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Previously: Kendall was cheating on Kat with some whore, Leanne that called him 'Kenny boo'. Thus, Kendall and Kat broke up, and Kendall went on dating Leanne. However, in the meantime, Logan and Kat became closer than ever, and with James and Carlos included, went to California on summer vacation to stay with Kats aunt Molly, where Kat nearly drown and died, but James saved her and they started dating. Fast-forward to Christmas, James and Kat are still dating, but Kat's back in California with her aunt, when a mysterious tall, blond shows up on her doorstep wearing a beanie, telling Kat he wants to talk.

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December 30, 2010

Kats P.O.V:

Seriously, the worst part of driving back to Minnesota wasn't the 23 hours, or that it was 7 in the morning, or having to stop in Colorado to sleep, but the fact that Kendall was sitting next to me, driving. Kendall Francis Knight was driving himself and me to Colorado and then to Minnesota, of all people – KENDALL FRANCIS KNIGHT. Unbelievable. I still can't believe that 5 days ago he showed up at Aunt Molly's, hell, I didn't even know he knew where she lived... it must have been Carlos or Logan – I know James still hates him with a burning fiery passion that burns within the depths of hell. (And I'm quoting James himself on that.) But still... now he was driving us back home for new years eve/day. I'm just... sitting here. In dead silence in Kendall's car. The radio's on, naturally, but it's not like we're talking! We tried that, and it didn't work very well. It ended with… well, more or less started and ended with me crying. But here, let me just explain.

5 days ago;

Kendall was standing on my porch. Kendall was standing on my Aunts porch. KENDALL WAS STANDING ON THE PORCH. . .happening?

"Hey Kat... we need to talk."


"In the flesh."


"Yeah... that's me."


"Are you going to say anything else besides my name?"

"You're here. In California. On my porch."

"I am... I'm here to talk to you."

I blinked at him in disbelief, finally snapping out of initial shock of Kendall standing 2 feet in front of me; closer than he had gotten in nearly a year. "What could you possibly have to say to me, Kendall?" I clenched my jaw, forgetting about James and everything good in my life right now and held back tears as that night at the hockey rink came flooding back to me.

"I'm sorry." He took a step towards me and I automatically put my hand out, which touched his chest and I pulled back like the fabric of his shirt had burned me. He sighed and scratched the back of his head – a nervous habit he always had. "Kat... Katrina. I never meant to hurt you, you were the greatest person I ever had in my life and it's been killing me knowing what I've done, knowing what I put you through, knowing that I lost you.."

I bit my lip hard, trying to keep from saying something or launching myself into his arms and looked down at my striped slippers and bare legs. I sighed, trying to make a decision in my head – did I honestly want Kendall back in my life, even as a friend, none-the-less? "She broke up with you, didn't she?" I looked back up at him, malice lacing my tone. "Leanne." My eyes narrowed as my pain turned to anger.

His whole face fell; defeat. I caught him. "Yeah, but that's not why I'm here, I swear!"

"Save it for someone who cares, Knight." I scoffed and turned away from him, my hand on the doorknob when he grabbed my bicep and turned me around, a shocked look on his face when I looked at him, ripping my arm out of his grasp. "Problem?" I glared.

"Your arm's really… hard." He reached out to touch my bicep again but I backed away and folded my arms across my chest. "Yeah. I never stopped working out."

"What do you bench?"

Damn, it's like he forgot why he was here in the first place. But I'm still pissed; I can't forget that.

"Like 105."

His eyes widened and he laughed, "Good old Kat." He smiled and looked down at his converse.

I rolled my eyes, but my curious side of me coming out. "How did you even get here?"

"I drove." He nodded his head towards a white jeep parked in the street in front of my aunt's house.

"And you found me… how?"


"I thought no one was talking to you." I scoffed.

"I basically begged Carlos to tell me where you were. It's Carlos after all. He can't stay mad at anyone for too long. Plus I explained my situation and he finally agreed." He shrugged.

"What's your situation?" I narrowed my eyes in confusion.

