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The day was cloudy, dark, and somewhat cold. A light mist had begun to sprinkle down through the air, the blackening sky threatening to pelt rain down without warning on any unfortunate person who happened to be outdoors. The atmosphere matched the mood of the girl who didn't seem to notice as the weather took a turn for the worst while she crouched in the damp grass in front of a large mound of muddy dirt. Her eyes were devoid of their usual energetic gleam, her normally bright face was pale. She patted her left hand on the dirt pile, ignoring the fact that her palm was now filthy, and her slightly quivering lips slowly turned upward in a tiny smile. Her eyes drifted to the small headstone at one end of the pile and sadness flashed across her face. The weak smile disappeared as quickly as it had come.

"Gui," she called quietly over the steadily increasing rain, which was quickly soaking through her clothes. There was no answer aside from the low rumble of far-off thunder. "I really miss you." She sat silently in the grass for a few minutes until the rain was so thick that it was getting difficult to see anything. Reaching down beside her, she plucked a white flower off the ground and set it on top of the dirt mound before standing up. One more silent moment of staring passed.

"I'll come visit again," she promised, a pang of loneliness in her voice. Turning away from the grave, she looked up wearily to the slightly bored-looking person standing beside her under a large blue umbrella. He wordlessly handed her a towel to dry herself with and she took it gratefully, following him as they headed back the way they'd come. He glanced back at her periodically to make sure she didn't slip on the muddy path leading out of the small park. She was walking carefully enough to allow herself time to wipe the mud off her hand that had been left there from touching the recently-disturbed earth. She finally drew the soft cloth over the thin gold band with a diamond set in the top around her left ring finger. Her precious wedding ring. He knew she wasn't one for wearing much jewelry, but she made a point of keeping it on as much as possible. A nostalgic smile played across his mouth. She closely inspected the ring for any leftover dirt, and returned the towel to him.

Once they'd stepped back onto the deserted sidewalk, she paused outside the passenger-side door of a car parked alongside the curb and looked up into his face with a depressed expression. Her eyes searched for comfort in his. "I still can't believe he's gone. He was so young..."

His smile was replaced by an annoyed look, entirely devoid of sympathy for the deceased, and the rising urge to console her in some way, which had been rapidly gaining momentum since she looked at him so sadly, suddenly dissipated. He quickly opened the car door for her and coughed, trying to bite back his harsh words toward her behavior. He then said, with forced calm, "You say that as if you were expecting him to live for a hundred years."

She slipped inside and he shut the door after her before impatiently hurrying to the other side of the car, closing the umbrella, and climbing into his own seat. Once he'd started the car and had pulled out onto the road, he allowed himself a glance at her dismal face. He rolled his eyes at her dramatics. "With as much as you were feeding the poor guy, I'm surprised he even lasted as long as he did."

She looked at him in outrage. "What are you talking about? I barely fed him anything!"

"Stop lying. I saw you sneaking him meals every time you thought I wasn't watching. His stomach was so fat, it looked like it was going to explode. He couldn't even move around properly."

Her cheeks turned red at his words and she crossed her arms over her soaked shirt and looked away from him, out the window, watching the dreary buildings pass by outside the car. "H-he looked hungry! His face was so pitiful-"



"He only had one expression the entire time he was alive."

"Don't insult Gui!"

He began to feel torn between exasperation and hilarity at her stubbornness over the most bizarre things. "I'm not insulting him, I'm telling the truth. There are only so many facial expressions a goldfish can make." She didn't answer, but instead began to wring water out of her hair into a clean towel she'd taken from the back seat. He sighed in defeat. "Do you really have to be so torn up over it?"

He thought she was going to ignore him again, but she finally patted his arm in a reassuring way and smiled. "Don't worry. When you die, I'll be much more sad."

As he pulled the car to a stop at a red light, he stared at her in disbelief. Are you really comparing me to a goldfish?

She suddenly added as an afterthought, "And I'll bury you somewhere other than a park."

As he tried to decide if that was supposed to cheer him up, she tugged on his sleeve and pointed out the windshield. "Let's get another one on the way home!"

"...Are you sure?"

"Yes! I'll definitely keep him alive longer than three days, this time." She gave him a determined expression as if keeping a pet goldfish was some sort of challenge she had to overcome.

