take the dog any day.

"Yeah, that's fine by me," Booth said letting out a nervous laugh.

"Okay Parker. What kind of dog would you like?" Brennan asked him; after all she wanted to make him as happy as possible with the dog.

"Can I have a German Sheppard?" Parker said, excited, his eyes wide and a huge smile on his face.

Brennan's mind flashed back to the dog she had planned to adopt- Ripley. But then she smiled; Parker would give the dog a good home. "You know what? I think they are the best kind of dog."

Soon after that, Booth and Brennan went back to the main part of the lab, leaving Angela and Parker alone. "At least I get a puppy," Parker said, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

"Don't worry Parker. We'll try again next year." Angela responded. And the year after, and the one after that and after that…

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