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Warning: There is some strong language in this chapter.

Something True

By basket_case1880


Buffy Summers felt sick. She was disgusted with herself, with what she had done. Not only had she made out with Spike, her mortal enemy who had tried to kill her and her friends on multiple occasions, but she had actually been intimate with him. Had sex with him, fucked him, screwed him, (and to coin one of the bleached menace's phrases) shagged him. Call it what you want but she had gone all the way with him and now she was sick, literally.

A few weeks before Willow made a disastrous attempt to heal her broken heart by casting a 'thy will be done' spell, which had resulted in Giles going blind, Xander becoming a demon magnet and Buffy and Spike to become engaged, Willow had enquired about what had resulted in Buffy sleeping with Angel, besides him loosing his soul. Buffy had quickly become defensive as she did not want anyone to know of the truth, so she questioned Willow why she was asking about that and Willow pulled out a book.

"I was just looking through some books the other day," the redhead explained at Buffy's confused look. "When I came across this chapter," Willow pushed the book to Buffy and pointed out the chapter entitled 'The Line Of Aurealias'. Buffy still looked at Willow as if to say 'What are you on?' so Willow elaborated on what she had discovered. "This chapter explains how there have been other male vampires in the same bloodline as Angel who have procreated with humans and their offspring have been healthy humans with no vampiric qualities. I just thought, with your Slayer abilities that there was more chance of conception."

Buffy smiled reassuringly at Willow and thought of a convincing, or so she hoped, lie. "At the time Wills, my periods were heavy and irregular due to the extra stress I was under with Spike threatening to kill me at every opportunity. My mom noticed I wasn't on a regular timetable and took me to the doctor and I was put on the pill to regulate my cycle again. I only stopped when I had run away to LA and away form the stress of slaying. So, nope, no baby."

Willow seemed convinced but Buffy felt horrible for lying to her best friend. But she knew it was the only way to avoid being poked, prodded and tested. She had in fact fallen pregnant and Willow explaining things for her helped, but unfortunately, she had miscarried due to the immense stress she was under with Angelus and Drusilla out on the prowl again and Angelus' personal vendetta against her for making him feel human.

And now Buffy was in the same position. Only this time, it was due to her first love's Grandchilde and she knew there was no chance of her doing anything but raise the child, in spite of who its father was. But she also knew that there was no way she could remain in Sunnydale while raising the child. She needed to get out and she knew just the place to go for help.


By the first week in February, Buffy had been to a doctor who had confirmed her pregnancy and now she had the perfect opportunity to leave Sunnydale.

Because Buffy was scared that Willow would find out about her pregnancy, she had moved out of the dorm under the pretence of giving Willow some space to get to know her new girlfriend and had moved back to 1630 Revello Drive with her mom. Now Joyce was out of town for a few weeks and Buffy knew the time was now to pack up and leave for her dad's to see if he would help her. And to ask if he would possibly allow the youngest Summers, whom the gang knew nothing about, forego her private high schooling and move in with their mother to take care of her.

Before Buffy left this time, she made sure to write a note to Joyce to let her know of the situation and plead with her to let Spike move in to look after her and Dawn if Hank would allow her to move to Sunnydale.

Dear Mom,

Sorry to run, again. But there's some things behind why I'm leaving, none of them you.

I know you know about the spell Willow cast just after Thanksgiving, and the consequences, but they weren't the only consequences. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, mom, but while Spike and I were 'engaged' we became intimate and from that moment a child was conceived. I know it is meant to be impossible for vampires to conceive, but there is some pages photocopied form a book in my desk. They will explain everything.

Please, don't tell Spike, unless I say. Or anyone else, I don't want anyone else to know besides you and dad. Yes, I'm going to visit dad and see if he still has that little house in Boston. If he does I'm going to ask him if I can stay there. I'm also going to ask him to allow Dawn to move in with you at the end of this school year, that way she can start her freshman year at Sunnydale High.

One last thing, please offer Spike a room here. I'm afraid he will leave town and I don't think I'm ready to not know where he is. After all, he is the father of my baby and I know he will take good care of both you and Dawn. He told me while we were under the spell that you reminded him of his own mother and promised that he would take care of you if anything ever happened to me. I know you trust him just as much as you trust me, so please, promise me that you will do your best to keep him in Sunnydale.

Love you Mom

Buffy xxx

After leaving the letter on the kitchen island, Buffy left the place she had called home for the past three years and headed to the bus station once again. Only this time she was more prepared for what she had to do in the near future, it was the distant future she was unsure of.


Buffy stayed with her father for two weeks after she got to LA, then he had to go to New York for business, so he flew Buffy out to New York with him and then fixed her on a connecting flight to Boston and arranged for a car company to pick her up to take her to the holiday home that they spent countless happy Christmases at.

Hank Summers had been disappointed to find out that his eldest daughter, who had only just turned 19 the previous month, was with child. But once Buffy had explained that she planned to keep the child and raise it herself, he felt that she was doing an honorable thing and decided to provide her with a monthly allowance to help her with the baby. He also said that she could have the Boston house and he would arrange for baby furniture to be delivered and one of the connecting bedrooms to be turned into a nursery for the baby that way it was easier for Buffy to get to her baby during the night. Although Hank was arranging all this for Buffy, he didn't agree with her keeping the baby from its father, but Buffy's stubbornness won and he, reluctantly, saw her point. Hank also agreed to Buffy's idea of letting Dawn move to Sunnydale.


Joyce Summers arrived home from her business trip a week later. The absence of life made Joyce believe that Buffy was just out with her friends as she knew she wouldn't have class with it being a Saturday. However, that opinion changed when she entered the kitchen and saw the note addressed to her on the kitchen island. Reading the letter brought tears to Joyce's eyes; she couldn't believe that she was going to be a grandmother and that Buffy was going to try and get Hank to allow Dawn to move to Sunnydale. After she had settled her emotions, Joyce went upstairs to Buffy's room to read the pages Buffy had mentioned and decided that she would ask Spike that night when he came over for their, usually, weekly catch-up to move in. She would offer him the basement as it was as close to a vampire type home as possible, using the cover that Buffy needed some 'time out' from Sunnydale and decided to go check on things in Cleveland .

Later that night when Spike visited Joyce for their catch up, Joyce asked him, and he readily agreed. Moving his things in the next night.