Naruto, Pervy Sage

Ch 07: Breaking a Weapon Mistress

By: MikeJV37


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===May 14, 2:51 PM, Business District===

"Let's see, I checked all the businesses I own on this area, had some great ice cream, saw some great tits... ow, hey I told you about it Hinata-chan... you're such a princess." Naruto said and Hinata giggled. "As I was saying, I think that's everything I had planned, so... hey Hinata-chan, isn't that the weapon shop Tenten's family owns? I was never there, but I remember hearing about it before I left and remembered the name."

"The Wolf Claw, hai Naruto-kun, she's working there today, her team has the week off." Hinata said.

Naruto smirked. "Hinata-chan, is Tenten still all business, never really relaxes even off-duty?"

"Hai, Naruto-kun. Why, what are you thinking?" Hinata said.

"What do you think about helping me break that seal keeping her legs together?" Naruto said and smiled pervertedly.

"You're so naughty Naruto-kun... corrupting sweet, innocent kunoichi... I'd love to." Hinata said and giggled pervertedly.

"No one is looking, so I'm going to use a new version of a jutsu I learned from Jiraiya, I needed to test it anyway. You go in and ignore what happens to her." Naruto said.

===Wolf Claw===

"Hello Tenten, is your dad in?" Hinata said walking up to the counter.

Whistles. "Wow, I've seen you around but this is my first good look at your... new outfit Hinata. I have to ask... can you still fight effectively in that? I know I'm about as girlie as Kiba, but aren't you too... top heavy, to dress like that?" Tenten said, trying her best to be polite.

Hinata watched as several long pins 'pop' from Tenten's hair and her 2 hair buns unfurled, her black hair cascaded down her body to her knees. "Hai, even better in fact."

Tenten screamed.

"What's wrong Tenten?" Hinata asked.

"My buns came undone!" Tenten said, trying to get her hair back up.

"No they didn't, you look like you always do Tenten-chan." Hinata said calmly, though seeing Tenten with her hair down was making her hot between her legs..

"But my hair... could you use your Byakuugan, is there a Genjutsu on me?' Tenten said, slightly shaken.

Hinata did as asked, and was amazed she couldn't even see Naruto, though she knew basically where he was. "No, everything is normal."

All the buttons on Tenten's shirt popped, and it fell open, showing the tight black corset and black leather bra beneath. Tenten fought back her desire to cover up, maybe she was just working too hard. "Hinata, has anything else happened?"

Hinata shook her head. "No, everything looks like it always does. You didn't answer, is your dad here?" Hinata said, surpressing her emotions and reaction to seeing what Tenten had on, it was definitely from an adult shop, and if she was right, it was bondage wear, and from how tight it was she had a feeling she knew what Tenten was into sexually.

"He's out for the afternoon, he's helping a friend fix his forge. He'll be back by five." Tenten said.

"If you aren't busy... would you like to spar with me and see how I move?" Hinata said.

"Okay, I'd like that. Hinata... has anything weird happened to you recently, or heard anything happening to anyone?" Tenten said.

"No." Hinata said.

"There's a private training ground out back we can use toOOHHHKAMI!" Tenten said, yelling the last part as her whole body went stiff a moment.

"What happened Tenten?" Hinata said.

Tenten was red-faced and breathing a little heavy for a moment. "I... I'd rather not say its... embarrassing."

Hinata saw Naruto's hand appear for a moment pointing up. "Maybe we should go somewhere private and talk, maybe you're working too hard and need a break."

Tenten nodded. "Yeah, would you lock up then join me in the back." Tenten said, slightly shaky.

Hinata nodded and did as asked, locking the front door and putting out the closed sign, then went in the back with Tenten and followed her to a hidden staircase up to a open floor plan apartment the size of the shop, the back wall near the stairs was a window. "Wow... do you live here Tenten?" .

"Hai... ooooh Kami... p,please... no more!" Tenten said, visibly breaking down emotionally.

"No more what Tenten, are you feeling okay? What happened downstairs you couldn't tell me?" Hinata said calmly.

"I, i really look normal to you? My hair up in buns, clothes normal?" Tenten asked, sweating and blushing.

"Hai, you look fine." Hinata said, thankful she had so many years of practice hiding her emotions.

"Downstairs... grabbed me." Tenten said shakily.

"Grabbed you, but there was no one else there." Hinata said.

"I know... OH KAMI THAT FEELS GOOD! I'm sorry... I didn't mean to yell like that... I felt like someone grabbed my... womanhood, in a sexual way... I can feel it now... their... r,rrubbing my..." Tenten said, struggling to maintain her composure, then looked at Hinata again, who'd moved close, and watched as the zipper on her jacket slid down by itself until it fell open and her huge, naked breasts fell out.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Hinata said casually.

