Iggy lives in a world full of black. There's little to no color allowed in his vision, he's surrounded by the one color he's learned to work with; black. A simple drabble of Iggy reflecting on his life as a permanent blind. No pairings; set before AA.

"A blind man can make art if what is in his mind can be passed to another mind in some tangible form." - Sol LeWitt

Shades of Black

I can remember; barely, but I can remember what it was like to see. To have such an array of colors before me, now, after years of heartless black, it seems almost overwhelming.

Sometimes, when I look where I think the sun is, I can feel it hit my face, and my shade of black changes. When I look at the sea, I can taste the salt water, and my shade of black changes once again. This small change in my life gives me the hope I sometimes need to keep moving forward; it gives me the variety that I strive for, and will always strive for, in my life.

Besides my shades of black changing, I have to rely on the four senses I have left. I'm always feeling my way around, touching things to find out what they are. Smell gets me around well enough, if I smell the food Max puts in front of me, I can tell whether it's edible or not. If I smell burning gunpowder, I know which direction to run.

But the truth is, if I didn't have the flock, I'd have been dead years ago. They ARE my eyes, the only people I can really truly trust with my life.

It's makes me feel sick, having to depend on them so much. Generally I try and be as independent as possible, but I somehow always end up picking the wrong thing.

It also makes me feel scared, deep down, I know that if the flock dies, or leaves me, I be dead. Literally. Unfortunately Max is right; bombs can only fix so many problems. And that lone thought of death scares me to the core.

But we must always look at the positive too; not just the things that hold you down. By being blind, everything is new. Though something might feel like a porcupine, you come to find out that it's actually a welcome mat someone accidentally lost on the side of the highway.

And you get to imagine; the world is yours to create. Literally a blank slab that you can design to make it how you want it to look. If you imagine the sky is purple, then how can you prove yourself wrong? You'll never be able to tell yourself you're wrong.

This is the curse I bear, but if you look at it the right way, then squint your eyes, it can somehow be a blessing. It's a life of risk, danger, and imagination I live in. Yes, I do desperately wish I could see, I do with all my heart, but seeing (no pun intended) as that's not going to happen, might as well live with what you've got.

So, you see, It's not so bad living in shades of black.