"This is it!" Mars yelled across the inferno. Her friends nodded brusquely, and each stood back in a V-shaped formation, allowing
the Soldier of Fire to step forward.
This had been long coming. Since Usagi-chan had vanished...
"Firega!" Mars murmured, an unearthly red sphere forming in her hands.
A strange symbol -not that of Mars *or* her ruling sign of Aries-
appeared within the globe of flame, growing larger as the attack
came towards the snow wolf, trapped in Venus' heart-shaped chains.
"Come on... come on..." Jupiter bit her lip, her fists clenched in
They'd been through so much...
Forcing away unheeded tears, Jupiter stood her ground at the side of
the formation, while Mercury stood in the back, acting as Healer and
Defender, while Venus was to Mercury's left. They were all worn out...
after all this.
Setsuna and Hotaru had lost their abilities to transform with the
disappearance of Haruka, Michiru, and Usagi. No one knew where any
of them went, or why the Inners still could fight.
It seemed, however unlikely, that the Chaos Usagi had so long ago
sealed had found a way to overpower the people it was contained in
a single locale.
And now...
Final Gate
A Sailormoon Fantasy Fanfiction
By Azurite

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Sailormoon, or any RPG associations
to this. But the general plot is mine... a revised version of
an old fanfic idea I had and lost.

This is the introduction... more will be later.