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Over the next month, Jasper and Rose spent more time at my house. Rose really bonded with Mom, although she was still a little shy around Alice. Something about being a prodigy, I guess. Meh.

Mom cooked Rose and Jasper a feast. I think I saw their eyes widen at all he food piled onto their plates. Dad agreed that Jasper was charming and a nice boy. He met him a week after what I like to call, "The Newton Incident".

I even go the satisfaction of seeing Jasper gobble a whole pie. My mom's famous pumpkin pie. Later he felt guilty about eating the entire thing and volunteer to make another. Mom simply laughed and told him compared to me and Emmett, his appetite was small.

Newton had a serious black eye and a broken arm. I elbowed Em in the ribs and whispered, "Act surprised,". It was an obvious ploy just so Jazz didn't think we did it. It didn't fool him, but hey, we tried.

Ralph Newton, Mike's dad, came up to the school personally and demanded to know why Mike was kicked off the team. I was the first to greet him, seeing as how I was sure this had something to do with football. "Hello, sir. I'm Edward Cullen."

The man gave me the obvious once over. "Cullen, is it? Captain of the football team?"

We shook hands as I nodded. "Yes, sir. What seems to be the problem? I'm sure we can have the matter resolved."

He gestured backwards, towards Mike and his injuries. "My son was injured yesterday. I want whomever did this to be punished. Another thing is yesterday I was informed he has been removed from the Langley High football team."

I nodded, staring at Newton the entire time. I saw the look of fear in his eyes.

"Yes, sir. I don't know about the injuries, but I can inform you about the removal from the team. Michael Newton was warned several times that if he did not cease his bullying, he would be exempted from the Langley High football team."

The football concerned father gave Mike a angry scowl. "You never mentioned this to me, Michael." Mike groaned and hung his head. I gave a small smirk when his dad turned to glare at him.

"Thank you for informing me. I sure hope you boys get into state finals. Come along, Mike." his father gritted through his teeth. It took all I had not to snicker.

School passed with its usual air of boredom. I dropped Jazz off home to speak with Coach Clark about Newton, but he said we would have to arrange it for another time. I wanted to go to Jasper, but he said he'd had other things to do anyway. I didn't want to disturb him.

I was sitting at home playing catch with myself when Jasper called. I pressed the answer key and switched the phone to speaker. "Hello?"

"Hey babe." I heard a slurred voice speak. It couldn't be him. "Jasper?" I asked, sitting up from my position on my bed. "Are you drunk?" My voice came out with a tone of shock in it.

"Yeah," he said. I could almost hear his grin. "Wanna come over? I have a big bottle of bubbly." I was speechless. He kept talking. "Oops. Wellllll, I had a big bottle."

I couldn't say anything. My brain wasn't working. Why in God's name would Jasper Matthew Whitlock get drunk. My silence didn't have any effect on him. "Damn. Almost spilled it."

"I'll be there in a couple of minutes." I said before hanging up.

I didn't even notice stomping down the stairs, walking through the garage, or getting in the car. I just knew exactly where I was driving to.

I banged on the door loudly, just in case he had passed out. I didn't want to hurt him if he had a hang-over, but I needed to see him.

The door opened. "Edward!" he shouted with childish glee before launching himself at me. I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his hair, breathing his scent in. Like peaches.

"Bad Jasper." I mumbled. He pulled back. "Why am I bad?" he gave me wide, innocent eyes. "You were drinking." I said simply. Jasper nodded. I picked him up and carried him, bridal style, to the couch.

As soon as I sat on the couch, he plopped himself in my lap and curled up against me. I wrapped my arms around him. Something was bothering him. Something he didn't want to think about. Riley? Victoria? I would kill that fucker for what he did to Jasper. One day.

"My father showed up today." he said. Was it wrong that relief flowed through my veins? I was sad Jasper was hurt. But I was glad Riley wasn't still affecting him.

