Well here is a funny story or trying to I'm less funny sometimes or some say I'm either that or I like perverted guys.

So, I'm starting with some characters and some other ones

Disown: The characters from the anime

Characters: Sasori and some other people

Story: You will find out and read.


1. yaoi (guy on guy)

2. Sexual content

3. graphic details

Deidara's heard something that really startled him and so he just sat in his bed drifting off trying to shake this voice. He looked around and then, he heard someone it was his older brother "Dei, get up'' Ischida said to him. Deidara opened his eyes trying to play sleep but, that didn't work "All right, I'm up" Deidara said in a very happy tone. Deidara went to get dressed as he was brushing his thick blonde hair placing it in a ponytail which was his usual cute style and black eyeliner for his eyes.

Deidara and Ischida made a quick way to the coffee shop where he would get something to eat. They both just started talking for awhile "So, Why are you dressed like this" Ischida questioned. Deidara hate this his brother always questioned his bold fashion statement "Well, I just want to try something new" Deidara spoken akio laughed and stared at him in a odd way "Really, trying something new" akio spoken. Deidara had blush on his face trying to calm his nerves down "Well, I have to get to work while you go to school" akio added. akio waved goodbye to his little brother while he did that Deidara was walking to school.

Deidara was walking as he got closer he felt a certain intense feeling of hatred about everyone. As he was walking through the hall of pain he had heard a few snarky remarks and snickering "I think he is gay" One girl said. The rumors wouldn't stop it was just got from bad to worse he just slammed his head on the locker trying ignore those remarks he really wanted to cry or scream do something until, someone came behind and wrapped his arms around him and heard his soft voice ''hello'' Gaara said. Deidara turned around it was him he was really nice and sweet towards him ''Oh, it's only you thank god'' Deidara spoken.

Gaara only laughed a bit which caused Deidara to give a smile to make his day a bit easier "What is that suppose to mean'' Gaara said. Deidara looked around trying to act innocent which did work that was really interesting ''Nothing really'' Deidara said in a soft voice. Gaara was looking at the ribbon he had it was black and teal a pretty color and gaara started tugging on the ribbon ''cute ribbon by the way'' gaara added. Deidara's facial expression changed a little when Gaara had a cute smile on his face ''Oh''deidara said with a blush. gaara smiled and kissed him on cheek. Deidara cheeks got bright red then, he broke from his daze and walked towards his class.

Deidara heard a voice and someone touching him ''your my doll and I'm not letting you go" The voice said. Deidara looked around trying to see who that was "Hello" Deidara yelled then, the bell gave out a loud ring "Shit" Deidara yelled as he was racing to his first class which wasn't that bad but, his friends the ones that ruined him and tormented him all that hate and emptiness weighed on him. He just sighed and slumped over his desk still trying to catch his breath as he just meditated for awhile trying to block out those thoughts

Until, it was interrupted by some stupid girl making a rude comment ''Get rid of that stupid black nail polish'' One girl yelled. Deidara turned around he was ready to snap at any moment and time as his hands gripped tighter ''So, at least I wear some nail polish'' Deidara snapped. The girl looked at him and rolled her eyes and snapped right back at Deidara ''What was that'' she snapped. Deidara looked directly at them as his just grew calm and peaceful ''Nothing'' Deidara mumbled under his breath. Deidara was so upset enough to just shoot people and punch people in the face just scream at them.

Later, it was lunch Deidara sat alone staring at the calm skies. thinking of the beauty of the vibrant colors which made him think of many things inside his head like that voice in his head wondering who that man was the voice was so soft and yet cold. Deidara just sighed and shook his head "It's just a illusion a silly game" Deidara thought to himself. He was walking to class until, he heard that voice again and something grabbed him ''You are truly beautiful and priceless" the voice replied. Deidara was trying to move then, he screamed "Let me go" Deidara screamed. Deidara tried his best to move but, something tugged him down causing him to fall on the floor. He was trying to breathe as his chest felt like it was on fire "Let...me...go" Deidara said trying to catch his breath.

