Chapter 4: The Lesson Learned

"I… I'm Luigi… please…" Luigi reached out to her. "You've got to remember!"

"Stay away from me!" Daisy was afraid, he could see it.

"Why are you so afraid? What happened to the strong, tomboy-ish Daisy?"

"I don't know what you're talking about! I haven't been a 'tomboy' for years! And why do you say 'strong'? I showed only lack of strength when I tried to save my friend from that cruel Koopa King!"

"But… the ghosts—!" Luigi stopped when he saw Daisy shudder as he would. "The Boos?"

"Stop it!" Daisy backed away. "I hate ghosts! I'm terrified of them!"

"There's no way…"

Daisy ran off. "Let me be! Leave me alone!"

Luigi couldn't follow her. This last lesson he discovered himself. "Those years ago… when she saved the princess… It wasn't Mario who gave her strength by helping her… It wasn't even the determination to save her friend… It was me, for being there. She knew what I was… I'm not a hero… And she was trying to show off… to me…" He gasped. "That was it! I shouldn't be embarrassed for that moment, I should be glad! That's why Daisy is Daisy…" He looked around. "But now what?"

"As if I haven't seen enough of you today!" at the voice, Luigi turned to see again his brother.

"M-Mario!" he shuddered. Never before had he been so terrified of him.

He gave chase, and Luigi took off.

"Luma! Luma, please! If you can hear me, I want to live again! Rosalina, please, let me be me again!" He tripped and fell on his face in soft, white snow. He wept. "Please, please…"

He heard footsteps behind him. It was his brother.

Luigi turned. "M-Mario!" he tried to crawl backwards in the snow.

"Luigi, what happened to your arm?" Mario reached out.

He jerked back, instinctively touching his arm, which was warm with blood. He turned to see it. "My arm… it's… it's bleeding!" He was happy at this realization.


"Mario!" He sprang up and hugged his brother. "It's you!"

"Uh… yeah… bro… we were worried about you."

Luigi pulled back. "Hm? You were?"

"Well, of course. Daisy told me you ran off for an 'adventure' and—"

"Daisy! Is she okay?" Luigi didn't wait for the answer. He ran off to find her.

"Luigi!" Toad and Toadette ran with him. "Are you feeling better?" Toad asked.

"Did our wish come true?" Toadette asked.

"Yes… I see now the wish that was granted!" Luigi picked up Toadette, still running.

"Daisy! Daisy!" Toadette called. "Luigi's better now!"

Daisy wrapped him in a huge, energetic hug. "Luigi, you alright?"

"I am now…" Luigi stayed in the warmth of her arms.

Luigi, Daisy, Mario, Toad, and Toadette went to the castle for the Winter Ball. The princess stepped down the staircase to greet her guests. "Luigi… you're alright. I'm glad."

Luigi scratched the back of his head. "You were worried about me?"

"Of course!"

Luigi saw it… what purpose he had. He is there for his friends and family. It was obvious to him now.

"Congratulations, Master Luigi!"

"Indeed, you have done well, little Luma. I say, well enough for you to earn your planet state."

"I get to be a new planet?"

"Yes, for a job well done. And as for Luigi, he will always remember what he has done for everyone here at the Mushroom Kingdom!"

"Oh…" Luigi started, "Bowser's planning on crashing the party to steal the princess again."

"Ha! I'll be ready for that, thanks bro!" Mario patted him on the back.

"And what he will continue to do!"

Have a good Holiday! I hope you enjoyed this simple yet sweet story! I was glad that I wrote it! Maybe I'll have more classic stories to combine with Nintendo characters or others!

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