a/n this is the last one shot from me! It's Eve/Evan for DrunkenStanzi and I hope you like it. I also hope you have an amazing Christmas and you have a safe holidays.

That's Unexpected
For DrunkenStanzi
By AliceJericho

Her hand froze as she went to knock on the front door of his house. It was just ten at night on Christmas Eve. She shouldn't have been there. Their last conversation had been less than desirable. She had been angry about losing the triple threat match on Raw and he was unhappy about how he still had at least two months before he could even get back into a wrestling ring.

Less than kind things were said between them and she had regretted it as soon as she hung up the phone but she was too stubborn to call him and apologise.

She gathered up all her courage and knocked on the door. She could barely feel it, it wasn't freezing outside but she had been standing there for around half an hour and her toes and fingers felt like they were about to fall off.

Matt grumbled angrily as he walked to the door. No one should be at his door this late on Christmas Eve. They should all be in bed, watching stupid Christmas movies, just like he was going to do.

When he pulled the door open and saw Eve Torres standing on the other side, he was beyond confused. He was positive that she hated him after the way reacted on the phone.

"Eve? What are you doing here?" he asked as she looked up at him with sorrowful eyes.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted on the phone, I was just having a really bad night and I didn't mean to take it out on you. I'm sorry for showing up to your house on Christmas Eve like an idiot. I... don't even have a good reason as to why I'm here. I just had to apologise and I chose the worst possible time to do it."

"What are you apologising for? You didn't do anything wrong." Matt told her and she shook her head,

"Nothing wrong?" she asked with a sigh, "I snapped at you when you did nothing wrong!"

"This whole time you thought you did something wrong?" he asked her and she nodded her head.

"Of course I thought I did something wrong! The last time I spoke to you I was a far from happy person, and why else would you not have called me?"

"That's pretty funny," Matt said with a laugh.

"It is not funny!"

"It is, see, I thought you were mad at me, which is why you haven't called." Matt revealed.

"Why would you be mad at me? You didn't do anything wrong."

"I was quite rude when we talked," he told her, "I was having a bad day too, I'd just finished watching Raw and wishing I could be there again." He stopped talking when he saw her shiver rather violently, "Christ, come inside." He pulled her into the warmth of his house, quickly directing her to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. "You didn't do anything wrong, Eve." He assured her.

She shook her head and looked at her frozen hands. "I still feel bad, even if you don't think I did anything wrong. I've been feeling guilty all week and it still took me four days to talk to you... And just before Christmas." Once he had handed her the hot drink, he sat down beside her and let his hand rest against her leg.

"Forget about it, really." He squeezed her thigh and she sighed. "How long were you outside for? You're freezing." He could feel her cold skin through the denim on her legs.

"It took me half an hour to get up the courage to knock." She told him with a chatter of her teeth. He looked at her with a stone cold expression.

"Come here, then." He pulled her to his bedroom, rifling through his draws for something she could wear. "You're mad. You should have just come in, you could have gotten really sick out there." He worried.

"It's not snowing, Matt. We're in Tampa. It's just cold."

"And you're freezing." He pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a warm jumper for her to wear. She smirked slightly when he started to take off her trench coat, then he tugged at the bottom of her shirt. She was not shy when it came to what she wore, running around in what looks like lingerie doesn't give much room for embarrassment.

However, when her boyfriend was unconsciously taking off her clothes, she couldn't help but laugh. "If you wanted me out of my clothes, you could have just asked." She laughed and the look on his face was priceless. He was shocked at himself and he immediately stepped away.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to... It didn't even cross my mind."

"That's why it's so funny." She placed her hands on her hips and watched as Matt's eyes trailed down her body. He had gotten her down to her underwear before she had said anything.

He turned bright red when she stepped over to him, her finger trailing over his clothed chest. "What are you doing?" he asked when she began to lift his shirt over his head.

"Christmas present." She said simply, waiting for him to assist her. The last thing she wanted to do was injure his shoulder anymore. Once it was removed, she kissed him passionately. It had been awhile since she had been able to do that and they took advantage of it.

As she fiddled with the strings on his sweatpants, she was thankful – and somewhat pissed off – that he hadn't really been angry with her to begin with. He was just as grateful. Never had he expected her to show up to his house on Christmas Eve. Let alone have her in bed with him.

"This is totally the best Christmas present ever." He said as he hovered over her, "I'm really glad you showed up tonight."

"You aren't the only one." Eve agreed, kissing him as hard as she could.

a/n everyone be safe over the holidays, no matter where you live. If you live in Australia, let's try and keep this toll down this year.