You can leave me here battered,

You can leave me here broken,

Though my body's asleep

My mind has awoken

I told you, I warned you

We'd fight to the death

And now I am the one

Taking my last breath

I watch without cease at

My life before my eyes

My mother, my father

Their cruelty and lies

The way they would raise me,

The things they would teach

The standards they set

I tried so hard to reach

Father would hit me

Mother left me alone

The house that I lived in

Was never a home

The people I loved

Always ended up dead

The memories, the horror

Did things to my head

Hallucinations of people

In places, in time

I gave up holding on and

I gave into crime

With no reason left

To cope with the strife

I came here to fight you

And give up on life

You think that you've won,

But I say it's a tie

Because you came to kill me

And I came to die

And in a world full of horror,

I tried to be good

Because I am not evil...

I'm misunderstood.