"He came to apologize. To say he was sorry. He has a wife. And a son. His name's Peyton. He'll be a year this coming May." I said nothing, simply staring, listening, waiting. I nodded, urging him silently to continue.

"Rose came home. Saw him. Asked him to stay. She was so sad when he said he wouldn't. Ran crying upstairs. She's sleep now." I stroked his cheek as he talked. I knew it calmed him.

My hands gravitated to his hair. I ran my fingers through his unruly golden locks. "Why did you start drinking?" I whispered. He leaned into my touch. "Needed a distraction. I remember when he put this stuff in a drawer. Promised I would never tell."

"Hmm." I responded. A piece of paper caught my eyes. Written in chicken scratch were a group of numbers. Jasper turned his attention away and I set it down, wrapping my arms around him again. I could tell he was tired.

"Sleep, my sweet Jasper. Sleep." I whispered, stroking him cheek. I felt his body slump against me and watched as his eyelids fluttered closed. I picked him up and laid him on the couch.

I went upstairs to find Blue. For some odd reason, she liked me now. What I found when I walked upstairs was instead a crying Rose.

"Hey," I whispered as I slid next to her. She sniffed and rubbed her eyes. "Hey, Edward. Hows it g-going?" she hiccuped at the end of her sentence. I wrapped my arms around her. She wasn't my sister, but she was like one to me.

To my surprise, she returned my hug. "I just- I haven't seen him in so l-long." she sniffed. I rubbed her back in small circles. "Shhhh. I know, Rose. I'm so sorry."

"I-It's not f-f-fair. Why does everyone e-else g-get him and I d-don't?"

"Because he made a mistake. He choose someone else over you, your brother, and your mom. It was a terrible, terrible mistake, but it was his choice. And he chose wrong."

She sniffed again. "You're right. He did." She looked up and gave me a small smile. "Thanks, Edward." I smiled back at her. "Anytime."

She picked up her phone and called Maddie, Newton's sister. I would never forgive that girl. It was years ago, that the incident happened, but I still couldn't forget it.

When the car was outside, I stiffened. Rose noticed. "You always do that whenever Maddie's around. Why?"

"Because her and my sister have history. Ask her about it," was all I said. Rose was about to ask more about it when she spotted a large bottle in the trash. She picked it up before turning to me. "Is this yours?"

I shook my head. "Found Jasper drinking it. He's asleep, now though." She nodded but didn't say a word. She gestured for me to come closer. As I bent down, she kissed my cheek and ran out the door. Jasper was waking up. I could hear his groans and moans from upstairs. The boy was loud.

I went downstairs to find Sleeping Beauty awakened. Sad, because I really wanted him to wake with a kiss. Shame. I smiled at him when he turned.

"Sorry," I apologized, sitting on the couch as I wrapped my arms around him. He laid his head against my chest. "I was talking to Rose."

Jasper looked up at me and grinned. "What were you two talking about?" I shrugged. "Just...things." He nodded. We turned our attention spans to the TV to watch the All-Day House Marathon. As he fell back to sleep, I closed my own eyes.

I heard and groan and woke up to find soft lips assaulting my own; and trust me, there were no complaints. He tasted like oranges. My hard-on became prominent through my sweats, and I felt him shift as he rubbed against it.

I pulled him down on top of me, adding further pressure. I could feel the friction his jeans were providing before he pulled back and climbed off of me, sitting to the side with a grin. "So, I guess you have no problem doing sexual stuff huh?"

I felt the heat on my face as I blushed, shaking my head to his question. "C'mon. Let's go. We gots to gets to school," he joked. I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

We spent the day at the aquarium, per school field-trip. We stared at sharks and jellyfish, and even got to pet and name a group of dolphins. Jasper chose the name Sunlight. I liked Moonlight. Emmett went with Man-Man, which made us all laugh. Funny enough, the dolphin liked it.

Jasper fell asleep on the way back. I even had the fun of watching Newton squirm in his sea when an apple narrowly missed hitting his head.

Life was good.

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