He sighed and walked across the porch to the mini 'lawn couch' thing and sat down, motioning for me to come over to him. Instead of sitting directly next to him on the couch, I jumped up onto the wooden fence we have surrounding the porch and stared at him, waiting.

"Love is like the wind; you can't see it, but you can feel it."

"A walk to remember," I smiled, it was my favorite movie. "Sorry, go on."

"You told me exactly 13 months and 11 days ago that only your friends can call you Kat. Exactly 13 months and 11 days ago we ended. 13 months and 11 days ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. 13 months and 11 days ago, I lost you. I lost my best friend, my girlfriend, the love of my life – because I wasn't thinking. Because I was too blinded by lust to focus on love. Because... because I was a fucking idiot. I've never forgiven myself for that day, that night, those weeks, those months, all that time that I knew you were dying because of your mom, and then I had to go and ruin everything even more. Every day that I saw you in the hallway, that I watched you at your locker, how many times I wanted to run up to you and just forget that everything happened and kiss you and tell you that I loved you. All those nights that I spent awake, crying because I missed you. All of the songs and letters that I wrote you and never had the balls to give to you. I kept your scrapbook from our 6th month. I would look at what used to be and then spend hours in the gym punching the bag out of frustration and not letting the other guys see me cry. I remember our 1 year anniversary like it was yesterday, I thought about the night I told you I loved you every day. I just… I remember everything. Every night, every text, every phone call, every date, every hug, every kiss, every conversation, every day, every hour, every minute, every second of our forever. I remember. I promise you I didn't practice this the whole drive down here, nor do I have cue cards everywhere," He smiled lightly, while I let the tears roll down my cheeks freely and I could clearly see the water welling up in his eyes too, his throat clenching and his voice starting to waver. "13 months and 11 days ago… I lied. I lied to you, I lied to myself, I lied to James and Carlos and Logan – I lied to everyone important in my life. Katrina Marie Isabella Malone," He stood up from his sitting position on the couch and walked straight towards me, putting his hand lightly on my arm, and using the other one to wipe away my tears, "I've thought of you every day for the past 28 months and 25 days. I've never stopped loving you. I still believe in our every day of forever. I thought dating Leanne would fill the void that was left when you walked away that night at the rink. She was never you, she never would be, and never will be. Speaking to her is and always will be my greatest regret. I cannot forget that night no matter how hard I try. It's burned into the back of my head and I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of it until I make things right. Katrina Marie Isabella Malone, I love you with every fiber of my being. Everything I have been and everything I will be is because you made me who I am today. And I am so sorry for everything I have ever done to you. But please, trust me when I tell you that I am not lying," He moved both of his hands to the sides of my face and wiped even more of my tears away with his thumbs, watching my eyes as I stared back into his emeralds, watching as the first few tears fell from his watering eyes, my heart beating in my ears and my stomach in my throat. I couldn't breathe, and every word that I had ever wanted to hear Kendall say he was saying right here and right now, in this moment, 13 months and 11 days later. "I want nothing more than your forgiveness."

"I…I forgive you." I whispered out through shaky breathing and wheezing from crying.

It took nothing more than those 3 words to remove the inches between our faces and send Kendall's lips crashing onto mine. Lost in the moment, my feelings I ever had for Kendall rushing back all at once, the feeling of his lips back on mine, the memories of the night we spent together – the pure love I felt for him, the love that I feel for him just hit me like a ton of bricks, and I kissed him back. His hands moved from the sides of my face to my shoulders and down my arms to finally rest on my waist, gripping me like I was the only thing keeping him grounded to this earth and he didn't want to go. My arms shot up to wrap around his neck and I leaned into the kiss. The kiss heated, but it was nothing sexual at all, surprisingly. It was pure passion and love and pain and missing each other for so long. The way his lips felt and moved against mine was only what I spent nights crying about missing, the way his arms snaked around my waist and held me so tightly, the way he loved me. It was everything I dreamed of and imagined for so long. Everything I missed, everything I loved, it was all back. It was back and I wasn't letting it go.

