Inspired by Brawl in the Family's story about Mario based upon "A Christmas Carol," one of my favorite Christmas stories, I thought to write this story, based upon another favorite Christmas story of mine…

Chapter 1: When You Wish Upon a Luma…

"Starlight, Star bright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight…"

"Look, Rosalina! Look! Look!"

"What is it, child?"

"Those toad children are wishing upon me!"

"Yes, little Luma child, they are."

"Can I grant their wish, Rosalina?"

"What are they wishing?"

"'Please let Master Luigi feel better.' Has he gone ill?"

"No child, but stricken with the worst feeling of grief and despair… the feeling that he has no purpose in this world…"

"Why would he think that? Who is this man?"

"Pay attention, young one, and I shall show you…"

Tears streamed down the small toddlers face as he screamed and cried. "Ma! Ma!"

"Who is that, Rosalina?"

"That is Luigi."

"Just a baby?"

"This is him when he was just a tiny toddler. But this moment is important to his life."

"Why is he calling for his 'ma'?"

"Not his 'ma,' child. He's calling for his brother, 'Ma'rio."

Mario hobbled over to his little brother. "What's wrong, Weegie?"

"Why… that boy can't be any older than preschool-age! But already he looks so mature!"

"Yes, little Luma, that's Mario, the future hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. And guardian of that little green toddler."

"Wa and Wa-Wa!" the toddler screamed in tears.

"Warri! Wally!" the little Mario called.

"What?" Wario had an unnatural sneer as did his brother, Waluigi.

"Those children are Mario and Luigi's cousins. They are the cruelest children anyone would come across."

"What you do this time?" Mario put his stubby hands on his already wide hips.

"Nothin'," Wario lied.

"Hat-Hat!" Luigi wailed.

"You stole his hat?" Mario held out his hand. "Give it back!"

"Cry-baby!" Wario growled as he handed the green hat back to Mario.

He and Waluigi left as Mario put the hat back on his baby brother. "It okay, Weegie. They won't bother you anymore. Me here now."

"What a sweet kid!"

"Yes, Mario was a good brother. Now let's move on to their childhood."

"Catch it! Catch it!" Wario called as he threw the green cloth hat to Waluigi, who caught it and threw it back. "Oops," Wario shrugged sarcastically as he saw the hat drop in the mud. "It's all muddy!"

Luigi bit his lip. "Give it back, you bullies!"

"Oh yeah? Who's gonna make us?" Wario strode up to him and looked down at him, who was very short for his age, for now anyway.

"Um… Uh…"

"Heh heh!"

"Wario! Waluigi!" Mario ran up to them. He put his hands on his hips. "Quit being so immature!"

"You calling us immature? Look at Weegie, about to cry like a little baby!"

"Am not!" but tears were already in Luigi's eyes.

"Leave him alone, Wario!" Mario commanded.

"Come on! He's so easy to pick on! Why don't you?" Wario pouted.

"Cause he's my brother, that's why! And if you pick on him, you mess with me!"

Wario and Waluigi wanted nothing to do with that, so they hurried up and left, never to bother Luigi again.

"You mean that, Mario?" Luigi picked up his muddy cap. "You… you'll take my falls?"

"I'll always be here to protect you, little bro. It's a promise."

"A promise that he kept, might I add. Forever. Especially when Bowser came around…"

A teenaged Luigi sat under a small tree outside the Mario Brothers' house. "Excited to see the princess today, Mario?"

"Is that a trick question?" Mario laughed. "I hear she's more beautiful than the legendary Rosalina!"

"You didn't hear that…"

"You think so?" Luigi glanced out at the kingdom in the distance. "I'd love to meet her."

"So would I."

"Hey, I'll race you to the castle! Maybe we can see her before she comes through town!"

"You're on!"

But Luigi had a growth spurt during his preteen years, and therefore had longer legs than even his older brother. He was up ahead while Mario waddled behind him, trying to catch his breath. "Man, big bro, you're slow!" Luigi called behind him. He paid no attention to where he was running, and ran straight into someone that he would have preferred not to.

"What was that?" Bowser looked down at the human that collided with him.

"Sorry, sir."

"You had better be, small fry!" the large koopa glared at him.

"Hey, let him be. He said he was sorry." Mario tried.

Bowser picked the boy up by his collar. "Don't let it happen again, got it?" After dropping him, he left.

"I don't like him, Mario. I don't like him one bit." Luigi shuddered.

"I'm sure he's nothing to worry about. Just a mutant koopa, that's all."

"Sure, but I don't think so."

"Luigi, you worry too much! Chill out and relax!"

"Luckily, Luigi didn't. He kept an eye on that koopa from a distance and was able to let Mario know who it was that stole the princess that day."

"You mean Bowser's first time capturing Peach? Before she was even seen in public? How'd that happen?"

"Luigi saw her. He was the first outside the castle to see the princess. But Bowser was the second as he swiped her up."

"How did Luigi see her first?"

"He still went to the castle before the princess was to appear. He climbed the wall and saw the courtyard and the princess. As soon as he saw Bowser take her, he ran through town. Only Mario believed him. That started his heroing days."

"So then that also started Luigi's…"

"Negativity, yes."

"That's too bad…"

"Let me tell you more. The story of early adulthood…"