He pulled the car into the lot of the small strip mall she'd pointed out. Lan unbuckled her seat belt before he'd even had a chance to park. Before she could leap out of the car, he pressed an umbrella into her hands.

"Not that it will do much good, now that you're soaked from your little memorial service for 'Gui'," he smirked.

"How was I supposed to know it would suddenly start raining so hard?" she huffed and climbed out of the car, popping open the umbrella over her head.

The giant thunderheads may have been a hint... He grabbed his own umbrella and stepped outside, locking the car behind himself and followed her to the entrance of the pet shop. The automatic doors noiselessly slid open and Lan hurried inside, nearly running to the fish section where they'd been only days before. After a few moments, he had joined her, walking at a forcefully normal pace, and let his eyes wander over the numerous tanks of colorful fish.

"Can we not name it after me this time?"

"Why? I thought it was cute."

He glanced around for a shop clerk. "Well, I guess it was at first. But after days of you cooing my name at him while cramming him with fish food nonstop 'til he died... It was more creepy than cute."

"Geez, fine."

After several minutes of inspecting each tank of fish, a moment of laughing at the catfishes' "mustaches", and an unneeded trip through the rest of the shop to see the other animals, Gui and Lan were walking out of the pet shop, Lan holding a plastic bag of water with a large goldfish energetically swimming around inside. He hoped they wouldn't be back here in another few days, after digging another hole in the park. He wasn't sure why she wouldn't let him flush 'Gui' down the toilet, but they had instead ended up holding a lengthy funeral service for the goldfish out in the rain. Regardless of the annoyance he felt at having his day interrupted by a spontaneous session of vandalizing public property for the sake of a goldfish's grave, he was at least happy Lan didn't try to feed him like that. It was a complete mystery, one of many Gui had decided a long time ago to not dwell on, how she managed to stay to tiny and thin while she ate enough food for several dozen people.

Once they'd arrived home, Lan immediately disappeared into the living room with her new fish. As Gui put away the umbrellas and took the towels to the bathroom for washing, he decided to hide the canister of fish food somewhere Lan wouldn't be able to find. A moment later, he walked into the living room and found Lan leaning over the fish tank, chuckling to herself as she sprinkled an enormous pinch of fish flakes over the surface of the water. The goldfish was obliviously floundering around near the top of the tank, eating without any reservation.

Gui quickly walked up behind her and snatched the can of flakes out of her hand. "That's enough," he said as she turned to him with an indignant look. He glanced at the tank and watched several large flakes begin to sink underwater. "For several feedings..." he sighed. "What did you just tell me in the car?"

"I'm sorry. Now, give those back." Lan latched onto his wrist and attempted to pry his fingers off the can.

"Only if you promise to stop feeding him so much."

"Okay, okay I promise," she whined. He slowly released his grip on the can and she triumphantly set it down beside the fish tank and put the lid back on top.

"I'm going to go work, don't feed him while I'm not in here."

"I won't."

"You can feed Meatbun all you want, later."

"I said I won't!" she snapped and stomped in the direction of the kitchen.

Gui watched her disappear around the corner before snatching up the fish food and running to the study. Once he'd hidden it behind some philosophy books he was sure Lan would never touch, he sat down at his desk with a tired groan. The majority of his precious Saturday had been spent on bizarre errands, rather than on the work he'd brought home with him the night before. He wouldn't have minded at all if he'd simply spent the time with Lan, in fact he would have much preferred to be with her than in his study writing lesson plans. But activities like digging holes in the dirt with a stick and arguing over cans of fish flakes were not on his list of favorite pass-times. Not that he had ever considered them for the position. With one more glance toward the open doorway, through which he could hear Lan starting on dinner, he opened his laptop and pressed the power button. He beat down the urge to join Lan in the kitchen as the computer whirred to life, and he stared at the loading screen feeling somewhat relieved at finally getting the chance to work.

That night, Gui slid into bed beside Lan and let his head drop onto his pillow with a tired yawn. His eyes hurt slightly from staring at a computer screen for so long, but he'd managed to get everything finished. He was filled with a firm resolution to spend tomorrow doing nothing. He turned to look at Lan and found her already fitting her Second Life game headset over her eyes excitedly as she shifted deeper into the blankets.