The crack of thunder above our heads was the first time we pulled apart from each other. Our faces still nearly inches apart, my eyes slowly opened and the realization set in; I just cheated on James with Kendall. The same way Kendall broke my heart months ago, I just did the same. I let go of Kendall and stepped back, my hands rushing up to my face to cover my mouth which was now open in shock. I shook my head back and forth as fresh tears welled up in my eyes. This wasn't what I wanted; it never was. I was perfectly happy with James, my new life, my life without Kendall. But I didn't stop what just happened, and that was killing me now.

Kendall's arms reached out for me and I just backed farther away from him, away from my porch as thunder cracked again. "Kat, it's okay, you haven't done anything wrong; come here." He started following me away from the house and into the oncoming storm.

"No it's not," I breathed, turning my back to him, trying to gain a small amount of composure before trying to talk to him again. The feeling of his hand on my arm again, turning me towards him made me lose it all over again, crying completely and utterly hysterically. "I'm with James – I just cheated on him!"

That took him aback, "Y-you're with James?" He let go of my arm in shock.

"Yes. And I love him. And He was there for me when you were off fucking Leanne."

He closed his eyes and sighed, pulling his beanie off his head and looking me dead in the eyes again. "Then why did you kiss me?"

I felt a single rain drop on my cheek and I looked up into black clouds – lovely. I turned my attention back to Kendall, who was still staring at me with pain in his eyes, and his beanie in his hand. "I loved you more than anything, Kendall. How you never saw that and never realized that is beyond me. I can't even begin to tell you how many nights I stayed awake crying in disbelief. How many nights James and Logan and Carlos stayed over trying to calm me down and stop me from doing something stupid that I would regret. Every day that I saw you I wanted to run up to you and hug you and kiss you and tell you I loved you and that I missed you… but I can't." I stopped mid-sentence as another crack of thunder rumbled over my head and I choked back a sob. "I can't love you anymore… I don't love you anymore." I was raising my voice and basically screaming at him now, while rain started to patter around us at a steady rate. "I learned how to cope with what you did to me. I learned to live without you. I adjusted to everything – you don't have the right to come back here and just expect me to forgive you like nothing ever happened. Do you realize that everything you said over there was exactly what I've wanted to hear from you for months? I can't Kendall. My life now is so much better now that I've dealt with what you did. I can't lose James. I can't lose Carlos. I can't lose Logan. They are my life. Everything that I want, everything I need. THEY are my forever – not you. Not anymore." Fresh tears rolled down my cheeks mixed with the raindrops from the clouds above me. I wanted to laugh out loud at how stereotypical this situation was. All it needed was Kendall and I to be dating and then have him come up and kiss me and we'll get back together like nothing ever happened. Nope, not happening.

"I want to be back in your life." He cried back at me, staying a safe distance away from me, throwing his beanie on the ground.

"What makes you think you deserve it Kendall!?" I screeched back.

"Because I still love you!"

"Saying you love me doesn't fix anything anymore! I don't love you!"

"Yes you do." His voice softened.

I exhaled and just looked at him, hurt.

"You've always been so easy to read Kat. You always have been and always will. I know that you're still in love with me, maybe not as much as you were, but those feelings for me are still there and don't try to deny it. I can read you like a book."

"So I do. Okay! I still love you, are you happy Kendall!?" I yelled, crying harder.
"But please don't expect me to do a single goddamn thing about it! I'm so much happier without you in my life – knowing what you did, thinking about it every day, trying to deal with my mom's death, you didn't even care."

"But I did, and I still do!" He tried closing the gap between us yet again, and I let him but by a foot between us I kept crying and yelling at him.

"No you don't! You can't just show up 13 months later and tell me you still love me without a single word from you before! You don't have the right anymore!"

"You just forgave me 5 minutes ago!"

"Forgiveness isn't going to change how pissed off I am and will always be at you – Forgiveness doesn't mean I forget." I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand, slowly losing patience for this fight.

"I understand you won't forget. I can't even forget, and I was the one who did the deed. I just need you back Kat – as a friend, an acquaintance, anything. I can't go on pretending like I'm fine without you anymore!"

"You survived just fine with Leanne!" I spat back at him.

"No I didn't!"

