A/N- Okay, so this was inspired by re-watching an episode of Batman: The Animated Series entitled "The Man Who Killed Batman." I made a joke about the "deleted scene" that should have been, and thus, this drabble was born. I hope everyone enjoys!

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Nobody's Fool

Life was pretty sweet ever since Sid the Squid had been sent to prison. Sure, he had never made it big on the outside, not really, but behind those bars… he was a king. The man who had almost killed the Batman, and the man who did make a fool out of the Joker. His fellow inmates feared him, respected him, and not a soul dared anger him.

As for the guards, Sid didn't give them any trouble, so they returned that privilege in kind. He got three square meals a day, exercise every day for an hour out in the yard, and was even learning a trade so that he could make an honest living once his stint was up. Surely, this was the life.

So at promptly five in the afternoon when a guard arrived, announcing that he had mail, Sid only smiled. He had gotten several letters from the guys on the outside, congratulating him and consoling him as well—for having been caught. Sid never wrote back since, truth be told, he didn't know half of the thugs anyhow. Sure, he knew their names from their reputations, but had never met them in person.

The mail carrier was usually a man who was well built and looked as if he might burst out of his uniform at any moment. Why on earth they let the most strapping guard that Blackgate had deliver the mail, Sid would never know. But today, it seemed, they had rectified that mistake. This guard was new, and the only female that he had ever seen since being incarcerated.

"You're new," Sid said, trying his best to sound like the other inmates whenever a woman was even spoken of. But the tone didn't suit him, so, sighing, he added, "I mean, it's nice to see a prettier face here."

That wasn't quite true. Sid had yet to see her turn around, and when she finally did, she kept her face low, her cap pulled down. A crimson smile was his only answer as she slipped a thin envelope through the bars.

"Thanks," Sid said, accepting it gratefully.

"Sure," she said, moving on without a second glance. "Have fun."

Sid paused halfway through opening the letter. Her voice was high pitched and familiar, but he just could not place it. Shrugging it off, he ripped open the envelope the rest of the way and unfolded the letter within.

"What is this?" he muttered.

It simply read: "Gotcha. Who's the fool now?" And it was stamped with a smiley face.

Suddenly, fear took hold on Sid's heart. The voice clicked into his memory. Harley Quinn… the Joker's girl. And, just as abruptly as it had all registered to him, he began to laugh. Harder and harder he cackled, his heart feeling more constricted and oxygen becoming a rare find in his body.

A passing guard stopped just in time to see Sid's body fall to the floor, cackling away with the veins protruding from his neck.

"Jesus," the guard muttered seconds before calling for backup.

Sid stopped breathing long before anyone else ever arrived.

End Notes: How was that? Just a short little scene. A little back-story on this drabble: Like I said, I was re-watching the episode, and I have this habit of watching all my shows with the English subtitles on—you can catch things you sometimes don't when you're just listening—and I noticed that listed amongst Sid's "credentials" as he's being led into prison is making a fool out of the Joker. I glanced over to my fiancé, laughed, and said, "And the next scene that they don't show is the Joker taking this guy out." So, hope you liked it. Please review!