"Good night, see you in a minute!" she said and gave him a small kiss before promptly flopping down onto the bed and closing her eyes.

Gui was too tired to be very disappointed that she went to sleep so fast. Rather than moving to pick up his own headset, he watched her face relax almost immediately as she entered the game. Raising a hand, he pushed a bit of hair off her forehead, brushing his fingers over her soft skin. Kissing her once more and whispering good night, he reached over to his nightstand where his headset was placed. A restless shifting and quiet mumbling made him look back at Lan. Her face was scrunched up in a somewhat angry look, eyes clamped tightly shut.

"N-no... Get it... Birds..."

"Already?" With a smile and a sleepy sigh, he slipped on his headset and settled down, preparing himself for a fight as he closed his eyes.

Opening them a moment later, he blinked in the sunlight beating down on the spacious forest glade the Odd Squad had been training in the night before. He stood still, quietly listening and watching for any signs of the others. He didn't have to listen long before the sound of fighting reached his ears. With a wide smile of anticipation, he hurried into the trees toward where the noise was coming from and pulled out his guqin.

"Lolidragon, lure it to the south!"

"I'm trying! Stop distracting me!"

"Prince, stop moving so it'll follow her!"

"How am I supposed to stop moving when they're chasing me? I'll get trampled!"

"Idiot! You shouldn't have jumped out in front of it in the first place!"

"Shut up! I didn't know it was the boss!"

"Really? I knew right away."


"The pattern on the boss's feathers looks-"

"I don't think now is a good time to explain, Doll..."

Gui came to a stop beside Ugly Wolf and watched as Prince tore through the trees at break-neck speeds as he tried to outrun a large amount of small, fluffy-looking ostrich-like creatures, as well as one that was easily three times as big as Ugly Wolf, swinging its large beak at him and wildly flapping its disproportionately small wings, one of which looked broken. Prince's agility wasn't enough to lose the large bird and its noisy minions as they bore down on top of him. He quickly dodged to one side and ran underneath a low-hanging branch. The bird, not being very intelligent, tried to follow and ran straight into the branch with its neck, which then let out an audible crack. The rest of the birds continued to chase Prince around the tree in a seething mass of feathers and chirping. The boss let out a hoarse, sputtering squawk as it stumbled backward in confusion, nearly tripping over the tree roots jutting out of the ground. Gui would have found the whole scene to be extremely amusing if his wife wasn't the target of the ridiculous-looking monsters.

It was still a bit funny, regardless.

Wondering how in the world Prince managed to get into so much trouble in so little time, Gui raised his guqin and aimed carefully as the bird angrily stomped around the tree looking for Prince, and shot. He scowled when it missed the target, and took aim once more, this time just barely hitting its knee. It did little damage, but he at least managed to draw its attention away from the search. As it stumbled to one side, Lolidragon dashed forward, in a blur seemingly passing it by without doing anything, but stopped a short distance away as she tucked her daggers into her belt. Blood began to spray out of several places on the bird's neck where she'd cut faster than Gui could see. Doll's summoned skeletons, which had been ambling about, trying and failing to keep up with Prince and the rest of the birds, finally caught up as Prince whirled around and began stabbing everything he could reach. They plowed through the group of mobs, flinging birds right and left. The air was quickly filled with feathers and blood as the birds began to scatter and run from the furious elf and his back-up skeleton forces. Once they'd all disappeared, Prince jumped at the boss and began chopping at its bloody neck as if it were a tree.

When it finally died, Prince wandered over to the group, looking thoroughly annoyed. Gui rushed up and began removing feathers from his hair. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Prince grumbled irritably, swatting away the feathers that were falling in his face.

"Next time, warn us before you run off to kill something," YuLian reprimanded. "If you hadn't yelled, we would have kept walking and never would have known something was wrong." She tapped the end of her magic staff on the ground and glared at him as Lolidragon strode up.

"He did pretty good for not having been blessed first," Ugly Wolf chuckled into the awkward silence.

"Don't encourage him!"


Prince sighed and took off through the trees at a steady march. Gui sent a worried look toward YuLian's angry expression before hurrying after Prince. "What happened?" he asked Prince through the messaging system.

"Well, there was a bird..."

Gui didn't need any more explanation than that. It was almost involuntary for Prince to attack a monster when he saw it, regardless of whether or not the rest of the team was able to help. Plus, Gui could see that the birds hadn't appeared very dangerous, though potentially so when in a large group as had been chasing Prince around.

