Author: Mishil

Pairings: Yunoki Azuma and Hino Kahoko

Genre: Romance and Drama


Yunoki Azuma thought that they could live together in bliss. But she committed suicide. What would be happened their paths crossed again and discovered that she has children?


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"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."

-Anthony Robbins


For so many times, a lone figure was standing under the old sakura tree. The petals were separating from the branches, thus making it looked like giving their final tribute dance to the tree. It was exactly five years since the last time Yunoki Azuma visited the place that reminds him of his beloved person. The one who gave him the rays of hope, but like the sun, the rays of hope that he thought he finally sought, it also disappeared like the sunset. His heart turned again into its cold shell.

Yunoki Azuma placed the flowers beneath the tombstone, kneeling before it as he did so. The clouds had parted slightly and a few rays of sunshine were beaming down on the green lawns of the cemetery. Azuma sighed and smiled, looking at the engraved words on the stone before him with a look of longing. Cemetery was one of the places he found peaceful. His reason was simply though, he can feel a comforting presence, as if the spirit of his beloved was on his side and he found it soothing. A soft breeze flew by suddenly, caressing his cheeks and his long purple colored hair. Azuma allowed himself a moment of weakness as he relished in the feeling it provoked on his skin, closing his eyes. He found himself thinking that if she was still alive, this was what her hands would have felt like.

Looking up to the sky, he realized that the clouds had gathered again and that the breeze he had felt before brought announces of rain. The cemetery was located upon a hill on the outskirts of the city and it offered an amazing view of some of the business district's buildings.

Slowly, the memories of yesterday's came into his conscious mind, the times where he once listened to his heart…

He became a complete puppet that the strings were controlled by his grandmother. His staying on England for five years made him think a lot of things, like if he didn't defy his grandmother, then Hino Kahoko would remain alive. He thought that he was only playing a game of life with her, but realization always appeared in the wrong time. She took her life by drowning herself from the cold water of sea in the early winter when he was about to tell her that he truly loved from the bottom of his heart. Azuma remembered that day, the snow was falling gently on the land's surface and it covered the impurities of its existence. That was also the day he would propose truly to her. Their marriage was for their survival. When he came back to their home, only a letter was left behind. No Hino Kahoko's warm welcoming and presence.

He hurriedly left their home to search for her, but luck wasn't on his side, he wasn't able to find her. Lost on his thoughts, that day he called his grandmother to make a deal with her. The deal was to find Hino Kahoko either dead or alive. The tribute he offered for the bargain was his self… To become a loyal servitude for the sake of Yunoki clan…

The rescuers weren't able to find her remains… His heart grieved for her when he thought the way she died in a cold water of the sea… It was too much for a kind hearted person like her and he felt that it was his entire fault…A month after the tragedy, he decided to left his hometown and busied himself from work. Just to forget, but he couldn't…

"…Why? Why do you have to look as though you've given up on yourself since the beginning… I will not give up. Never ever!" A familiar voice rung into his thought. Those words he always heard when he thought of giving up and sad memories. "Recently I am hearing your voice, are you haunting me, Kahoko?" he said and sadness can be traced in his velvety voice. Upon his walking, Azuma heard the piece he always played when he was agitated or when his rhythm was messed, Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio. He traced where the sound of violin came and he saw a child on his four or five years of age. There were some uneasy points on it but the way the child play enthusiastically reminds him of Kahoko.

"Akira-chan, Mommy said not to play at this kind of weather." An identical to the other said worriedly.

"I know but mommy said that this is late grandma's favorite. And that person too…"

"That person?"

"Yes. We should go back, Mommy might be there already, let's go, Akito-chan." Both of the twins left when they saw their parents from the distance. Azuma just smiled from what he heard, because it was also his late mother's favorite at the same time his choice of song…

'I know you're tired because I still cling to you but for the last time, just once. Can I see you again, Kahoko?' Azuma thought to himself. When he was about to let go of the wedding ring, he saw her lone figure waving and smiling towards him. But he diverted his sight at her illusion.

'My, my, am I seeing things now?' For the second time he still saw her but at that time Kahoko was walking away with the myriad of people. Azuma's eyes widen in surprised for what he had seen…

He cannot be mistaken, that was Hino Kahoko…

The woman who haunts him from his memories and dreams. On the third time he tried to look at her, she completely disappeared from his sight…

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