Nobody was sure what had happened, least of all Fiyero. Whatever he had expected to happen as a result hadn't included Elphaba crying and running from the room. He excused himself immediately, and ran out to follow Elphaba, not even turning when he heard Avaric's name being called.

Outside, it had begun to snow. He ran, slipping on the sidewalk, looking for footprints or signs of Elphaba, like dropped bookmarks or 'Support the Animals' pamphlets. He found her sitting on a bench, snow in her hair, clutching the note that he had sent.

"Hey, Elphie!" called Fiyero, sitting on the bench beside her. "You okay?"

She looked up, a smile on her face.

"You sent those to me," she said finally, staring him in the eye.

"No I didn't," replied Fiyero immediately.

"Fiyero, no one else would spell 'admirer' with three 'I's." replied Elphaba, grinning.

"You caught me," replied Fiyero, not sounding too upset. "Hey, look, I never got to dance with you in there-"

"No, Fiyero," interrupted Elphaba quietly, looking down. "I couldn't-"

Fiyero, not saying a word, pulled her to her feet and assumed a waltz position, turning in time to the faint Lurlinemas music from a restaurant nearby.

"See? Not so bad," said Fiyero.

Elphaba smiled, then laughed. They danced until the song was over, and stood with foreheads together, eyes closed, for a minute more. When Elphaba opened her eyes, she was surprised to see pink. Pink? Neither Fiyero or she was wearing any pink….she looked more closely, and with a gasp, saw drops of pink spreading on her sleeves wherever the snow touched….she could feel her dress tightening, and saw a few glimmering beads pop off of the dress and land in the snow.

"Oh no," she whispered. "Precepitory reversal-" Her mind returned to the sorcery books, where she had skimmed over the chapter about weather effects. She tore herself away and ran like mad, realizing if she stayed in the snow any longer, her beautiful dress might be turned into a – a pink monstrosity.

"Elphaba! Elphaba?" cried Fiyero, wondering what he had done wrong. He looked down at his now empty arms, and saw that a piece of Elphaba's sleeve had caught in his coat button and torn off. He looked at it closely, its iridescence shimmering in the muted lamplight, and stuck it in his pocket. Then he trudged back to the Ozdust Ballroom.

When he walked in, he was met by a wave of girls, hysterically laughing and pointing at Avaric.

"Oh my Oz, I think I'm gonna die!" squealed one girl.

"WHAT was he thinking?" replied another.

Fiyero couldn't see what the fuss was all about; all he saw was Avaric in a handsome jacket. Most of the boys in the room apparently shared Fiyero's confusion, while every girl seemed like they had just seen Madame Morrible tap-dancing in a sequined bikini across the stage while singing Lurlinemas carols at the top of her lungs.

He sat down next to a giggling Galinda.

"What in the world is going on?" asked Fiyero. It wasn't like him to be out of the loop.

"Can't you see what he's WEARING?" she asked through her laughter.

"," said Fiyero. "I actually like that outfit..."

Galinda stared long and hard at him. "Did someone spike your Oznog?" she asked, standing up to find some more girls to giggle with.

On second thought, Oznog wouldn't be such a bad idea, thought Fiyero. He saw Avaric leave the ballroom, but did not follow him, instead alternating between large glasses of Oznog and wild dances with equally saturated females, although he enjoyed none of them as much as the dance with Elphie.

As Elphaba ran, the dress slowly turned back to pink, the beads fell off, the ruffles reappeared, and the skirt shortened and tightened. She had to get out of the snow, and change before someone saw-


Elphaba ran into something- or someone- and fell to the floor. Clutching her head, she rolled over and looked up at the other figure sprawled across the stone. Someone in a pink dress as repulsive as hers.

"AVARIC?" she squealed, appreciating the full affects of Galinda's dress on a male. Bursting out in laughter, she was surprised to hear the laughter echoed in a more masculine throat.

"ELPHABA?" Avaric wheezed, trying to catch his breath. "WHAT in the name of the wizard are you WEARING?"

"Oh, DARN IT!" cried Elphaba. This wasn't working at ALL in the way she had wanted. "Before you say one word, you hypocritical buffoon, take a look in a mirror," said Elphaba, certain that the snow had reversed the age and gender limitations on his outfit as well.

"Holy Oz," said Avaric, using a window as a mirror. "Do you mean to say that I've been parading around in GALINDA'S DRESS?" That explains a lot, he thought bitterly.

"Yes," said Elphaba, her enjoyment only hampered by the fact that she was wearing one too.

"Oh my Oz. Oh my Oz. If Vanessa saw me in this she would die. And tell all of her friends out of town, and post a picture on Shizbook…"

"So you better not tell anyone about this, either, right?" said Elphaba, pointing at her own dress, realizing that most of Shiz's student population would be talking about Avaric's fashion decision for years. Apparently Avaric had yet to grasp the extent of his embarrassment.

Avaric nodded grimly. "Right."

Like two generals, they shook hands, and parted ways, to get out of their horrifyingly pink outfits.

As she walked away, though, Elphaba, cackling, pulled out her camera to look at the picture she had taken of Avaric once more before stowing it with Fiyero's note in her boot.


Fiyero awoke to a mighty yell. Aware of his throbbing headache, the result of many glasses of oznog and a slip on the ice, he stumbled over to where Avaric sat at his computer.

"What are those?" Fiyero asked groggily, squinting at the screen.

"Nothing!" shouted Avaric. "Leave me alone!" He shut the computer and stormed out of the room.

Fiyero nodded and sat back down in his unmade bed, a memory from last night returning to him. Was it just a dream? he wondered. Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a soggy bit of pink fabric. He could have sworn it was from Elphaba's dress, but what would Elphaba be doing in pink? He sighed and flopped back down on his bed, pulling a pillow over his head. Thank Oz Lurlinemas was over.

That concludes this Lurlinemas tale. Thank you to all who reviewed!