As they reached the edge of the woods, Lolidragon hurried past Gui and fell into step beside Prince. He tried to ignore the rising discomfort as she looped her arm around Prince's and started dragging him along faster toward the gate of Infinite City across the field. The fact that they were both girls and only pretending wasn't enough to cancel out his possessive jealousy. It had been a very reluctant agreement between them that Gui would stop being so tenaciously obsessive with Prince. Since many people knew of Gui's identity in real life, they also knew about his marriage. To avoid any nosy people butting into Prince's secrets, whether they would accuse Gui of cheating on his wife with him, or if they put two and two together, he couldn't be as close with Prince as he had been. Unless no one besides their team was present.

"So?" Lolidragon chirped at Prince. "How's Gui doing?"

Gui was about to ask her why she wasn't just asking him, but Prince let out a long sigh and a faraway look settled on his face. "He died."

Oh. That Gui. His annoyance toward the fish was renewed.

Lolidragon gasped at Prince's words. Gui wondered if she was trying to cover up a laugh. She'd been the one who suggested naming the fish after him, and had unceasingly teased him about it. "What happened? You only just got him! Did you forget to feed him?"

Prince shook his head. "No, the opposite. I kind of fed him too much. A bit."

Lolidragon nodded knowingly as they finally reached the gate. "Hm. Sounds like something I'd do."

Before they'd gotten far into the city, Prince suddenly whirled around and pointed at Gui. "Don't follow us anymore." Lolidragon added a reinforcing nod.

Gui hesitantly glanced between the two. "But why?"

"Prince and I have some... business." Lolidragon cryptically winked at him and they both turned away without another word.

"Hey, wait!" Gui took a step forward, but stopped when Prince looked at him threateningly over his shoulder.

"I said don't follow!"

He watched helplessly as the two hurried down the street, much closer to one another than Gui would have liked, and out of sight. He wanted nothing more than to chase after them and shove Lolidragon away, but Prince had looked seriously annoyed, and somewhat nervous. He instead settled for screaming, "KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY WIFE!" over a private message to Lolidragon and stayed beside the rest of the team, shifting his weight from one foot to the other as he stared intently at the spot where the two had disappeared. After a moment, he glanced up at Ugly Wolf.

"Hey, don't look at me. I don't know where they went," he said guardedly.

Gui sighed. "Fine..." He tried to think if he'd done anything to deserve yet another cold shoulder treatment from Prince. Nothing note-worthy came to mind. Rather, he thought he'd been behaving very well given the circumstances.

Ten minutes later, he finally was sent a private message. "Gui! Go to the tower and wait for me upstairs. I'll be there soon."

"Okay," Gui smiled and took off down the street. "See you guys later!" he belatedly called over his shoulder to the other three. They looked at him bewilderingly as he left them without an explanation. He quickly dashed through the streets, his eyes always fixed on the tower he could see rising over the tops of the buildings. A thought suddenly hit him and he abruptly stopped and glanced around in a paranoid manner. He relaxed slightly as he saw no one was staring at him in a suspicious way. Only the usual attentions were being sent his way from the other players nearby that were torn between wanting to stop and admire his looks and to hurry away from his strange behavior. "Prince!"

"What is it? Did you lose your key again? I told you to keep-"

"No, I didn't lose it. But how am I supposed to get in there without being noticed?" Gui had stopped going to the tower without the rest of the team for fear of someone seeing him, which would have been just as bad as if Gui were still chasing Prince around like before. Prince's fandom had already bothered them several times when they had been in there alone for extended periods of time. YuLian had warned him to stay away from there when he was by himself, unless he was positive no one would notice him going up to Prince's rooms.

Prince was silent for several minutes. He finally called back, "Can't you just cover your head with your cloak, or something?"

"...I'm pretty sure that would only make me more eye-catching. Someone would probably send the city guards after me for being a suspicious person near the city lord's chambers."

"Right. Well... How about you go with everyone else, and have them leave a few minutes later? YuLian should have some of Jing's illusion charms they can use so it'll look like you're leaving, too."

"Oh, good idea." Gui switched to the party chat as he resumed his walk to the tower, feeling much more relieved now that he wasn't in danger of being murdered by the guards. "Ugly Wolf, YuLian, Doll, where are you guys?"

