The Hot Tub Outtake


A Moment Changes Everything



Thank you to mynxi for beta'ing this even though I totally sprung this on her at the last minute!

Twilight is the property of Stephanie Meyer.

This takes place in chapter thirteen, after they have sex for the first time and before they go home.


Mentally groaning, I twisted myself around Bella's falling figure so that I could control her impact. The ice made a sharp cracking sound as my body struck it. Bella let out a surprised "Oommph," as her soft body landed on mine.

We lay there silently for a moment before I felt the tremors of her laughter. "Jasper," she said, rolling over to straddle me. "This isn't working."

I could feel her heat against my groin, even through all of her layers, causing my dick to harden. "You're right, Sweetheart, it's not," I admitted sorrowfully. "I was sure we could do it, but apparently, even my vampire reflexes aren't quick enough to manage you on ice skates. Let's get you back inside."

She shot me a sexy little grin as she pushed herself into a sitting position, grinding her core right up on my dick and instantly increasing my hard on. "Ready when you are," she said, her voice husky with desire.

In a flash, I was upright and removing my skates so I could run us back to the house. Bella giggled into my chest and wrapped her legs around my waist. Within minutes, we were inside the mudroom, frantically throwing our boots and coats on the floor.

Yanking her hot little body back to mine, I began to pull her sweater off, blatantly grinding my dick against her core. She moaned and the sweet smell of her arousal began to fill the room. Some tiny, sensitive portion of my brain finally chimed in and reminded me that taking her on the floor of the mud room was probably inappropriate until she was a little more used to having sex with me.

Groaning, I lifted her against my body and carried her out of the little room, intending to head straight for our bed. She wrapped her legs around me again, but I stopped short when she tensed and gave a little grunt when I grabbed her ass.

"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned I had failed to moderate my strength. "Did I hurt you?"

She groaned and rolled her eyes before leaning back into me, pressing distracting little kisses to my neck. "Relax," she whispered. "Just a little sore in a few delicate areas from all the unfamiliar activities this weekend, that's all. I think I'll take a good soak in the hot tub, after we finish molesting each other."

"I'm so sorry, Sweets," I whispered. "Are you sure you want to do this again, now? Where exactly are you hurting?"

"Jasper," she said, her tone becoming slightly irritated, "I have a sore ass from ice skating and my thighs are feeling the burn from being wrapped around you while you screw me silly. I'm fine, and yes I want to this again, right now!"

I smiled in relief, realizing that she would hardly be in the mood again if she was truly in pain. "Well then," I purred, as her tongue traced circles on my throat, "Why don't we kill two birds with one stone and visit the hot tub right now?"

Before she could answer, I pressed her up against the wall, so that I could use my hands to pull her t-shirt over her head. Her perfect breasts strained against her simple black bra, and I pulled the fabric down to expose her nipples. Sucking one of her hardened peaks into my mouth, I teased the other with a feather-light touch.

She closed her eyes and moaned, pressing her center against my abdomen. Taking that as a "yes" to the proposed hot tub sex, I picked her up from against the wall and carried her into the warm, steamy room. I carefully sat Bella down on one of the cedar chairs next to the tub and dimmed the lights.

My urgency gone, I slowly took her bra the rest of the way off, cupping her bare breasts in my hands before circling her nipples with my fingertips. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, whispering my name. I gave both nipples a slow, firm pinch, causing her to moan and begin writhing in the chair.

Reluctantly, I released her tits and stood up to remove my clothes. Wordlessly, I helped her into standing and shimmied her pants down her legs. Noticing the absence of underwear, I raised my eyebrow at her.

She shrugged mischievously. "Panties just seem like a waste of time this weekend," she said nonchalantly. Turning neatly away from me, she walked primly over to the hot tub and stepped in, sighing in pleasure as the hot water surrounded her legs. She reached up and pulled her hair into a loose twist, securing it with a clip she had left on the floor after a previous soak.

I gazed unabashedly at the silhouette of her body against the soft misty lights. Her breasts were high and full, and something about the sight of her arms above her head just did it for me. My dick twitched as I stepped into the hot water. She turned to smile at me, and I sat down on the bench, curling my finger in a beckoning manner.

She reached her hand to meet mine, taking a step closer. "I'm lonely over here," I teased, tugging her gently to sit on my lap. She hissed as she sat in the hot water, but quickly relaxed against me. I began to knead the muscles of her neck and upper back, causing her to sigh.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," she said in a husky voice. "Your cool fingers feel good with the warm water."

"That's good," I murmured in her ear, turning her sideways in my lap to run one of my hands down her back, cupping her ass. "Don't want to neglect any sore muscles," I teased, squeezing her firm cheek in my hand.

