Hello there Readers! Well Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from allygraced! Here is a crossover fanfic of Wicked and Phantom of the Opera that J.R. Nels and I will be working on for a while! I know some of you might be concerned that the pairings for both shows might be disrupted, but have no fear! because all pairings end up the way they should be in the end! (note: there may be some pairing problems throughout). This is chapter 1 and J.R. Nels and I both worked on this chapter. Read/Review! Disclaimer! Neither allygraced nor J.R. Nels own Phantom or Wicked.

Erik banged on the keys of the organ frustratedly. He was leaving for college in naught but three days, and he still couldn't bring himself to compose a brilliant piece for the Maestro. He was, after all, on a full-ride musical scholarship to the Shiz University, an exclusive and rather secluded college in an unheard of part of France. He would have to be the brightest pupil in class, a natural protégée, as some would say.

Confound it! Why couldn't the music flow through him as it usually did? He pulled his hair in frustration. He had to prove to the head Mistress that accepting a dirt poor, masked 18-year-old was worth their while. He strode to the desk in his small flat and pulled out the fine parchment paper, gently fingering the wax seal. The head Mistress's graceful script flowed across the page:

Monsieur Erik Mulheim,

We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance to Shiz University. We cannot wait to meet you. We, the faculty of Shiz would like to extend to you a full scholarship of the music department. I have personally made arrangements for you to have access to the music room, and corresponding parts of the building twenty-four seven.

If you have any questions about your scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact me here at the university. Please bring any belongings you will need with you on the first day of school, when you will be given your rooming assignment. Uniforms will be for sale on the first day as well. Hope to see you on the ninth of September.

Best Regards,

Madame Morrible

Erik smiled softly and put the letter fondly back in the drawer. For the first time in his sorry 18 year existence, he had something to look forward to.

Shrieks echoed throughout the Thropp household. An attendant wheeled Nessarose into her sister's room. Anyone could tell that the girl was ecstatic. She was practically bouncing in her wheelchair; her face lit up like it was Christmas morning.

"Elphaba! Elphaba! It came!"

"What came, Nessa?"

"My acceptance letter to Shiz!"

Elphaba glanced at the unopened envelope sitting in her sister's lap. She laughed quietly at her sister's excited foolishness. "Oh, Nessa! How can you tell it's an acceptance letter? You haven't even opened it yet… For all you know, it could be apologizing because you haven't made it into Shiz…"

Nessa playfully hit her sister, "Elphaba, I just know it's an acceptance. Do you think Father would mind if I opened it now? I mean, just a peek?"

"I'm sure he'd be fine with it. It is addressed to you after all."

Nessarose squealed again. Her greedy hands tore at the envelope and her anxious eyes absorbed every word. Thrice more she shrieked. If her body allowed her to jump or dance; she would be doing just that. The attendant that was holding the handles to the chair, understood, and began spinning her around slowing, victory circles.

"Oh you see, Elphaba! I told you it was an acceptance!"

Nessa placed the letter on her sister's desk and ordered her to keep it safe for when their father arrived home. Elphaba gave her sister a weary smile as she was wheeled out of the room. Caring for Nessa was the only thing she had ever known. And now, her sister was going off to college. Elphaba wondered how she would spend the days while her sister was at school. She eyed the letter, lying open on her desk. An idea came to her mind. What if Father would let her accompany Nessa to Shiz so that she could make sure her sister was safe. Maybe she would even be able to take some classes herself. But of course, Nessa would be her main concern… Elphaba shook her head; she doubted her father would even think twice about the offer.

She reached for the letter, and read the beautiful script of the headmistress:

Mademoiselle Nessarose Thropp,

We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance to Shiz University. We can not wait to meet you. I have personally made special arrangements to accommodate your wheelchair and any other needs you may have.

If your father has any questions, please inform him not to hesitate to contact me here at the university. Please bring with you any belongings you will need with you on the first day of school, when you will be given your room assignment. Uniforms will be for sale the first day as well. We hope to see you on the third of September.

Best Regards,

Madame Morrible

Elphaba sighed once again. She would never convince her father to let her go. Not wanting to give up hope, she held the letter close to her chest and whished. She never wished for anything, but she had never wanted anything more than she wanted this. She wished with all her heart, whispering what she wanted under her breath.

"To Shiz. To Shiz. Please, I want to go to Shiz, to Shiz."