"Heading to the tower," YuLian answered in a peevish tone, which Gui ignored. "I have some paperwork to pick up."

"Perfect! Come be my backup!"

"...Your what?"

Half an hour later, Gui was neatly folded atop one of the large cushions in Prince's room, hunched over the low table as he doodled on a piece of paper while he waited for Prince to arrive. Humming to himself, he added a large spear-like object to one side of his drawing, and then scribbled a large amount of flames blasting out the end. He quickly drew a small bird with an extremely distressed expression in the middle of the fire, and chuckled to himself. "Take that."

"Take what? What are you drawing?"

"AAH!" Gui jumped violently at the unexpected voice behind him and the hand on his shoulder. His knees hit the bottom of the table and he nearly upset his bottle of ink and cup of tea.

"WHAH?" Prince yelled in surprise at Gui's terrified reaction and whipped his hand away. "What the hell are you screaming for?"

Gui whirled around, his heart beating furiously. "Why are you sneaking up on me?"

Prince glared at him, breathing heavily and tightly clutching a small package to his chest. "I-I wasn't, you idiot! I called you over and over! It's not my fault you were so focused on... on that?" He paused and bent over Gui to look closer at the drawing. "What the..."

Gui glanced down at his paper and suddenly felt embarrassed. He had initially been drawing designs for improved canons to place on the city's walls. As his boredom grew, so did his additions to the drawing, which had somehow become a giant robot. He folded the paper over on itself, hoping Prince hadn't noticed he'd drawn Lolidragon underneath the robot's foot, and pushed it to one side. "Sorry," he muttered as he put the cap back on his ink.

"Geez, you're so inattentive," Prince grumbled as he lowered himself down next to Gui and put the package on top of the table. Gui looked at it for a moment before glancing questioningly back at Prince who was drinking the remainder of Gui's tea. Once he set the cup down, Prince put his hand on the package once more and pushed it a few inches toward Gui. "It's for you."

So, that was his 'business' with Lolidragon... Gui's eyes widened happily as pulled it in front of himself and carefully loosened one end of the brightly colored paper that covered it.

"I know we agreed to not celebrate until next weekend, but I wanted to give it to you now, anyway." Prince's cheeks flushed as he watched Gui remove a small polished wood box out of the paper. It was their wedding anniversary tomorrow, but Gui had several days off at the end of the following week. They'd planned a small trip as the weather forecast had been nice, and had agreed to exchange presents then instead of on the actual day. Gui wasn't very surprised that Prince had been too impatient to wait until the agreed date.

Gui slowly undid the silver latch on the front of the box and lifted the lid. Inside, set on a black velvet cushion, sat a bow sight. He picked it up, his smile spreading even wider in surprise, and ran his fingers over the smooth device. Thin, twisting lines of some pale green material had been inlaid in the dark wood, and the attachment was much larger than that for a bow, wide enough to be placed on his guqin. He knew the accuracy and range bonuses would be of immense help when aiming and shooting.

"This is amazing," Gui delicately set the sight back in its box and smiled at Prince.

Prince nodded, looking extremely pleased that Gui had liked it. "I had it made specially since the shops only sell sights for bows."

Gui laughed as he finally realized why Prince had forcefully stolen his guqin a week ago and ran off, refusing to say why he needed it. He had been fairly certain Prince hadn't wanted to play it, or try to shoot it, but he couldn't think of any other uses for it besides those.

After Gui closed the lid again, he leaned over and tenderly kissed Prince's cheek. "Thank you."

Prince shifted closer to Gui and looked at him expectantly.

Gui stared at him, trying to keep his face straight. "We did agree to wait until next week." As Prince frowned at him in disappointment, he laughed. "But," he said as he reached into the pocket of his vest and pulled out a tiny tube-shaped object wrapped in silver paper. "Here you go."

Prince's face brightened immediately as he took the present from Gui's hand and enthusiastically shredded the paper, carelessly throwing it on the floor as he inspected the small tube of wood he held. He twirled it around in his hands for a moment and stared at it, looking somewhat confused. He ran one finger over the small groove around the middle, and abruptly began to attempt to yank it in half. "How... How does this open?" he snarled as he pulled as hard as he could, the tube resisting his tugs and staying resolutely in one piece.