Tenten's eyes opened wide in shock. 'Wh,what did you say?"

"I asked if you want to lay down, you don't look well." Hinata said and touched Tenten's forehead. "You don't have a fever, maybe you just need to take a break." Hinata said, pretending she didn't know her breasts were exposed.

Tenten nodded. "Thank you Hinata-chan, would you help me to my bed, I'm feeling a little wobbley."

Hinata nodded and helped Tenten to her bed, sat her on the side, and as if it was normal, removed Tenten's shirt, layed her down, removed her sandles then Tenten's pants, exposing her tight leather panties. Looking at Tenten's face with some concern, she started rubbing Tenten's left breast with her left hand, her right went between Tenten's legs. "You do look tired Tenten, can I do anything to help you? Run you a hot bath? Fix you some tea? Fuck you?" Hinata said.

"What are you d,doing to me Hinata?" Tenten said, her breathing getting faster.

"I'm not doing anything to you Tenten." Hinata said then leaned closer and let her left breast lay against Tenten's face, then felt a tap on her shoulder and stopped rubbing Tenten.

"I agree with Hinata-chan, you don't look well Tenten." Naruto said, suddenly appearing.

"Naruto-kun, when you you get here?" Tenten said, confused.

"What do mean Tenten, Naruto has been with us the whole time remember, he wanted to talk to your father." Hinata said.

"You okay Tenten-chan? Remember, we talked a little about what I've been doing since Jiraiya's funeral." Naruto said.

Tenten seemed to struggle a moment then started whimpering. "I can't take this anymore... I don't care if this is a Genjutsu, I fell asleep at the counter and I'm dreaming, or this is real... fuck me Naruto, I don't care if I have to be Hinata's slave, just please fuck me, I... I think I've been holding it in too long and snapped. I usually don't submit to anyone, but I'm so hot right now I can't stand it... tie me up, beat me, do anything you want to me just for the love of Kami please fuck me!" Tenten begged.

"What do say Hinata-chan, I mean she is really cute... you don't mind do you?" Naruto asked.

"Tenten, why the corset and leather?" Hinata asked.

Tenten looked back-and-forth between them a few moments, her eyes getting big in recognition. "You set meEEE!"

"We set you up." Naruto interrupted. "I was there the whole time hidden by a jutsu, I undid your hairbuns, opened your shirt and grabbed your pussy there and up here, I fully intended to fuck you and make you my subbie bitch, just like Ino is, I fucked Hinata too, but she's special because she's also my girlfriend and fiancee, now you can submit willingly, or I can break you, but either way you are going to be mine. Now, will you be a mindless fuck toy, or a member of my harem and get special privlages?" Naruto said and gave Tenten's pussy a painful squeeze that made her scream.

"I... can't just... submit, I'm a Dom, I'm not a bitch like Ino is, but as much as I want to... I can't just totally submit and give up control... I guess my life as a kunoichi is over, I'm going to be a sex slave... please, remember me like I was." Tenten said sadly.

"Tenten, are you a virgin?" Hinata asked.

"I... no." Tenten said.

"With who, and what did you do?" Hinata asked.

Tenten bit her bottom lip and shook her head.

"Naruto-kun, clit." Hinata said.

"Oh, you're a devious bitch Hinata-chan, you're getting a reward tonight." Naruto said, changed his grip amd with only a short pause, found the tip of Tenten's clit through her leather panties and pinched it very hard, making Tenten scream in agony then whimper.

"Tell me or the panties come off." Hinata said emotionlessly.

"It was Neji, I slept with him once and blew him a few times, we broke up though, no one knows." Tenten said, ashamed.

"Anal?" Hinata asked.

"NEVER! Only whores and sluts do that!" Tenten exclaimed, her eyes burning... until they met Naruto's and every spark of difiance within her died. "Oh dear Kami... no please Naruto... sama, please, don't do that to me, I'm begging you. I'll do anything else... I'll lick Hinata's pussy like no one ever has or will, I'll deepthroat your cock or take it in my pussy to the balls no matter how big, even if it ruptures my organs I'll fuck you with everything I have until I fall over dead... I'll fuck every man, woman and animal in Konoha with a smile on my face... just please... don't take me like..."

"Naruto-kun and Ino took me last night?" Hinata said with a happy smile.

Tenten was shocked.

"Unlike you... whore, I'm still a virgin, my hymen intact, I'm saving it for my birthday when I marry Naruto, but my mouth and butt are available... and so far, it's the greatest experience of my life, and it will be yours. I'm sorry Tenten, but you have no choice, Naruto-kun wants you, and what he wants, he gets, so please..." Hinata said in her normal voice. "Don't force me to kick your worthless cunt around the room." Hinata said coldly, devoid of humanity.

