Dark Legend


Once, years ago, The wolf packs of the slough were started. But, one fateful day, all went wrong. The wolves began fighting, Thus beginning a war like no other, the war of the Bloods. There were five blood packs. The Black Bloods, The Gold Bloods, The Silver Bloods, The Spirit Bloods, and The Shadow Bloods. The Black Bloods were the most ruthless, and evil. They were dark mean wolves who killed just for fun. They murdered pups, killed pregnant females, and killed innocent wolves for fun. The Gold Bloods were less evil than the Black Bloods, but they were nevertheless evil. They were also murderers, But they killed to survive, not for fun. They were not forgiving of others, and they didn't trust anyone. They were a well known enemy to the Black Bloods. The Silver Bloods were more peaceful and carefree than the Gold and Black Bloods. They were not strong, so they were quick to make allies. One of their allies was the Spirit bloods. They had lost many wolves from the Black bloods, so they hated them enough to become untrusting to them.

The Spirit Bloods were a peaceful, good-natured pack. They never killed unless it was absolutely necessary. They were allied with the Silver Bloods. They didn't have any evil in them at all.

Last, but not least, were the Shadow Bloods. They were allied with the Black Bloods. They were fierce fighters, and killed anything in their path. The members of all the packs are listed here.

Black Bloods

Leader: Sharpfang

Deputy: BloodStreak

Healer: RoseFang

Fighters: Deathfang, Rosepetal, Goldentooth, Black, Jade, Slash, Rose, Dark

Gold Bloods

Leader: Tip

Deputy: Thistlefang

Healer: Bracken

Fighters: Ash, Blacktip, Ice, Killer, Hawk, Scar

Silver Bloods

Leader: Silverstreak

Deputy: Akira

Healer: Kala

Fighters: Kali, Motiyu, Saiyan, Miruku, Nitiri

Spirit Bloods

Leader: Spirit

Deputy: Kahala

Healer: Zahira

Fighters: Vitani, Shakira, Motaka, Soul, Jake, SunPelt, Goku, Gohan, Chichi, Bulma, Krillin, Piccolo

Shadow Bloods

Leader: Shadowfang

Deputy: Kill

Fighters: Bloodspill, Swiftkill, Ratitz, Vegeta, Bardock, Nappa