"Thirty-five feet," Mike says. "Rachel can't be too much heavier than a football. Or a keg."

Puck considers. "But what about the kicking and screeching part? Cause Rach would be all over that."

"I thought we were throwing her willingly? Like Newton's Cannon, only instead of Newton we're using Rachel?"

"But is she pulling things into orbit? Rachel doesn't have that strong a gravitational force field," Puck says. Mike stares.



"What was that about physics?" Mike elaborates. "Dude, I see you each morning, if you show up for that class. You're only there half the time, and even so you're failing Geometry! How the hell do you know about physics? You need to use math and thoughts for that subject."

"Yo, it's an AP class," Puck reminds him. "I do the reading."

"I wasn't aware you could read," Mike snarks back. "Besides, I could throw Berry pretty damn far."

"Excuse me?" Yeah, turns out that their respective girlfriends are standing right there. Tina's hands are on her hips, and Rachel's rocking the crazy eyes.

"Have you been there the whole time?" Mike asks, in a tone of voice that is not as robust as it normally is. Tina shakes her head.

"What's going on?"

"Look..." Puck starts, trying to find a way out of the conversation. "Take this only to mean that we love you, but we're having a serious, half-hour, hypothetical discussion about how far we think we could throw you."

"Uh-huh." Rachel's foot taps a few times. "What should really be asking yourself, Noah, is how fast I might throw you out of bed unless you make it up to me?" She grabs his hand to tow him off the parts unknown, and Mike stares at her retreating back.

He looks at Tina and slips an arm around her waist. "I think the real question is how far she could throw him."