Deidara eyes grew low and heavy as it did he slipped into the darkness. Within a few moments he woke looking around laying in the nurse's office and his head was hurting so bad the light made it much worse. The nurse looked around "Oh, your up" She said in a happy tone. Deidara was trying to regain his thinking trying to find out where he was "Where I'm I?" Deidara questioned She looked at him and explained the story "In the nurse's office, you just passed out" She explained. Deidara looked at around and saw Gaara right at his side "Your brother is here to pick you up" she said. Deidara nodded his head still wondering how did he fainted and what really happened. His brother came to pick him up from school today "Dei, what happened" akio asked. Deidara looked at him like how the hell is he suppose to know

They both arrived at the house Deidara was so damn tired of thinking he just wanted the damn day to be over already. He just laid on his bed staring at the ceiling like his usually do drifting off somewhere else like always ''My life is tormented'' Deidara thought. He just rolled on his side and curled to his chest " Why me why'' Deidara kept saying to himself. akio tapped on his door "Come in" Deidara yelled akio walked in and just sat next to his brother "You okay" akio asked. Deidara looked at him "I'm just a little dizzy that's all" Deidara said Ischida looked around then, just pat his brother on the head "Maybe a shower might help" Deidara saic calmly. Deidara was just thinking about that maybe that might help so, he went inside his bathroom and turned on the shower water he took the ribbon out his and let it soak his skin

Deidara felt a bit satisfied made a few accomplishments. It was broken until, there was a sound of shattered glass and a intense fighting. Deidara was scared and quickly changed his clothes and raced down stairs. He realized who it was his father who hated him and blamed him for everything even the death of his mother. "Why are you here" Akio growled in anger. Deidara just looked at them both in a very intense fight "I came for my son" He said trying to gain his words. Akio looked at him with disgust and hate "For what so, you can beat him again" Akio yelled.

Deidara stared at the both of them his father had that very greedy look in his eyes. "My my" He said eyeing the blonde Deidara hated that look and he knew it too "Run" Akio yelled. Deidara ran upstairs quickly as possible like a mouse trying to escape it's prey ''Hmm, your so stupid'' His father yelled as he was stomping up the stairways out. Deidara locked the door trying to close his eyes wishing all this would go away. He heard a loud bang at the door "Awe, Deidara don't want to see me" He said with a smirk. Deidara covered his ears and shook his head ''GO AWAY GO AWAY!" Deidara yelled at the top of his lungs. Akio looked and his dad was being just plain stupid "Leave now" Akio yelled but, his father refused to listen.

Deidara hid underneath the covers trying not to hear his father's constant yelling or screaming ''I don't even know why I have a sonna of bitch of a son'' His father added. Deidara had a enough calling him names and insults he just about had it Deidara walked out and staring straight at his father. "I have had-" Deidara yelled then, there was a loud harsh slap then, another the last one caused him to fall "It's all your fault" He yelled.

Akio had a enough as soon as his father was about to strike Akio grabbed his hand "LEAVE NOW" Akio yelled at his father. His father looked at him with disgust abd anger ''You can tell me what to do'' His father snapped. Akio stamped his foot trying to gain some ground here which worked ''Get out before I hurt you my own damn self'' Aiko screamed. Dad was about to strike akio Deidara got in the way trying to shield his older brother ''Please'' Deidara cried. He looked at both of them trying to keep them in order ''Listen here boy I make the rules'' he growled.

Deidara was trying to help but, he was making things easier but, it got bad ''Dad, your drunk get out before somebody gets hurt'' Deidara yelled. His father pushed him deidara fell on the floor and his dad kicked him Deidara screeched in pain "It's all your damn fault" He yelled in anger. Akio pushed his dad out the door and slammed it Akio stared at his little brother and nursed to his him . Deidara cried in pain trying to breathe but, it was making things worse. Deidara shook his head Akio carried his little brother upstairs and tucked him in bed.''Night'' Akio said. they both looked at each other and smiled ''Night'' Deidara spoken. Deidara fallen asleep a deep sleep. Someone crept in the room petting the blonde softly as he was sleeping.

Sasori touched his soft blonde hair ''Soon love all your pain will be over'' Sasori said softly. He touched his wrist and kissed the inside of Deidara's wrist. Deidara felt the pain ringed all over his body, He stared at the sweet blonde angel Sasori smiled how much fun this was going to be. Deidara's eyes looked up his vision was blurry a little seeing a red head but, his finger pressed on Deidara's soft lips. "Go back to sleep" in Akio's voice Deidara just dumbly nodded his head and fell back to sleep

Sasori looked at him for awhile he was really pretty especially in the moonlight ''Sleep my beloved it'' Sasori said in his ear. Deidara's eyes fell heavy and numb his whole body did. Sasori smiled kissed him on the neck as a symbol of good bye.