"Sure as hell seemed like it!"

"Well I didn't!"

I looked away from him, a shiver running down my spine, making me shudder from the cold that was boring deep into my bones. "Kat, go inside."

"What?" I looked back to him.

"Go inside." All malice was lost from both of our voices.

"We're not finished here." I remarked, maneuvering around him and backing towards the house.

"I know." He nodded, following me.

I turned and ran to the porch, having been standing in the middle of the lawn, screaming at Kendall. I was seriously questioning why Aunt Molly hadn't come outside yet. With my hand on the doorknob, I turned my head to look at Kendall. "Get your ass inside and warm up. Some of Jacobs (My cousin) stuff should fit you."

I tore the door open and stepped inside, holding it open for Kendall for a second, and then running upstairs to put on something warm and dry. James' hockey jersey and a pair of sweat pants. I've always been good with getting ready quickly, so making my way into Jacobs room (he's going into the Navy, and is at training at the moment, leaving his room empty and some clothes behind.) I grabbed a shirt, jeans and a sweatshirt that I was positive would fit Kendall, and ran back downstairs to throw them at Kendall and point out where the bathroom was, and then walked back upstairs to get my phone, lock my door and call James in an explanation. There's no way that I would let what Kendall did to me be the same thing I did to James. I planned on calling him and telling him everything that happened, (Mind you I'm still crying) and that's exactly what I did. James knew everything that happened between Kendall and I, and although he was upset that I kissed him, he understood completely. However, he went on saying how he was about to run to California to get to my aunt's house to kill Kendall for showing up like he did. It was in this conversation where James mentioned how he 'hates Kendall with a burning fiery passion that burns within the depths of hell'. But it was Christmas, and I refused to let James' Christmas be ruined, I let him go back to being with his family and told him I would text him and call if anything happened.

Thus, that was how I spent my Christmas. With Kendall in California and my boyfriend back in Minnesota. Yay.

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December 30th, 2012 – Present Day.

"Kendall fucking Francis Knight, change the radio station one more time and I swear to God I'll kill you," I barked from the passenger seat of his truck as he drove down the highway, playing with the buttons on the stereo. He stopped, looked at me, laughed, and turned off the radio altogether.

"Happy, Katrina?" He smirked at me.

"Thrilled, Kendall Francis" I smirked back before reaching down for my purse to dig out my Iphone, which I had equipped with 300 songs since leaving Aunt Mollys' house, along with some headphones, and as soon as I had them in my hand, Kendall snatched them out of my reach and threw them into the backseat.

"Kendall!" I screeched, slapping his bicep and unbuckling my seatbelt to go into the backseat to retrieve my phone.

"Ah, ah, ah!" He countered, throwing his arm out between our seats, blocking the only way to get to the backseat without getting out of the car. "Either we listen to what I want, or no music at all." He smirked over at me.

So I bit him.


"KAT!" He screeched, ripping his arm away and rubbing it on his leg, trying to stop the pain, but I just laughed and continued my descent into the backseat, when he grabbed my leg. "Hang on."

The car jerked sideways and then slowly came to a stop.

"What's going on Kendall?" I turned to look at him.

"I pulled over so you can get your phone – I can't have you dying on my watch, so I'll stay pulled over while you get it."

"Oh… thanks Kendall… that's kinda… like the old you." I gave him a genuine smile and grabbed my phone before coiling back into my seat and re-buckling myself in. "We can go now."

He just smiled at me and turned his attention back to the road, pulling between two cars and beginning to drive again.

After a good 5 minutes of silence, Kendall finally spoke. "So, the old me?"

"Yes, the old you. As in the one… Never mind." I shook my head and turned my body to look out the window and connect the blue-tooth on my Iphone to his car.

"No, Kat, tell me." He reached over and grabbed my phone, having it connected, and muted the volume on his stereo while glancing over at me.

"You were being the old you – the one that cared about me." I said the last part quietly, still not looking at him.

"I've always cared about you, how can you even think that I didn't?!" He didn't shout, but angrily and shockingly said.

"Need I remind you about the little conversation we had in the pouring fucking rain 5 days ago, Kendall!?" I "yelled" back at him.

