We woke up feeling gross we had swam snorkled and done lots of things i wouldnt be able todo once i started showing we were decideing wether or not to tell my parents now and i decided it might be better so i texteed my mom.

hi mom.

HEY sweetie hows the honeymoon going ?

Good. But i have to tell you something.

um ok.

IM pregnant.

WHAT? already? Youve been on your honeymoon for two weeks. im so happy for you guys!


yepp oooo i hafta go tell your dad bie!

I sighed and looked at alex and nodded our plane left for home in 2 hours so we might as well get up and clean ourselves up. Once we were showered and packed we headed to the airport we were right on time.

Back Home..

We pulled up to the house and hurried inside and to our room. We had just finished unpacking when there was a knock on the door and in walks my mother with the biggest grin i have ever seen, i just about screamed as she started babbeling. After she finally left to make plans for the baby shower i didnt want i took a well deserved shower and Alex walked in and said "Hun? Lemme ask u something" "ok" "What would you say to us getting a house of our own?" "I would say it sounds good to me but my money comes from my parents and i dont have experience with jobs." "well my parents would pay for it all they just sent me and E-mail." Oh well yeah i guess but what about food and stuff for the baby and for us what about cars electricity and other finances." "All taken care of we can have as many kids as we want but they only want one thing in return." "what" i asked "they want us to be able to have time for each other." "How do you mean... Oh haha" "yeah they said they will pay for everything and when they pass their money will goto us. as long as we make time for each other." "Sounds good to me."