Gui, fearing for his gift's safety, grabbed Prince's hands and stopped him before it could break. He'd chosen a very sturdy wood for the container, but he knew Prince's absurd strength could probably crack it with enough force applied. "Turn it, don't pull."

"Oh." He twisted the halves in opposite directions, much more gently than before, and the pieces easily fell apart in his hands. He set them down and pulled a roll of heavy, white cloth out of the middle. Carefully unrolling it, he held it up by a corner with one hand and let the rest flutter from his fingertips. It was a lot larger than it had seemed rolled up in the tiny canister. Prince sent Gui an uncertain look. "You got me a handkerchief?"

"As if I'd do that. Put it on the table."

Prince smoothed it flat on the table and his mouth dropped open. He leaned forward to inspect it closer. A detailed blueprint of the city tower was in the middle of the cloth, and all of the surrounding houses within a certain distance were scattered around the edges in their respective positions. In the corner was a small compass telling the direction. 'Infinite City Central Tower' was scrawled across the top in tiny letters. Everything was colored as it would really be, with dusty grays for roads, small patches of green where there were grass and trees, and the wide range of oranges and browns of the roofs. "A map?"

"That's you," Gui said as he pointed at a small black dot directly in the center of the silky cloth, inside the gray circle that was the tower. "The map will show your location. It can also give you directions, and you can view things closer and farther away."

"How?" Prince started poking his dot. His eyes widened further as the diagram of the tower flashed to a different floor with every prodding. He switched it back to his room and looked up at Gui eagerly.

Gui shifted the map closer to himself and set both his index fingers on the cloth, and spread them apart until they were almost off the map. The buildings on the map suddenly got much larger, and some disappeared as they flew off the edges. As he slid his fingers together again, they resumed their original size. "That's how you zoom in and out. And to get directions, tell it where you want to go."

"Show destination: Infinite City Café," Prince said at once. A glowing red line appeared as the map zoomed out slightly to accommodate the distance, and it trailed across the bright fabric from the tower, through the tiny streets and to a building somewhere west of them.

"It also lets you look at other places if you just drag your finger across it, or say the name of the location. To make it return to your dot, just tell it to like before."

"This is so cool!" Prince said gleefully as he dragged his finger in circles, making the map go all over the place and the colors blurred into smudges as they flew past. He made it zoom out as far as it would go and ran his eyes over the map. "It has the entire continent!" After several more minutes of playing with it, he finally rolled it back up and returned it to the wood container. He carefully tucked it into his pouch. "That's definitely something I needed. The system map is so stupidly vague."

Gui hoped that Prince would at least get lost less frequently now. It would take more than a magic map to help Prince in that area, but it would also take a lot of effort to get lost with the map in hand. He had no doubts that Prince would somehow manage it. Gui had spent two weeks flying with Sunshine all over the continent, and another week with various magicians of the city who enchanted it for him as he carefully drew every part. It had been taxing, but he was certain he'd included nearly everything. He would have done all five continents if time had allowed.

"I'm glad you like it," Gui smiled as Prince hugged him tightly.

"It would have been better if you'd given me a cake or something, as well," Prince huffed into Gui's ear.

Gui pressed a kiss to Prince's warm neck and smiled at the familiar feeling. "Oh, really? How thoughtless of me."

Prince chuckled and slightly turned to face Gui. "Well, I suppose this is okay, too." His eyes closed as he leaned forward, closing the tiny space between them, and took Gui's lips repeatedly as he muttered, "As long as we get food, afterward."

"Fair enough."

All his negative thoughts over having to pretend all the time faded away as the comforting weight of Prince pressed against him. He could withstand whatever people threw at them. They didn't matter. Their words may knock him off his feet occasionally, but Prince would always be there to pull him up again and again, and murder whoever it was that pushed Gui over in the first place. After all, picking on Gui was Prince's job.

He slowly closed his eyes and felt Prince's hands pull at his clothing, their lips never parting. Soft noises sounded in his ears as each piece of cloth was scattered over the floor to join the shreds of wrapping paper from their presents. Gui trembled only for a moment as the cool air of the room assaulted his bare skin before the warmth of Prince's body heat enveloped him once more.

Oh, the many uses of stamina potions...

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