Tenten froze in fear, she'd NEVER seen Hinata like that before. She whimpered in submission. "Before you make me your whore, I want to ask... how did Ino take you? Ino's a girl, I've seen her naked." Tenten said submissively.

"After this is over... go see Ino, you'll know what to say when you see her." Naruto said with a smile.

"May I strip myself please... allow me the honor of submitting willingly, instead of being taken by force. I have a few secrets even Neji doesn't know." Tenten said and smiled when both nodded.

Naruto stepped back with Hinata and watched Tenten stand by the bed then undid her bra.

"Only Neji saw this." Tenten said then slipped off her leather bra and tossed it aside revealing full, firm C cup breasts, a small steel ring in each nipple. Above her left areola was the tattoo 'IRON', above her right was 'STEEL'.

Naruto and Hinata smiled. "Kinky... I like that." Naruto said.

Tenten smiled and blushed lightly. She knew she couldn't fight them there, Naruto was out of her league power-wise, and Hinata was a Taijutsu specialist and would shut down her chakra easily in this small area. Tenten yanked her leather panties down her legs and kicked them off. "You like?" Tenten said as she leaned back on the bed, spreading her legs wide.

Naruto looked with a perverted smile. Tenten had a tattoo on her bald mound of a metal skull above crossed kunai, but that wasn't all, she also had 3 rings in each of her lips and 1 in her clit. "Hai."

"Did you do that yourself?" Hinata asked.

"Hai, I made the rings and did the piercings. A friend did the tattoos for me." Tenten said.

"That's so kinky... Father and the Elders would freakout... Tenten, I want piercings like yours!" Hinata said excitedly.

"Hinata... you perverted Princess!" Naruto said then hugged Hinata.

"Since I'm submitting, if I agree... can I be like Hinata... or at least Ino? I'm guessing she's like a servant or something." Tenten said.

"She is. Hinata is my Alpha, Ino is like a captain in my harem... is that what you want Tenten?" Naruto said.

"I'm not stupid, I'm getting fucked in all three holes no matter what I say, and fighting you is a waste of time and chakra... I already submitted to you to get taken in my butt... if you'll accept me as a captain, I'll do piercings on all your girls and arrange for you to get my tattoo artist as well, she's an older woman, but you'd like her... she has big tits too, not like Hinata's, but still impressive. I'll do anything you want, abandon all my morals, just let me be me, don't turn me into a mindless sex toy and I'll be your most loyal follower Naruto-sama." Tenten said and bowed.

Hinata stepped up to Tenten and casually, but very firmly, pulled on Tenten's clit ring, making her yelp. "You'll be our little metal whore, making piercings, any other toys we want and of course doing the piercings?" Hinata said and pulled the clit ring again.

"Ooohhh, mmm that feels good. I agree, I haven't fully given myself to you, I just can't submit, as I said earlier... so you'll have to take my ass by force and break my spirit, then I'll be yours... just please, you and Hinata should make love to me afterwards to show you love me and are in control." Tenten said and saw their expressions. "I took a course after I made Chunin... I'm a certified Weapon Mistress, did you think that mistress was a nickname? There are courses most people don't know about, you can specialize in anything and get certified, you just have to make Genin first."

Naruto laughed. "Jiraiya was right... there is a darker, perverted side to shinobi life most people don't want to know about."

Tenten nodded, then undid her corset and sighed. "I don't know how you'll react... but only my parents, Tsunade-sama, Shizune-san and a few doctors know this. It's why I wear this corset and never do any of that girlie stuff." Tenten said then dropped the corset.

Naruto was intrigued and a little shocked.

Hinata gasped, shocked and stunned. "Are those... real?"

"Hai... I have six breasts like an animal... all C cups." Tenten said.

Hinata couldn't help but stare at her friend, she had 3 rows of tits that covered her from her lower chest to just above her naval, which also had a ring in it, but the lower 4 weren't pierced or tattooed.

"Have you ever been hit in the pussy?" Naruto asked.

"No, Neji touched me sexually, you grabbed and squeezed me... but no, I've never been struck there." Tenten said, then nodded.

"Ready?" Naruto said.

"Don't hold back, show me you own me." Tenten said, let out a slow sigh to steel herself, then lunged at Naruto, her hands shooting for his balls as fast as she could.

Naruto caught her wrists, yanked her arms wide, looked coldly into her eyes like she was nothing, and with almost enough power to break bone, kicked Tenten between her spread thighs.

