"Rosie wake up!" my maid screamed at me. "You have school or do you want to skip again?" my mother asked from my side. "Ill skip today mother." I said as I climbed out of bed my head pounding. Too much champagne last night I guess. I put on my robe and told the maid to draw a bath. My name is Rosie I live in a palace I am very wealthy. I am very different from my family. They are the stuck up cool parent snob types and I am their gothic daughter. "Ms Rosie would u like me to bring your piercings so your holes don't close up?" "Yes." My family is the wealthiest family in America and they don't care what I do. My cell was ringing and so was my head. "Here you are Ms Rosie." "Thanks" I muttered. I put in my cartilage bar and 4 others in my ears and put in my nose ring my angel and snake bites my tongue piercing and my eyebrow piercing. I sat in the black tub imported from who knows where and relaxed. "Rosie there is a dinner tonight. Your mother wants you pick out a tight outfit for a snobby lord that's coming and wants to meet you." My maid Jordyn told me. She was my favorite maid because I knew I could tell her anything. And because she was different like me she was very laid back around me. And she even slept in my room. She was pretty much my best friend. "Would u want to pick out my outfit Jor?" I asked getting out of the tub and putting on my black bathrobe. "Sure." I had put my long black hair up as to not get wet. I pulled it out of its bun and brushed it. "Hey Jor will u bring my belly piercings here please I forgot to put one in." she brought then and I picked the one that matched the tattoo around my belly button. "Cute!" she exclaimed. "Thank you ha-ha" I looked at the outfit and tried it on it showed the tattoo on my belly because of the see through gossamer around the stomach. It made my double-d boobs look even bigger and had a slit through the side all the way up to the middle of my thigh. And for my shoes I wore my black combat boots. I walked through the hall to my mom and dads bedroom. And there on the sound proof doors was a sock. I grimaced. My parents weren't like they used to be although they tried. I knocked "Cover up im coming in!" I shouted and walked in they had been in the shower my dad was still there but my mom walked out with a towel around her. "Rosie that is a great outfit for tonight. But why must you torture me by insisting you wear combat boots?" "Because I have to have a little bit of me in here." "Well at least take off some metal." She suggested. "No mother I will wear what I want to wear I came to tell you that im going to the mall. Not to have your opinion. Jor is coming with me ill need a set of car keys also." "Alright but change into a different outfit. Don't want to ruin your outfit I think you will really like this guy he is perfect for you." "That's what you said about the others and I had nothing in common with them. Ill need a lot of money and a signature." "For." "a new tattoo and piercing I need a lot for my back piercing please." Just go to the vault and get what you need there are signatures in there to." I walked back to my room and told Jordyn to get ready that we are going shopping. We went to the garage and pick out my black slug bug I got in and buckled up Jor did the same. When we got to the mall we went straight to hot topic my all time favorite store I bought a couple of blood energy packets and we left to go to the tattoo parlor. We went inside and I got a rose on my neck and a gothic angel beside my belly button. And the words gothic angel on my wrist. They did piercings to so I got zig-zag piercings on my back with black ribbon through them. We went to a Tailor to make my dress to where it had a V-back so it wouldn't hit the piercings on my back. And so it showed them off. As we were going back to the house I drank the energy blood packets. We got to the house and my mom was waiting for us she asked to see what I bought and I showed her she thought it was dumb but then again she thought that about everything.