Into the Woods – Jacob/Bella

A/N: I'm not into long a/n's so I'm just going to give you the basics here. This story is based on Little Red Riding Hood, but maybe not the version you know. It is set in Medieval France. Isabelle and her father Charles, the Marquis du Cygne, live in a little village surrounded by dense forests. You might think you already know how this story ends, but then again, you might be wrong.

Disclaimer: All things Twilight belong to Stephenie Meyer. All the other nonsense is from my whacked out imagination.


"At childhood's end, the houses petered out
into playing fields, the factory, allotments
kept, like mistresses, by kneeling married men,
the silent railway line, the hermit's caravan,
till you came at last to the edge of the woods.
It was there that I first clapped eyes on the wolf."

- from Little Red Cap by Carol Anne Duffy



He watched the girl from the relative safety of the forest, drinking in her delicious scent deeply as she gathered flowers just beyond the shadow cast by the trees. Her brilliant, scarlet cloak trailed out behind her in the breeze, the color shocking against the gray of the overcast sky beyond.

She looked simply scrumptious, the tiny little morsel of a woman that she was, and part of him desperately wished for her to stray just a little too close to the line of trees, close enough for him to taste. He continued to study her, tantalized by the pale softness of her arms and hands that peeked from beneath the cloak every few moments. He was so distracted by the vision that she presented that he unwittingly trod on a stick that lay unnoticed on the forest floor.

The sudden snap sent her wheeling around to find the source of the sound. She peered blindly into the darkness, and he froze, knowing she'd never be able to find him if he sat unmoving in the gloom.

Much to his surprise, her deep brown eyes found his almost immediately and stirred something within him. He no longer wished to simply ingest her; he now wanted to possess her wholly, body, mind, and soul, this strange girl who seemed to beckon him across the distance. He fought the urge to take her here and now, in broad daylight from the village itself. It would have meant almost certain doom for them all.

Instead, he forced himself to slowly back away into the welcoming embrace of the trees. Her eyes never left his, until he moved behind one of the ancient elms to escape from the stare which had laid him bare. When their eye contact was broken, something inside him broke as well. The strange spell she'd held him under dissolved into the chill spring air, and he shook with the force of the change within him.

Where the young man had just stood, a large wolf now poised, muscles tensed. His glowing yellow eyes silenced all the life around him. No birds sang. No squirrels chattered over a fallen acorn. Silence reigned. With one last backwards glance, the wolf bounded off into the deep woods.