Tenten threw her head back in a silent scream, her whole body locked up and she went up on her toes, the pain was beyond anything she'd ever felt.

Hinata quickly activated her Byakuugan, struck several of Tenten's tenketsu points to keep her awake and nodded to Naruto as she deactivated it. "Break the bitch Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

Naruto nodded, threw Tenten face down on the bed, yanked his pants down and within 2 seconds was fully erect.

Tenten glanced back, saw Naruto's monster cock and her eyes got big as saucers. "Oh dear Kami." Tenten said slammed her face down in the bed and braced herself, feet on the floor as her hips were on the edge, she spread as wide as she could, despite the almost unbearable pain throbbing within her entire womanhood.

Naruto lined up, and buried almost half in her tight pussy, to her obvious shock, and firmly 'long stroked' her until her pussy was dripping, then pulled out and with no warning drove nearly a foot of his hard cock up Tenten's tighter ass.

Tenten shrieked with everything she had, if not for the sound seal Naruto placed on the room after appearing but before she saw him... as she'd find out later... the entire neighborhood would of heard her. She had no idea how long he was fucking her ass, but she did know she started to love it. She did as expected and threw her pride, dignity, all that emotion stuff that she'd built up her entire life, and totally submitted to him, she was his bitch, his little whore, but she also knew on some level, that he'd make her happy. If she had to be his slut to find happiness, so be it. She'd always wanted a strong man, and now she had the strongest man in the entire Nation filling her with pleasure she'd never imagined. The searing pain in her pussy had been replaced by a different burning feeling, her first big orgasm. Neji was decent, but he never 'curled her toes' as she'd heard it put, the kind of orgasm that blows your mind and puts YOU to sleep, not him... and it was building quickly. She felt herself thrusting back aganst Naruto, and she'd swear she heard her own voice yell for him to bury it in her ass up to his balls. She didn't know if he did, but everything was getting fuzzy fast, then a white light went off in her head and then the darkness overcame her.


"Wh... what... where am I?" Tenten said sleepily, then a few moments later her eyes focused on the face abover her, she smiled. "Hi dad." Tenten said, realizing she was in her bed over the shop, under the covers, and it was dark outside.

"You okay?" He said.

"Fine dad... Naruto and Hinata stopped by with some lunch and tea, I got a little sleepy I guess, what time is it?" Tenten said.

"Almost 8. You want to come home for dinner, your mom can heat it up." He said.

"Hai, I'm starved, I'll meet you downstairs in 5 minutes okay, then you can walk me home." Tenten said and smiled.

He nodded, kissed her forehead and headed for the stairs. 'It's good to see her finally happy... tea, nice cover, but your mother gets the same look on her face... be good to our little girl Naruto.' He thought happily.

===May 15, 9:08 AM, Yamanaka Flower Shop===

"Morning Tenten... what are doing here, you never come to the shop?" Ino said from behind the counter, putting her magezine down.

"Something happened last night I thought you needed to know." Tenten said.

Never missing a chance at some new gossip, Ino leaned forward, her excitment showing on her face. "What?"

Suddenly nervous, Tenten swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. "I was... taken anally by Naruto-sama and want to know how you could take Hinata-sama the same way." Tenten basically blurted out, submissively.

Ino smiled deviously, glanced around, then reached out and grabbed Tenten's shirt between her tits like she owned her. "Captain or slave, and don't try to lie to me bitch or I'll tell Naruto and you'll suffer like no woman should ever suffer." Ino commanded.

"Captain... under you Ino-san." Tenten said submissively, as the new girl she knew she still had to earn her place.

"Get back here and I'll show you how I took Hinata's anal cherry... yes, I took it, Naruto-sama gave me that honor." Ino said.

Tenten did as told, stopping next to Ino sitting on a stool.

Ino turned toward Tenten, spread her legs, reached under her skirt and ripped off her panties, causing her massive girl cock to flop out. "Oh yeah, that's better." Ino said and saw the total shock on Tenten's face. "Naruto gave me this Tenten... THIS is one of the privilages you can have for serving him. Now prove your loyalty, get on your knees and deepthroat all 20 inches of my giant girl cock you little slut!" Ino commanded.

Tenten mouthed '20 inches', then swallowed, dropped to her knees and with almost no hesitation started shoving Ino's cock down her throat. She was glad for once that Lee was her team mate and pushed her so hard to get stronger, because she could hold her breath for almost 10 minutes now... and with what she was doing, she knew she'd need it.

"Ooohhh yeah, that's soo good... mmm, that's it, all the way down bitch... OH! Good girl, mmmm yeah, finger my pussy, make my clit nice and hard." Ino lustily moaned.


End Chapter 7