Harry/Sirius - SLASH

Harry sat up in his bed. This was getting out of hand. The eighth dream now, where he was with the person he was in love with. The man he was in love with. Sirius.

He had been sitting by the window and Sirius had come over to see him. He had put a hand on Harry's shoulder, and Harry had smiled. Then, it all happened so fast. Sirius' arms were wrapped around Harry, one hand stroking his back, and running the fingers on his other hand through Harry's black messy hair. He pulled Harry closer to him, while looking deep into his beautiful, green eyes.

"I love you," he whispered into Harry's ear, sending an impulse through Harry, which was almost imbearable(in a good way). Then, Harry's lips met Sirius' and he closed his eyes, feeling his godfathers lips moving against his, slowly, lovingly.

The dream had felt so real. Oh, how he wished it was real, but it could never be real. He was deeply in love with Sirius Black - his godfather. Harry knew how wrong this was; Sirius was a male, he was much older, and it felt like incest.

Harry had been living with Sirius in 12 Grimmauld Place now for a couple of weeks, and it was starting to become difficult for him to stand in the same room as his godfather without thinking of him in loving way. He was about to go downstairs for breakfast, but suddenly he noticed orange and pink sparks flying out of his drawers in the corner of the room. He knew, of course, that it was his Instant Messaging Parchment( a piece of parchment in which you could write a message and it would appear on the other persons parchment.)

He knew the orange sparks meant that Ron wanted to talk, and that the pink sparks meant that Hermione wanted to talk. He got up quickly and opened his drawer, grabbed his special Blue quill and grabbed his Instant Messaging Parchment. He opened it and placed it down on the desk in front of him, and began writing;

Harry: Hi

Ron: Finally!

Hermione: We've been waiting for ages, Harry. What have you been doing? x

Harry: Sleeping. Why did you want to speak to me?

Ron: We were wondering what you're up to later?

Harry: Nothing really

Hermione: Great! Ron and I will be over later to see you and Sirius, if that's OK with you both?

Harry: Yeah, that's fine. Sirius won't mind.

Hermione: Cool. Harry, Ron has to tell you something...

Ron: I bloody well do not!

Harry: What is it?

Ron: Don't have a clue...

Hermione: Ron, if you don't tell him, I will. It's not fair not to tell him. He won't mind. Honestly.

Ron: How do you know?

Hermione: Because Harry is one of my best friends. I know you both.

Harry: Hello? I am still here, you know...?

Ron: Yeah I know.

Hermione: Alright, what Ronald has to tell you is...

Ron: OK, fine. I'm in love with someone.

Harry: Oh, who?

Ron: You might think it's gross. Actually you will think it's gross.

Harry: I promise I won't think it's gross...

Hermione: ...you might...

Harry: Shut up... go on Ron...

Ron: Well, I think I might be in love with you, Harry.

Harry stared at the parchment, his mouth open. His own best friend, Ron, was in love with him? Impossible. He didn't find it gross at all, he just found it a shock.

Harry: Really? Wow. Thanks.

Hermione: See?

Ron: Yeah... so... anyone else want to spill their biggest secrets?

Hermione: Not really, Harry? x

Harry: I will if you will...

Hermione: Yours can't be half as bad as mine...

Harry: Trust me, it is.

Ron: C'mon just say... I say Hermione goes first...

Hermione: Alright. But don't laugh..

Harry: I won't

Ron: I can't promise...

Hermione: Oh, for heavens sake, fine. Viktor Krum and I have been meeting up whenever we're free. I like him, alot.

Ron: HAHA. I laughed. Sorry, it's cheesy...

Harry couldn't help but laugh at Ron's remark. But now he felt nervous. Should he tell them how he felt about his godfather or not? What if they didn't take it well? What if they told Sirius about it? He couldn't think about this right now.

Harry: That's nice, Hermione

Hermione: Thanks, Harry. Ron... you're so immature.

Ron: Sure...

Hermione: Harry, you need to tell us your secret...

Harry: Yeah, I noticed. Er-well it's really sick..

Hermione: Can't be sicker than Ron's...

Ron: Hey!

Harry: Trust me, it's really sick. You both have to promise me that you won't hate me after I tell you.

Ron: Yeah, I promise..

Hermione: Me too.

Harry: Well, I'm in love with someone too. I'm not telling you unless you guess right, because it's really not right...

Ron: Hermione?

Hermione: Yes?

Ron: No, I mean is it Hermione you love, Harry?

Harry: No, MUCH worse..

Hermione: Excuse me?

Ron: You deserve it..

Hermione: Shut up Ronald. Is she our age?

Harry: Um, they're really a she...

Ron: It's a he?

Harry: Yeah...

Hermione: My two best friends are gay, and I've only just found out...

Ron: Deal with it... so is he our age Harry?

Harry: No.

Hermione: Younger or Older? You're not a paedophile are you?

Harry: No. He's older.

Ron: How much older?

Harry: Alot.

Hermione: So, he's much older than us? He isn't a teacher? Is it Snape? No!

Harry: Ew, no. Snape! How could you think that way?

Hermione: Well, you did say that it was sick...

Harry: It is sick, but it's not Snape. You've got the age right though.

Ron: Harry, that's messed up.

Harry: I know...

Ron: Who else do we know who's the same age as Snape?

Hermione: Lupin. It isn't Lupin, is it?

Harry: No.

Ron: Hmm..

Hermione: Well... surely it can't be..

Ron: Who?

Hermione: Please don't say that it's...

Ron: Who?

Hermione: Shut up, Ron!

Harry: Go on...

Hermione: Is it Sirius?

Harry: Yeah. Told you it was sick, didn't I?

Hermione: Harry! It's completely sick! Not only is he a man, and old enough to be your father, he is your godfather...

Harry: But he's not actually related to me!

Ron: True...

Hermione: But it's like incest!

Ron: True...

Harry: But it's not incest...

Ron: True...

Hermione: Look, I never guessed it would be this bad Harry.

Harry: Well, sorry that I'm so sick-minded. I have to go, Sirius is coming upstairs. See you later. Bye

Ron: Bye Harry

Hermione: Bye x

He put down his quill and closed the parchment. Then, he opened it again, and the conversation had disappeared. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," said Harry, and in walked his godfather - 'the most sexy godfather in the world' he thought secretly.

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