"And I told you that I'm still totally and completely in love with you!"

"I know you are! But you didn't give a damn when you were with Leanne!"

"I explained that too!"

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and before I would let them spill over I wiped them away, no doubt smearing my mascara and eyeliner down the side of my face. "You have a history of lying Kendall."

"But I'm not anymore!"

"You lied to me about our relationship! That's enough lying for a century."

"And I'm sorry!"

"I know you are! Let's just drop this!" Again, I wiped away the tears forming in my eyes, folded my arms and looked out the window.

"Fine." He sighed, and out of the side of my eyes I could see him shift in his seat and tighten his grip on the steering wheel before reaching down and hitting the 'un-mute' button on his dash and the familiar sound of Lifehouse filled the car.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" I screeched, desperately grabbing for my phone or the mute button on the dash.

"Kat! I got it!" He pushed me back into my seat and kept his eyes on the road as he turned off the highway and onto a connecting street that lead straight into Duluth.

Almost home.

He stopped at a red light and took his eyes off the road to grab my phone and quickly try to find a new song to listen to that wouldn't bring up old feelings, and mid-way through his search he looked over at me. "Buckle up."

"We're like 2 minutes away from home – there's the rink, I could walk if I wanted to. I'll be fine." I huffed and turned my head to look out the window again, squinting at the sunlight glistening off the side mirror and I covered my eyes with my hand before turning around to look at the backseat for my sunglasses that were laying somewhere around here. My upper half was in the backseat digging around under the seat until I found them, grabbed them and looked up.


"KENDALL!" I gasped out before I was thrown back from sheer force of being hit by the black SUV. Then black.

Kendall POV

"Kendall!" Kat gasped from behind me, and I barely had time to register what she needed or turn around before I heard the horn of a car, the crunch of metal, and my head hit the steering wheel causing me to see stars. It registered that we had been hit, however it hadn't registered that we were now in the middle of the intersection until another car horn caused me to look up and to my direct left, where a large pickup truck, much like mine, came barreling towards me. I had nothing to do but stare wide eyed at the oncoming steel death trap and very cliche, watched my life slowly flash before my eyes.

My first hockey game, with my mom and dad happily smiling in the stands when I won my team the winning goal, my mom rubbing her hands on her very large stomach - pregnant with baby Katie, my dad doing the same, but giving me a thumbs up as well. I pumped my tiny fists in the air as my fellow team mates skated over to me and gave me high fives and tried to pile-up but we were quickly separated by our coach, who told me I did an awesome job.

The day I met the guys, nearly a year later at a local pond during the winter. My mom, dad, me, and new baby sister Katie just moved into a new development because we needed more room for Katie. I was so excited to test out my new skates that my dad got me that I didn't even notice the 3 of them skating around until I took a step onto the ice and James started yelling at me that I was a stranger and this was the "Logie, Carlos and Jamie pond"However Logan jumped to my defense, informing James that I had just moved here and that they should let me play with them, and Carlos sided with Logan, so James did too. We skated around and within an hour, we were best friends with slowly forming frost bite, but we didn't care in the slightest - we were 5 years old and happy.

The day my dad told me he was being deployed to Iraq, and how I just sat in my room and cried and cried, but always stayed right by his side until the day he left - I stood there with my mom and Katie and watched as the bus drove away, my mom not crying, Katie neither, so neither did I. My mom was clearly trying to be strong for me and Katie, Katie had no idea who dad was at this time still, and I had to be the man of the house now that my dad was gone - I couldn't cry no matter how badly I wanted to.

My 7th birthday, when I got a birthday card from my dad, it was the highlight of the past 2 years, it was short and simple, just wishing me a happy birthday and apologizing he couldn't actually be there, but he loved and missed me oh so much. I tried so hard not to cry in front of everyone from being so overwhelmed.

