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Have Yourself a Very Merry Mizmas
For NellyLove
By AliceJericho

"You're going to put a hole in the carpet." Julianne warned her boyfriend, "I'm being serious, stop." She held onto Mike's arm, making him stay put. "You've met both Shawn and Rebecca before, why are you worrying?" she asked as she stepped in front of him, putting her hands on his shoulders, "Shawn thinks you're brilliant, Rebecca thinks you're an absolute gentleman! Why are you worried?"

"It's Shawn Michaels. H.B.K. I'm about to have Christmas with The Main Event. What if I do something seriously embarrassing? I can't embarrass myself in front of Mr. Wrestlemania!"

"Are we still talking about Shawn?" Julianne asked in confusion, "It, it doesn't matter. You've done a lot worse in the ring, I can guarantee you." He shot her a 'get on with it' look, "The point is, he can't say anything because he's done some pretty horrendous things over the years." Julianne reminded him with a small smirk, she had found out what he had done through Paul and numerous other sources.

"Yeah, but he's Shawn Michaels." Mike put the emphasis on his name, "I'm Mike Mizanin."

"You make him sound like a God." Julianne put her arms by her side and shook her head, "You have absolutely nothing to be worried about. I promise you." He swallowed the lump that was in his front and nodded.

"Yeah, alright. I can do this!" he pepped himself up, making Julianne roll her eyes.

"I can't do this," Mike said as he stopped the car in Shawn Michaels' driveway. Alyssa Scott, Julianne's younger sister, laughed at the man's childishness.

"Man, I've met him once and I'm here. Don't worry about it." She repeated what her sister had told him many times before.

"Come on!" Julianne grabbed her boyfriend by the hand once he was out of the car.

They were greeted at the door by a ten year old Cameron and a 6 year old Cheyenne. Both of the kids were very excited because Santa had visited them overnight. Mike pulled a bag inside with them, trying to hide it from the prying eyes of the eager kids, but they saw it immediately.

"Calm down you two!" Shawn's voice was heard from the living room, "You'd think it was Christmas, or something, with the way you've been acting." He laughed when Cheyenne told him it was, in fact, Christmas because she didn't understand the joke. "Come in, you three. You're letting in the cold." He hurried the guests inside, hugging Julianne and giving her a kiss on the cheek, a quick hug to Alyssa and a manly handshake to Mike.

Once they were all sat down for Christmas lunch, Mike's nerves were long gone. He had relaxed considerably and was enjoying himself. Especially after Shawn made a fool of himself and broke three plates.

Mike would be lying if he said he'd ever experienced anything like it before. In his hometown of Parma, Ohio, traditional turkey was served with cranberry sauce. Shawn and Rebecca had served up something he had hunted himself. He thought it was amazing, though, so he wouldn't be complaining.

Mike was close to finishing his plate when his worst Christmas Nightmare came true. The look on Julianne's face as she saw what was about to happen was a mixture of horror and amusement. Mike held his fork in his hand, ready to put his last piece of turkey in his mouth, when the cranberry sauce fell off of the top.

Cheyenne and Cameron burst into laughter while Alyssa tried to contain hers. Shawn was smirking slightly, while Rebecca and Julianne both looked at him sadly.

"Find him another shirt, Shawn." Rebecca said to her husband and he stood up from the table, ordering Mike to follow him, "We'll have his shirt washed before you all leave." Rebecca assured Julianne who excused herself form the table to find Mike.

She walked past many doors before she reached the room that belonged to her father and Rebecca. Mike was doing up the last buttons of Shawn's button down shirt.

"I told you I had every right to be worried." He said pointedly, causing Julianne to frown.

"Shawn broke three plates," she reminded him, "That's ten times worse than what you did." He shrugged anyway, flattening out the borrowed shirt. "The colour suits you." She noticed how the light blue colour of the shirt matched his eyes perfectly. "Rebecca will have your shirt washed for you before we have to leave."

"Sounds good." He said coldly.

"Mike, don't worry about it. Nothing bad came of it. You just spilt cranberry sauce on your shirt; you're not the first person in the world to do that!"

"I did it in front of your dad, who I have to make a good impression on."

"You've done that enough, Mike. Really, you wouldn't be here right now if he didn't like you." He nodded his head in understanding,

"That's just really embarrassing, you know? Cameron and Cheyenne thought it was amazing."

"They're little kids. They didn't stop laughing for twenty minutes when Shawn dropped the plates." Julianne couldn't help but wrap her arms around Mike's waist, "They'll hold that over him a lot longer than they'll hold cranberry sauce over your head."

"I can see it now," he chuckled, "I'm going to come to Texas and there'll be cranberry sauce signs in the crowd, mocking me."

"That's a sight I'd like to see." Julianne laughed at him and pecked him lightly on the lips.

"Hey now," Shawn's southern drawl interrupted the moment, "I invited you into my house, I didn't say you could put your hands all over my daughter."

"Sorry, sir." Michael said quickly as he pulled away from his girlfriend who's cheeks were burning bright red.

"I'm messing with you," Shawn said as he shook his head, leading the pair out of his bedroom, "As long as you don't force her into anything-"

"Never, sir, never."

"- you're free to do what you want." Shawn finished his sentence and patted Mike's back strongly, "Merry Mizmas, Mike."