When he set his love go.
Author: Beth Brownell
Rating: K
Summary: What did Abu ben Ishak think when he led the Black to where Alec was in the pasture and then watched as the young man set the stallion go.
Pairings: none
Author's Note: This story came from watching the movie The Black Stallion Returns.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the movie The Black Stallion Returns, just the plotline of this story. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

When he set his love go.

Abu ben Ishak looked at the black stallion as he stood in the paddock, his granddaughter standing by his side. "Grandfather, what are you planning on doing? Are you going to ask Alec to loan us his stallion for a year so his foals could be born?"

Abu turned to look at his granddaughter. "How can I ask something like that of the young man?"

"Surely, he will grant you such a boon, grandfather," Tabari replied.

Abu shook his head as he approached the stallion and placed his halter upon his head. He stroked Shetan's neck. "I lose generations of my forefather's work with this one stallion. I promised Alec, he is his if he wins the race for our people, Tabari, I have lost everything."

"Grandfather, make the boon of Alec, surely, he is not unreasonable, knowing that we will take care of his stallion for him?" Tabari asked.

Abu ben Ishak shook his head as he opened the paddock gate and made a motion to her to bring the stallion with them as they headed to find the young man who owned the stallion, with his hand on his black neck, they walked towards the dusty pasture of the free ranging horses to see Alec standing with one of the yearlings.

The Black seeing his friend whinnied as they walked closer towards the horses. Alec turned to see them coming as he raised his hand up high and waved.

"Let the stallion go, Tabari," Abu whispered. "It is his choice what to do next."
Tabari let loose of the rope as the giant stallion leapt forth as he raced to greet his friend. "We should ask him, grandfather."

"I know, but it is his choice," Abu replied, as they watched the Black stand by his friend and owner.

Then, they watched as the young man removed the halter from his head. Tabari reached her hand over to her grandfather's arm. "Grandfather, he let him go. Shetan stays with us!"

Abu smiled softly as the young man approached them placing the halter onto his right shoulder. "Alec?"

"Maybe one day . . . I'll be back," Alec stated, as he glanced back to see the Black racing alongside some of the other horses.

Alec started to move away from them as Abu and Tabari smiled at each other and went to join Alec as they walked back to the home of Abu ben Ishak.

This story is now concluded and no, this story is done.

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