4 days later when my dads best friend Anthony showed up on our doorstep in his army uniform, dog tags and a folded flag in his hands. My mom lost it, completely breaking down and crying right there, to the point that Anthony had to pick her up and take her upstairs and then watch Katie and I for the next few days until my mom finally began to cope and calm down. She mostly just slept - she hadn't showered, hadn't eaten much of anything - that was when I really became more of a man than ever. Having to take care of Katie even though Anthony was there. He wouldn't tell me anything in detail, just that my dad was in a better place where no one fought, and that he wouldn't be back but he would always be watching over me.

When James introduced me to Kat. Nearly 3 months after my dads death, James came to the pond, but not by himself, he was holding the hand of a little blonde with long hair and pink boots on. He said her name was Katrina, but she shyly told us to call her Kat. James told us that she just moved here from Hawaii and had never seen snow before, and had never been on ice, so he had promised her that he and his friends would teach her how to skate, because we were all really good and play hockey all the time. So we taught her how to skate, nearly every day until April. Through all the bumps and bruises she managed to become a really good skater, and all of us became pretty good friends.

Then there was the day I realized I loved her. Our 8th grade year, in language arts class. She was standing in front of the class reading a poem that she wrote for her dad who was back in Hawaii. Over the years we had grown apart, but she stayed really close with James and sometimes Carlos. Whenever I asked about her James just said she was good, just really busy all the time and was really focusing on helping out her mom. After awhile I just stopped asking - until that day, when she just broke down in the middle of her poem. She nearly bolted out of the room crying and no one tried to stop her. Hell, the teacher just called on the next person to read their work. I could feel my anger fuming inside me and I stood up and just walked out of the room, I had to find Kat. I knew we weren't really friends anymore, but in that moment I knew I would've done anything to make sure that she would be okay. It was in that moment that I knew I loved her.

The rest of the memories came in pictures; just hanging out with the guys, winning hockey game after hockey game, becoming friends with Kat again, our relationship, the first time I told her I loved her, the night she gave me her virginity and I gave her mine, the day that I fucked that all up, how I watched her in the hallways and in classes and just missed her and how badly I hurt, and how I wanted my friends back in my life more than anything, everything up until now, All flashing before my eyes, and that was it.

In the split second that all of those memories raced through my head, I blinked my eyes open and threw my hand back to try and grab Kats hand, but I couldn't feel her anywhere, I couldn't hear her, I couldn't do anything, and then the car hit, i was jerked sideways, and I felt my head hit the steering wheel again as the car flipped over. I heard the glass breaking and I closed my eyes, praying that this was all just a dream and that I was back in Colorado sleeping on the couch of a hotel room, knowing that Kat was not even 10 feet away from me, safe. My head started throbbing and the noises just stopped. I allowed myself to open my eyes but I could only see out of one eye, the other was blocked and blurry. My head felt heavy and my hands were droopy - I was upside down. I reached my hand up and brushed away whatever was in front of my eye and it felt sticky and hot. Pulling my hand away, I noticed it was red, and then my eye was blurry again, so I did the same thing, but felt for my head because I assumed thats what was bleeding. I couldn't see out the windshield because it was cracked everywhere, but what was out of place was the hole in the middle. And the blood surrounding it. Again wiping the blood away from my eye, I saw her. Kat. Her body was limp and lifeless, just laying in the road like a broken rag doll that had been thrown out of a speeding car - which she had been. I couldn't tell if her chest was rising and falling or not, but I do know that I could see only half of her - her other leg seemed to be underneath the car. I wanted to cry and I weakly called her name, but it hurt to talk - hell, it was starting to hurt to breathe and I couldn't stand it. I reached down to the seat belt but it was jammed. I kept gasping for air and calling for Kat and trying to remove myself from the seat, but nothing was working. I felt the wetness on my nose that wasn't hot, but rather just wet - I was crying. That was when I heard a voice.

"Son, stop trying to move, we're gonna get you out of here! Get me some backup over here!"

The rescue team was here.

"No, I'm alright. Help her." I weakly said and pointed to Kat underneath the car. Then I coughed and sputtered out blood. For the first time I looked down to see my abdomen being crushed between the seat and steering wheel. And now I was scared, "fuck." I whimpered, before I felt even weaker and closed my eyes, before I saw blackness and went numb.

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