She moaned quietly and I quickly shifted her back against my chest, enjoying the way her breasts floated gently in the water. Her head lolled against me and I brought both hands up to tease her nipples. Responding to her little moans and sighs, I increased the pressure until I was pinching. I began focusing on one perfect nipple at a time, allowing the other tip to recover from the sensation as I assaulted the opposite one.

"I love pinching your tits," I whispered into her ear, knowing she enjoyed a little dirty talk. The water began to slosh as she writhed against my hands, rocking her hips slightly in search of friction. Chuckling quietly, I obliged her by trailing one hand slowly down her abdomen until I reached the top of her bare pussy.

She moaned loudly as I brought my other hand down to spread her folds wide, exposing the hood of her swollen clit to the warm water. I teased her nub with gentle circles before bringing my thumb and finger together to squeeze it. "I love pinching your clit too, Bella," I said huskily, squeezing carefully as she bucked against my fingers.

Keeping the pressure firm on her clit, I moved my other hand to slide two fingers deep into her folds, groaning as she eagerly opened her legs to allow me inside. Her breathing became ragged and I felt her internal muscles begin to flutter while I pumped my fingers quickly in and out of her. She let out a keening moan before screaming my name. I increased the pressure on her clit ever so slightly, sending her over the edge. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her pussy clenched around my fingers.

Releasing her clit, I gently stroked her pussy as she came down, enjoying the contrast of her slick cum against the water we were in. She was nearly limp in my arms as I turned her around, aligning her opening with my throbbing dick. I slowly lowered her onto myself, groaning at the soft heat that surrounded me. Her pussy felt white hot, even compared to the hot water we were in.

She leaned her upper body backward, pressing her breasts up toward my eager lips. I took one nipple in my mouth, sucking hard, as I began moving her up and down on my dick. The water began to splash out of the tub with my movements, causing Bella to open her eyes in surprise.

Disliking the distraction, I groaned, pulling her off of my dick. She looked up at me in confusion, and I smiled reassuringly while I lifted her up and out of the water, my frustrated cock screaming in protest the entire time. I jumped out, quickly grabbing the soft oversized towels. Using vampire speed, I dried us off and whisked her back to the den.

Laying her on the plush carpeting in front of the fireplace, I quickly stoked the fire to prevent her from feeling chilled. When I turned back to her, I groaned in appreciation, feeling a trickle of moisture leak from my dick as I took in the sight of her.

Bella was half reclined on an oversized pillow. One leg was on the floor, the other bent upright, exposing her pussy perfectly to me. Her pink folds were swollen and the evidence of her arousal was glistening in the firelight. "I think you forgot to finish something," she purred, sliding a finger down her abdomen, toying with her clit.

Growling playfully at her, I lunged, using care to slow my movement as I drew close to her. She closed her eyes and smiled, completely relaxed, allowing me to move her where I wanted her. Grabbing the large throw pillow, I turned her around and gently pushed her face down over top of it, raising her perfect little ass in the air.

"I want to take you from behind," I said softly. Her answering moan made me smile. My girl really enjoyed dirty talk. "Let me know if anything is uncomfortable." She gave a small nod, and I quickly leaned forward to thrust my dick into her dripping pussy, bracing my arms on either side of her little body.

I was cautious at first, concerned that the deeper penetration might be too much for her, but her moans soon reassured me that she was enjoying this position. I picked up speed and allowed myself to slide even further into her tight heat. My balls slapped her clit and she moaned in time to my thrusts.

"Oh yeah," she panted, "Right there, Jasper! Gonna come," she gasped, her walls squeezing around my dick tightly, as her orgasm overtook her.

"Jesus, Bella," I grunted, my cold seed exploding out of my dick as I pumped inside of her. Her pussy continued to contract, milking my cock and prolonging my orgasm. I leaned forward to press kisses up the length of her spine before regretfully pulling out of her. Suddenly very grateful for our damp towels, I cleaned her up, listening to her panting breaths slow to normal.

She kept her eyes closed while I scooped her up and carried her to our room, where I helped her into one of my t-shirts. She smiled contentedly and wrapped herself up in the comforter.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked, enjoying the slight taste of complete sexual satisfaction I was picking up from her.

"Just making my game plan for distracting you away from outdoor activities tomorrow," she sighed sleepily. "I'm discovering that I'm more of an 'indoor sports' kind of girl."

I chuckled softly and wrapped the covers tightly around her. "Get your rest, Bella," I said softly. "You'll need your energy if you want to tempt me into playing indoors."

She drifted into sleep, and I watched her contentedly. I had hoped this trip would be the perfect escape to allow us the chance to connect sexually, and so far I was not disappointed. Bella's life had been so hard since we were in Forks, and I was determined to fill every possible moment with pleasure until it was time to take her back to reality.